Our Son: Part 2

by Anonymous (Florida)

This all started about 6 months ago when my husband took our son and his friends to a strip club. It was Joey’s twenty first birthday. Well when they got home I was waiting for hubby to have sex with me. I was so horny and wet and I figured he was also horny. Hubby was drunk and went to sleep in the spare room. Joey came into my room and started to massage me. The next thing I knew he had his big cock inside me, fucking me. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop him.

Now it’s totally out of control. Every time Joey sees me he wants to have sex with me. He’ll wait until hubby leaves for work and then he starts with his nonsense. Joey will call my name and say cmon mom let’s go in the pool. I put a robe on and go downstairs and there’s Joey by the pool stroking his massive cock. He’ll ask me so mom what do you think. I tell him I think you need a girlfriend. Joey says come here mom. I walk over to him and he unties my robe letting it fall to the floor.

He grabs my hand and puts it around his cock and I say to him so what do you want mommy to do. Joey says get on your knees and suck my cock. I get on my knees and put his big cock in my mouth. He asks me mom where did you learn to suck a cock like that. I tell him years of practice. He’s pulling on my tits. Joey puts his fingers inside me and starts to finger fuck me. I ask him what are you getting ready to do and he laughs and says I’m going to fuck you.

I lay down and he puts his head between my legs and starts to kick and suck my pussy. He’s still using his fingers and I cum all over them. He asks mom are you ready for my cock, I tell him yes son fuck me. Joey slams his big hard cock inside and I scream yes son fuck me, fuck your mommy hard and deep. We fuck for awhile and we both cum multiple times. Joey says mom I’m going to take a shower what are you going to do. I say to him I’m going to watch a movie.

I put my robe back on and I’m watching a movie. Joey is standing there naked and his cock is rock hard. He grabs it and says how about it mom are you ready for more. I open my robe spread my legs and say yes Joey come fuck your mommy. He rolls me over and he says he wants to fuck me doggy. That’s my favorite position so we fuck doggy. We both cum a coupe of times and then we both go fast asleep.

It’s morning and I’m cleaning. I have my robe on and I’m bent over when all of a sudden I feel a cock enter me. I turn around and it’s Joey. OMG yes fuck me Joey. The craziest thing we ever did when Joey had some friends over. He called me to come into his room and I had on a bikini. There were three boys and their eyes were on my big tits. I asked Joey what he wanted and he said he just wanted to show his friends that I was the sexiest mom in town.

The boys all agreed and I left. Later that night Joey said mom they all think your hot. I undid my bikini top and pulled off my bottoms and asked him so am I the sexiest. Joey pulls his cock out his pants and he’s hard and says does this answer you. Oh my son yes it does. I’m so horny I tell him now come and fuck your mother. I can’t believe that this has happened, but I’m glad it did. We fuck a couple of times a day and when hubby wants to fuck me, I get really sore.

Now Joey says mom would you mind if I videoed us fucking. I tell him no way why do you can show your friends. He says no mom I want it so I can watch it when I can’t fuck you. I again tell him no. Joey kept begging and I finally said ok but not my face. He told me to take off my robe and lay on the bed naked. Joey says mom play with yourself and get really wet. I start playing with my pussy and sucking my big firm tits. I look at Joey and say is this what you want you want to put your big cock inside me.

Joey says mom I want to fuck you in your ass. OMG I tell him take it slow. Joey lubes his cock an starts to push it in my ass. Oh yes Joey fuck mommy’s ass. I feel my ass open up to accommodate Joey’s cock. I turn to him and say slam your big cock in my ass. Joey does what I ask and slams me. I can’t wait for him to cum in my ass as I was going to cum like crazy. Joey cums in my ass and I cum like crazy.

I check the video he made and no face shots as promised. He tells me mom clean my cock off for me. I do as I’m told and clean his cock. I put his cock in my mouth and suck him dry. I don’t think this was such a great idea fucking Joey, but I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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