Our Long Bus Ride Gets Wild

by Frank (Ontario)

We were on a long bus trip coming home from relatives. Susan and I had just been married a few months, and were quite sexually active. We'd do it just about anyplace.

It was late a night and the bus was on a long stretch between Thunder bay and Sault Ste. Marie. There wasn't many places it would stop over the lake head and in the middle of the night there was even less.

Susan and I were in the seats just forward of the last row, close to the bathroom and with most everyone else asleep we began getting frisky. Feeling daring, I slowly slipped off her pants and panties and got her to sit on my cock as the bus drove down the highway.

Slowly she rode up and down on my shaft using the seat in front of us for balance. We were really getting into it when suddenly I saw a man's head peer around the seat. He was down low so Susan didn't notice him but I did. I was far too horny to stop fucking her and just let the man watch.

Our muffled grunts and groans became harder and harder to hide as the pleasure grew inside us both. The next thing I knew the man reached around the seat and began playing with my wife's pussy. To my surprise my young wife didn't object at all. In fact it clearly turned her on even more. I kept pounding my cock into her again and again as the stranger fingered her clit.

Soon her entire body was squirming out of control. I quickly noticed another man across the isle watching us fuck and the man playing with her cunt. I felt the most amazing climax shoot through my body and in seconds I was cumming deep inside her. I slammed my cock all the way into her again and again as I shot another and another load of cum inside her.

Unfortunately my wife wasn't cumming with me. I had finished now, but the man was still playing with her clit and driving her crazy. A few seconds later my limp cock slid out of Susan's hole and fell down between my legs. Almost instantly my wife moved forward toward the man's hand diddling her.

I needed to clean up the mess of sperm on my self so I gently moved her slightly toward the isle. She didn't stop there though. Instead she moved right out of our seats and around the seat in front of us. Before I knew what was happening the man in the seat in front of us was now fucking my wife. And the man directly across the isle was playing with her clit.

She was facing me over the seat and staring into my eyes as she plunged her cunt up and down on the stranger's cock and letting the man across the isle play with her cunt. I couldn't believe this was happening. Susan continued fucking the man for several more minutes as I cleaned myself up behind them.

Meanwhile the man across the isle now had his pants down too. My wife's grunts and groans got louder and louder and I saw the driver checking his mirror. All of a sudden the man fucking her let out a loud groan and clearly came inside her. Susan eagerly took all of his cum, and before I knew what she was doing, she slid across the isle and climbed on that man's cock as well.

I could see everything now as the man pumped his stiff cock deep inside my wife's already cum filled cunt. He slammed her down hard on his cock again and again, then buried it deep inside her with a huge grunt. This time however it was quite obvious that Susan was cumming with him. He turned and looked at me as he dumped his entire load into my wife's body and her pussy pulsated on his cock to take it all deep inside her.

The two of them moaned and groaned for several more minutes as their climax peeked together. Once they were finished Susan scampered into the bathroom to clean up. I had felt like being daring, but this took things far beyond what I had expected.

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