Our Son: Part 3

by Carol (Florida)

I started having sex with my son Joey awhile back. When Rocky is away on business, Joey wants to take his place. I enjoy having sex with him because he’s well endowed like his father. It’s a beautiful day here in Florida and Joey asks me if his friends could come over for a swim and drink some beers. I say sure no problem. I’m up in my room when I hear his friends Phil and John by the pool. Joey calls me mom, Phil and John are here. I answer hi Phil and John enjoy yourselves.

Joey says mom put on a bikini and join us. I tell him no thank you Joey. I only have thongs and the tops just about cover my nipples. Joey again says please mom it’ll be fun. Again, I say no thanks. The boys put music on and there’s a knock at my door. I open the door and it’s Joey. He says cmon mom we’ll have fun. Oh alright and I tell him I’ll be downstairs in a minute. I put on my yellow thong because my body is all tan. I put my short satin robe on and go by the pool.

Phil and John say nice to see you again Mrs T. I tell the boys to call me Carol. Joey puts some music on and the boys start to dance. Joey cmon mom join us. Phil and John say join us Carol. Ok just for one dance. I still have my robe on and the song says, It’s Getting Hot In Here So Takeoff All Your Clothes. The boys are grinding up against me. Joey is behind me grinding my ass whirl Phil and John are in front of me. Joey’s cock is rock hard and he says mom show us some skin.

I was a bartender in a strip club years ago so I’m definitely not shy. I tell Phil to untie my robe. Phil does it and my robe falls to the ground. John says holy shit Carol you’ve got a gorgeous body. I say thank you John. Phil is rubbing my thighs trying to get his hands into my thong. We’re still dancing and Joey says Phil take her top off. Mom says to Joey oh no you don’t. Joey says then I’ll do it. I grab his hands and say stop already.

Phil is trying to touch my pussy, but the song ends and Phil pulls his hand out of my thong. Joey the persistent man that he is keeps saying show us something. I tell him no I’ll dance and that’s it. I go sit in my lounge chair and Phil sits with me. He says you’ve got great tits Carol. I didn’t expect that so I said thank you Phil. I ask Joey to go to the fridge and get me a bottle of wine. Joey comes back with the wine and four glasses. Joey pours me a big glass. The boys have some wine as I have another glass.

I’m not a big drinker so now I’m getting a little tipsy. Joey asks mom are you ok. I say I’m a little tipsy. Joel asks mom why don’t you dance for us like you used to do at your birthday parties. I laugh as I remember my closed door parties. Anything went on my birthday. I say ok I’ll dance but go to my room and get my red pumps to match my red robe. Joey comes back with my pumps. I put them on and start to dance. The boys are yelling show us something. I laugh and undo my top.

I still have my robe on and I throw my top to John. I take my thong off and throw it to Phil. He puts it in his face and starts to lick the crotch. Phil says Carol you smell great and I answer I taste great also. Now they’re yelling drop the robe. I walk over to Phil and say ok untie my robe. Phil unties my robe and now I’m completely naked. The boys get naked and start to dance with me. John is playing with my big tits and Phil is putting his fingers inside me. I grab their cocks and start to jerk them.

Phil’s cock is big and fat and John’s is long and skinny. Joey lays me on my lounge chair and he tells Phil and John I fuck her first. Joey slams his cock into my waiting pussy. Mmmmm fuck me son I scream. Phil says Joe I need to fuck your mom. Joey pulls out of me and now Phil is fucking me. Yes Phil fuck me. John puts his cock in my mouth and says Carol suck my cock. I’m sucking John’s cock and Joey tells Phil don’t cum in my mom. I cum and Phil cums inside me.

John says let’s switch so now John is fucking me and I’m sucking Phil’s cock. OMG I’m cumming again. John pulls his cock out of me and says Carol I want to cum in your mouth. I grab his cock and start to suck it when he shoots a big load into my mouth. The three of them fucked me most of the night. The next morning I get out of bed and head to the shower. I’m in the shower and Joey soon joins me.

Joey says mom Phil and John said they had a great time and when will you let them fuck you again. I tell him I don’t know. Joey is behind me playing with my tits. I’m still horny so I bend over and say fuck me Joey. He slams his big cock inside me. I love when he fucks me and I cum. Joey cums inside me and he asks mom what are we going to do today. I tell him you’re going to fuck your mother.

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