Our Neighbor Larry

by Carol (Florida)

We live in Florida and I love to be naked, especially by our pool. It’s very secluded so I’ve only been caught a handful of times. Hubby and I have also had a lot of great sex by the pool. We have a new neighbor named Larry. He seems to know when I’m by the pool, so I keep a robe by me just in case. Larry is a short, overweight man, not my type at all. Well it’s a hot sunny day here and Rocky is away on business. I take shower make myself a cup of coffee, put my robe on and go to the pool.

I put some music on, dropped my robe and started to put lotion on my body. I have big tits with big brown nipples. Every time I play with my tits, I have to pleasure myself. I put two fingers inside me and I came so quick. I love the feel of the sun on my naked body. It’s getting late so I’m about to go inside. I hear a voice say Carol are you back here. I say yes who are you. He answers Larry your neighbor. I grab my robe put it on and tie it. I look and he’s standing there.

I ask him Larry what do you want? He says Carol I just need someone to talk to. I tell him ok come inside. He starts to tell me about all his problems and I started to feel bad for him. Larry had a bottle of wine and he asks do you drink wine. I say yes I do and I got up and went into the kitchen to get two glasses. Larry poured two glasses and we were still chatting. After we drank the wine, Larry says Rocky is a very lucky man. I said he sure is and I never say no. I think the wine is taking affect on me.

Larry asks no to what? I tell him I never say no to sex. I love to keep Rocky happy because I don’t want him t stray. Larry laughs and says I would be so happy to find a woman like you. I tell him maybe someday you will. Then he says I hope she’s as beautiful and built like you. I know the wine makes me less inhibited. Larry noticed our massage table. He asks Carol do you like to be massaged. I answer yes Larry what woman doesn’t. He says Carol I used to be a masseur. He asks do you want a massage.

I say no thank you. He says cmon Carol it will feel so good I promise. I say ok Larry but just a massage, no funny stuff. He says ok I promise. I get up go to the kitchen and heat up some massage oil. Before I go back outside I grab a towel and wrap it around me. I climb up on the table a use the towel to cover me. Larry takes the towel and folds it so it is now only covering my butt. Larry puts oil on my shoulders and starts to massage me. It feels so good.

Now he working on my back and he massaging the sides of my tits. I tell him ok not my tits. Larry moves down to my legs. He is going up and down my legs and now he’s massaging my feet. Larry says you’ve even got beautiful feet. He says Carol I have a foot fetish. I ask him what do you mean. He says I like to suck a woman’s toes. I said stop already. He’s massaging my legs again but this time he’s going under the towel just missing my pussy. He says ok Carol turn over. I tell Larry turn around, which he does.

Larry turns around to quickly and he sees me naked. He looks at me and says Carol you’ve got a magnificent body. I put the towel in front of me and I lay on the table. Larry started on my neck area k and then he went under the towel and he started massage my tits. I said to him I thought you were going to be a good boy, he said I lied. He put one of my nipples in his mouth and started to softly bite it. I moaned and Larry grabbed the towel and threw it to the floor.

He puts two fingers inside me and starts to finger fuck me. Larry is really making me horny, when he grabs my foot and starts to lick and suck my toes. This made me ever hornier. Larry had sweats on and he pulls them down and starts to fuck my feet. Larry’s cock is big and it has a big head and a bend to it. Larry now is by my head and he starts rubbing his cock across my lips. I say to him ok . I tell Larry fuck me doggy so I get on all fours and he slams his cock inside me again.

Larry’s that’s enough when he shoves his cock into my mouth. I can’t believe I’m sucking my new neighbor's cock. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and I say I think it’s time for you to leave. Larry laughs pulls me to the end of the table and slams his cock into my wet pussy. I tell him Larry please stop. I was about to cum and Larry pulls his cock out of me. I say ass. what’s wrong? Larry says you want me to stop. I lift up my legs and say Larry fuck me, I need your big cock. Larry is slamming my pussy.

I wrap my legs around him and squeeze his ass, moaning fuck me Larry. I’m cumming all over his cock. Larry’s balls are slapping my ass and I cum again. Larry says Carol I’m going to cum. Oh yes Larry cum inside me. Larry fills my pussy with his cum. Larry says now I’m going to fuck you all night in your bed. He picks me up and carries my upstairs.

He lays me on the bed. Larry is stand there pulling on his cock. He says Carol beg me to fuck you. I’ve never begged no man, but I said please Larry fuck me I need your cock. Larry again sank his cock inside me. He says I’m going to fuck you all night long. I look at him and say how about two weeks long. That’s how long Rocky will be gone. Larry fucked me everywhere in every hole and I loved it.

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