Our Son: Part 4

by Carol (Florida)

I’ve been having sex with my son Joey for a while now. We have sex in all types of crazy locations. The best sex is by the pool. We can’t go to the nude beach because I would be afraid to run into someone I know. It’s a Saturday and again it hot and humid and not a cloud in the sky. I had my coffee took a shower and I’m going to do some nude sunbathing. I put on my robe and as I go downstairs, I hear Joey talking to someone. I go back upstairs and now the music goes on and there’s a knock at my door. I open the door and Joey says aren’t you going to lay by the pool today. I say to him maybe later. I ask him is someone here and he says yes my friend Ian.

Joey pulls me close and unties my robe and grabs one of my big tits. I push his hand away and tie my robe. He says what’s the matter mom. I say nothing is wrong. He goes outside and I hear him say I think she’s going to stay inside all day. I guess it was Ian and he says damn I wanted to see her body. I look out the window and Ian looks like a teenager, but I know he has to be twenty-one or close to it. I also didn’t mention he is black. I’m debating on what to do now. Ian wants to see my body and I getting wet thinking about what he said. Ok I put on my tiniest thong put my robe back on and go by the pool. Joey says hey mom this is my friend Ian.

He puts his hand out to shake mine and he says nice to meet you Mrs. T. I tell him call me Carol. Joey starts to dance and then Ian gets up and joins him. Joey says cmon mom dance with us. I really don’t want to dance because of what happened last time. I was used by Joey and his friends, Phil and John. Ian grabs my hand and says please dance with me. Ok I get up and start to dance with Ian. Joey is again behind me grinding his big cock into my ass. Ian is now directly in front of me and he says aren’t you hot in that robe Carol. I tell him yes Ian very hot. Ian says then why don’t you take it off. Oh boy here we go again. I untie my robe and let it fall to the floor.

Ian is staring at my big tits and he says my god Carol your one hot woman. I thank Ian. I say to Ian I’m a little uncomfortable and I put my robe back on. Now Ian is in front and Joey is still behind me grinding me all over. Ian is right I’m starting ti sweat so I open my robe. Ian comes inside my robe and puts his hand down my thong. I feel his fingers go inside me and Ian says Carol you’re so wet. Yes Ian yes I’m soaked. Joey takes my robe off and Ian grabs my tits. OMG it’s going to happen again. Ian is sucking my big brown nipples and he’s working his fingers in and out of me. I can’t take it anymore I grab Ian’s cock and it’s very big.

I tell Ian I’m cumming and he pulls his fingers out of me. I’m cock crazy now as I take both Joey’s and Ian’s cocks and start to suck them. I say to them whoever gets hard first fucks me. Ian is rock hard and I tell him for a small man you sure have a big cock. He laughs and say lay down Carol I want to fuck you. I lay on my lounge chair spread my legs and say give it to me Ian. He climbs on top of me and slams his cock deep into my pussy. Joey says mom suck my cock. I look at him and say my pleasure Joey. I tell Ian yes Ian fuck me with your big black cock. Ian asks me have you ever been with a black man before. I answer him many times now fuck me.

Joey is like in shock and he asks me how many mom. I tell many big black cocks have fucked and used my pussy. Ian is now very deep inside me. Ian says Carol I’m going to cum. Joey says Ian put it in her mouth she loves the taste of cum. Ian pulls his cock out and cums all over me. Joey rolls me over on my knees and smacks my ass. Joey says it time for me to fuck you mom. Ian pits his cock in my mouth and say Carol suck my big black cock. I look at him and say why of course Ian. I take his whole cock in my mouth and Ian says damn Carol you can deep throat me. I take his cock out my mouth and say are you enjoying what I’m doing. Ian says yes very much.

Joey cums deep inside me and he puts his cock in my mouth. Ian is hard again and he says Carol bring that pussy to me I want to fuck you again. Ian puts his cock inside me and he gives me a big kiss. Ian asks me how does it feel Carol. I say great don’t stop make me cum. I cum and then Ian cums inside me. We go up to my bedroom and both Joey and Ian I forgot to put my big black toy away and it’s sitting on the bed. Joey says mom you can take all that. I answer him and more. Joey says show us mom. I tell him get the harness out and fuck me with it. Ian says please Joey let me go first. Joey says ok you can have her first. Ian straps it on and I’m laying in my bed.

I spread my legs and tell Ian remember I can take all of that cock. Ian is between my legs rubbing my pussy with it. I tell him Ian take me fuck me. He pushes my toy all the way in. Ian is amazed and says Joey she’s taking all of it. I scream oh yes Stan fuck me. Joey asks mom who’s Stan. I tell him a young man who fucked me in Jamaica. Joey asks is that why you and dad keep going back there. I tell him yes I’ve had many a black cock there, but Stan’s was fourteen inches. Ian is saying to me Carol do you like Stan’s cock. I tell Ian yes fuck be Stan like you did in Jamaica. Joey asks who else was there. I tell Joey we’ll talk later it’s time to fuck now.

I ask Ian does anyone you know have a cock that big. Ian laughs as he’s pumping me with cock. Yes my granddad. Now I’m on fire so I tell Ian to lay down and I guide my big black cock toy inside mw and I tell Joey fuck my ass. Ian pulls the harness off and says I too want to fuck your ass. OMG I have two cocks inside me. Ian is stretching my pussy and Joey is stretching my ass. We all cum at the same time, but I came so hard I almost passed out. Ian rolls me on my back and puts his cock back inside me. I look at him and say didn’t you have enough. Ian laughs and says it’s never enough. Joey leaves and goes downstairs leaving Ian in my room with me.

Ian says I’m glad he left so now I can treat you like the real slut that you are. Ian slaps my tits and pinches my nipples. I look at him and say now that hurts. Ian noises me again and he rolls me over on all fours. Ian says Carol I’m going to fuck your ass now. I look at him and say do it. Ian smacks my ass hard and I feel his cock enter my ass. I love anal always have so I tell Ian fuck be hard. I’m enjoying his big black cock in my ass. Ian says Carol In going to cum. I tell him cum in my ass.

We both cum again and now both of us are fucked out. Ian says he has to leave and he asks if he can come back when Noey isn’t around. I tell him sure and Ian I love your big black cock. Ian leaves and Joey comes in my room. Joey says mom tell me more about your black cock experiences. Ok I tell him about the Rasta that fucked me in Jamaica. I get into detail and Joey is pulling in his cock. I tell him about the cab driver who fucked me in Jamaica.

The old man in the hut who fucked me for a week in Jamaica. Oh mom you’re making me so horny. Then I tell him about the x rated movie theater and how the old black man fucked me there. Joey slams his cock into me and says mom do you love black cock. I tell him I love all cocks, now fuck me son. We fuck and he keeps asking me while we’re fucking and I think he’s turned on by what I’m telling him. Joey cums in me and we go to sleep. What in the world is going to happen tomorrow.

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