Our Little Secret

by Jeff (Fort Wayne, IN)

It was a beautiful Spring Saturday in May, 1975. I walked home from my part time job at the golf course. I expected to see my mom watching television but she wasn't around. I made a snack and a glass of ice water. I sat and ate the snack then downed the water. Next I started toward my room down the hallway. Just as I walked past mom's room I heard her clear her throat.

"Hi mom!"

"Hi! Come in here please.

I didn't think too much about it and when I turned the corner there she was. Mom was sitting up against the headboard of her bed naked with her legs bent at the knees and spread wide open. I was stunned. I stopped and hesitated.

"Its okay. Come have a seat." She sounded so casual and cool. She motioned toward the foot of the bed right in front of her spread open beaver shot. I sat trying hard not to act like anything was weird about her being completely naked and flaunting her bare spread open pussy. "How was work?"

My eyes looked over at her face. My peripheral vision saw it all. Her pussy was covered with shiny black pubic hair. Two dark pussy lips looked to be stuck together in the middle of all that pussy hair. Her breasts looked creamy white with big dark areolas and erect nipples. I had never seen a grown woman naked before and I was very curious. I had no idea she intended on seducing me.

Her and my dad had been divorced for two years and she never dated. I had no idea how desperate for cock she had become. I was just a shy eighteen year old. I was so clueless.

"It sucked."

"How come?"

"Ken yelled at me. He was in a foul mood today."

"Probably because Ally is mad at him."

"How do you know?"

"She called me."


"Have plans tonight with your friends?"

"Not really."

Mom picked up her cocktail and finished it. She started to sit up. I looked over and saw how her tits swung around. She stood up with her glass. "I'll be right back. Wait here."

I watched her as she left. Her perfectly shaped ass cheeks jiggled from side to side. She had a big wide ass but shaped so perfectly. She had an hour glass figure with larger features. I was still stunned about her being naked.

She returned with two drinks and walked up to me handing me one. I could smell her perfume. I watched as she sat back down into the exact same position on her bed. She saw me looking and smiled.

"How's Julie doing?"

"We broke up."

"Oh? You never told me? What happened?" I took another drink. It felt warm going down. Mom had never given me alcohol before.

"I guess we just didn't click."

Mom scratched her bush and I looked over to see. God she had a hairy bush. It looked so dark and mysterious. I wished I could explore it and see inside of it. I would have tasted it. I had no idea I would be down on her shortly.

Mom kept making small talk. After I finished my drink she went for more. As the numbness set in I became much more relaxed and as we talked I was looking right at her body parts. She never said a thing about me starring. I think she wanted me to lust for her. It certainly turned out that way.

On the third drink was when things began to take shape. Mom sat down and asked me a question I'll never forget.

"Do you have hair down there?"


"Can I see it?"

Without hesitating I stood up and pulled down my shorts and underwear.

"Oh my God Jackie! You're huge! Come closer!" I was semi hard.

I moved over next to her and was thrilled when she reached out and gently took my nine inch cock into her hand and gently stroked it. It felt so fucking good to be touched that way. "Wow! What a beautiful cock!" I watched as mom opened wide and went down on me. She slurped some and then came off. "Finish getting undressed and get into bed with me. I'll show you what to do."

I took off my clothes while she moved to the center of her bed. She spread wide open for me. I moved in between her legs and starred at her spread open pussy. Nothing ever looked so wild and beautiful. I pushed my face into her muff smelling her strong musky scent. My tongue slid through her slit parting her big pussy lips like butterfly wings. She was pink and wet inside.

I loved the smell and taste of my mom's sweet pussy. My tongue ran from her clit to her sphincter and back up again raking across her clit making her moan. "Right there!" I concentrated on her clit now knowing she liked it. My tongue flicked it and I sucked it. Pussy juice came squirting out and she screamed. I had no idea a woman could squirt. It was so strange at the time but I knew I loved it. "Come fuck me! Put your cock inside me!" I quickly moved up and slid into her.

"Oh Fuck! Easy Jack! Let my pussy get used to you a little."

She had never had a cock as big as mine before. Plus it had been awhile so her pussy had tightened up a lot. I slowed way down and let her pussy take me a little at a time. I moved in and out giving her five inches at first. As we went she became slicker and slicker.

She began to stretch and began vaginal tenting allowing more and more of my cock to penetrate her. She began to gush as I slammed all the way inside her. She screamed out.

"Fuck me! I want you to come!" I was thrusting hard and deep up on my arms. I couldn't hold back any longer and started coming.


"YES BABY! DOESN"T IT FEEL GOOD?!" Nothing had ever felt so good. It was the most intense feeling of pleasure I ever had in my life. I pumped twelve big spurts deep inside my mom's soaking wet pussy. I could feel her pussy contracting on my cock squeezing it. "Keep going!" I kept moving. I softened a little but she wanted more so I kept fucking her.

"You like fucking my pussy?"


"Your cock is amazing! I want you to fuck me all night!" I was rejuvenated and began fucking her harder. We went on like that for two more hours stopping when I came a second time. I had never heard my mom talk that way. I never heard her say 'pussy' or 'fuck' before. Her dirty talk was such a huge turn on.

I rolled off of her and we laid there silent catching our breath. Mom rolled onto her side looking at me. "Can you keep a secret?"


"You know no one can ever find out what we just did right?"

"I know."

"It would be very bad for both of us if anyone ever found out you know?"

"I know."

"Its our little secret. Maybe we can start doing this regularly. Would you like that?"


"Good. Then its settled. You take care of me and I'll take care of you. No one will ever know!"

That night we ordered pizza and then went to bed early to fuck again. I started sleeping in her bed at night and we fucked damn near every night. We fucked for several years into my adulthood. My wife never found out whenever I went to see her alone we had such good times. I sure do miss my mom!

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