Our Son: Part 5

by Carol (Florida)

It’s late Saturday night and I’m laying in bed watching a movie. I’m naked but I’m under the comforter. I hear the front door open and then there’s a knock on my door. Come in and in walks my son Joey. He comes over to the bed and he asks, mom did you really have sex with a black guy. Oh boy here we go. Joey lays in my bed and I really don’t want to get into this right now. He says mom please tell me. Ok I’ll tell you. The first black guy who fucked me was in a hut on the beach in Jamaica.

Most of the black guys I’ve had sex with was on that island. Your father and I were on the nude beach. OMG mom you actually went to a nude beach. I did and your father and I were fooling around in front of a whole group of people. This older black man walked past us and he had a humongous cock. He asked me are you interested pretty lady, I said no thank you. He turns around and grabs it and says are you sure. Dad knows I love a big black cock from time to time. Dad says don’t let me stop you.

I tell him wait I'm very interested. I walk up to him and he says my word you’re a gorgeous white woman. I thank him and he says my name is Russ, what’s yours. I tell him Carol nice to meet you. We have to walk a little bit is that ok Carol. It’s fine with me. Russ puts his hand on my ass and says you’re going to enjoy yourself. We get to this but on the beach and Russ opens the door and lets me in. When he closes the door everything changes. Changes how Joey asks? Russ wants to dominate me.

What happens next mom? Russ puts his big black cock in my mouth and says make my cock very wet you’re going to need it. Then what happened mom? Russ put his head between my legs and started to lick and suck me. Then what happened? Russ started to rub my pussy with his cock and I said to him don’t tease me. He put the head inside me and the next thing I knew all of his monster black cock was inside me. OMG Joey I loved it. Really mom you enjoyed that big black cock.

Then Russ started to really fuck me hard and deep. I came and his cock felt like it was in my stomach. That must’ve been some cock. Oh god yes and Russ looks at me and says when I’m finished with you, you will want no else’s cock. Was Russ’s cock that good mom. Joey it was great. He was right. What do you mean mom? Russ fucked me all week in that hut. We only stopped to eat and use the bathroom. Mom that’s so fucking hot. Tell me more. Ok then there was the biggest cock I ever had.

Who was that? That was a young guy named Stan. He had a fourteen inch cock. How big? Fourteen inches. How did you meet him. He took your Dad and I to a deserted island. We were naked and he had shorts on. Stan got up pulled his shorts down and when he turned around his cock was down to his knee. OMG a what happened next? I told Dad I have to let this young man fuck me. OMG mom you making me so hard, tell me more. Joey takes his clothes off and his big cock is rock hard.

He pulls my comforter down and he looks at my naked body and says tell me more. Stan lays down a blanket and I lay down. He puts his cock in my mouth and says suck it Carol. I can’t believe how big his cock is. Joey grab my hand and puts it on his cock. Mmmmmmm I’m jerking his cock now and I’m so fucking wet and horny. What did Stan do next mom. He got between my open spread legs and says are you ready.

I look at him and say yes Stan. He pushes his monster cock inside me and I can’t believe I took it all. Stan was amazed and says damn Carol you’ve got a great pussy. I laugh raise my legs and say fuck me Stan, fuck me good. Did he fuck you good mom? Oh Joey it was beyond good. He was the best fuck I’ve had in my life. Really mom. Yes I couldn’t walk after the second day. Oh mom I need to fuck you. Joey jumps up and gets between my legs and slams his big cock inside me.

Now it’s my turn to fuck you mom and use your pussy like the black guys did. Oh yes Joey they used me, fucked me so good. Joeys sucking on my tits and he says did they love your big tits. Yes of course they did, every man does. I love them mom. Fuck me Joey make me cum don’t stop. I cum all over Joey’s cock and he fills my pussy with his cum. He looks at me and kisses me and says I have the most beautiful mom in the world and I’m going to fuck her all night. I grab his cock and say promise and Joey answers yes. I guess my bedtime stories leads to some good fucking.

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