Our Secret

by Baso (USA)

I was about twelve when I got a laptop for Christmas. (It was way before Google edited content in any way and parental controls had been developed)

By the time l was nineteen, with help from of my friends from school, I thought myself bit of an expert and was bold enough to start doing searches for porn sites, that friends had told me about, late at night or right after school before my mom and sister got home and I would masturbate while I watched.

One careless time that I forgot to clear my search history, my younger sister, who was about eighteen at the time, found a pop up that lead her to a porn site, or at least that is what she said when I walked in on her.

I thought I was doomed, certain that she would tell on me, but she began to beg me not to tell on her. I remember that I suddenly realized that it was I that had walked in on her watching porn in MY room on MY laptop, so I became rather confident that she would not tell on me.

I comforted her assuring her that I would keep quiet about it. I went as far as offering to let her keep watching and that I would go downstairs and keep watch and warn her when mom arrived.

She declined, expressing mistrust that I would not warn her in time and allow her to get caught. But after some swearing and promising on my part, she reluctantly agreed to my finding sites for her to watch. I found a site and clicked on what I thought would be a straight man/woman vid for her to watch.

As I left the room, I warned her not to click on any pop ups or start a new vid without getting me to do navigate for her if she wanted to see a different site or vid.

I stepped out and went halfway down the stairs and sat down to wait for her to get me. As the vid began to replay a second time I noticed I could hear it rather clearly even with the door being shut. I went upstairs and slowly opened the door and peeked in.

Her back was towards me and obviously did not hear me enter and I paused a bit as the vid showed a woman touching herself. It was very clear to me that one of her hands was busy over her jeans when she suddenly just up turning around in total fright. I apologized over and over as I explained that the volume was too high. She stood by me, accusing me of not keeping my promise as I adjusted the volume.

I blurted out that I needed her to hurry because I wanted to do it too with the vids before mom got home. There suddenly was a very awkward pause between us. I broke it by telling her that I did it too. She kinda smirked and told me about her suspicions that I did do it. I flat out asked her if she knew about masturbating and to that she nodded yes. I asked if it was from the vid. She admitted that one of her friends told her all about it at a sleepover. She admitted masturbating a few times in her bed when I pressed her.

I looked around the room and went to shut the curtains telling her that if it's with vids you have to avoid being seen and heard. She went to the other window and drew the curtains and asking me to find another vid and to get out of the room.

I started to google for images with her watching me. I protested that we might not have enough time for me to get my turn, to which she insisted to get her turn first.

I clicked on an image and brought to a page with lots of choices on it and I clicked on one with a girl's face on it. It opened to another similar page but with bigger pictures on it. I clicked on another girl's image...We both stared at the screen as each page brought us to more images of girls and guys our age.

We explored each page top to bottom before clicking to the next page. My sister started pointing out the ones she wanted to see. A pic opened of a girl my sister's age showing herself to a guy. We did not look at each other but I remember clearly the both of us saying WOW at the same time.

I just had to touch myself over my pants to adjust myself and admitted to her that I really wanted to do it. She did not reply, her eyes on the screen and she pointed out another one she wanted me to select. Two girls my sister's age showing their butts to an older boy and there were porn magazines on their beds, to which my sister asked me if there are books also to which I nodded yes.

The next image she chose showed a guy and girl masturbating along side. Without looking at my sister, I suggested that we take our turns together at the same time. She leaned forward and pointed to the screen asking me if I meant like in the picture of the guy and the girl. I nodded yes. We were silent a while. She pointed to the next selection and I would click on it.

I re-clicked on the guy and girl masturbating together. She asked me what time it was and I looked and answered that we had only about 40 minutes before mom got home and that it would not be fair for me to miss my turn. I clicked on an image and a large pic opened showing a girl being licked by a slightly older girl.

I leaned back and opened my jeans. She asked me if I was going to take my turn. I nodded yes and asked her if she was going to tell on me. I looked at her and she shook her head, no. I slid my pants down just to my knees, enough to reveal myself. I held it up for her to see. I heard a quiet WOW come from her hand covered mouth. I started stroking slowly.

She stood...pulled her seat next to mine and she stepped to the desk. She had her back to me as she pointed to the screen instructing me to click on a vid. It was grainy but it was a girl humping on a pillow. I asked if she ever did it that way and she answered that she did it a couple times like that.

She sat next to me and I noticed her peek at mine as I rubbed slowly. She had both her hands trapped between her legs tightly pressing the against herself with the help of her thighs.

I clicked back a few pics to the boy and the girl again. I stared at the screen and started to rub mine steady. She lifted herself slightly off her seat enough to slip her pants and undies down in one motion to just below her knees.

They slipped slowly lower as her knees opened wider. I watched her hand press against her's with just pressure at first a few times then two fingers seemed to have found their mark as she leaned back and she started wiggling her little spot. I caught her looking at me then looking at the screen.

I took a pretty long gaze at her and she seemed to open slightly wider and by now we both were breathing mostly through our mouths, our lips in the shape of pronouncing ..OH She was quiet, her breathing was hurried but no moans. There was a quiet squishy sound that filled the room from the wetness each of us had produced while we each hurried to finish.

I watched her intensely as her eyes were closed as her two fingers rubbed quickly left to right across her completely hairless puffy lips. I shot my load staring at her, falling mostly on my tummy. I went soft immediately. I had no choice but to use my T shirt to wipe.

She exhaled and sat up suddenly, closing her thighs very tightly around her hand as she leaned all the way forward over her thighs. She took a deep breath and let it out as she stood up bring her pants and undies up in one fluid motion. We glanced at each other and nothing was said. She stepped around her seat and left my room quickly.

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