Our First Toy

by Rob (Kelowna)

I meet my first wife, Gigi, at work. Gigi had just arrived from the Philippines. I got a hard on when I was first introduced to this 5’-3” and maybe 100# soaking wet woman, with long black hair, beautiful face, big brown eyes and a tight bubble butt.

I asked her out for a coffee about 3 months after we first met, and we started dating a couple of weeks later. There was some heavy kissing and petting, but Gigi would not let things go any further.

She would rub my cock through my pants, but would not take it out of my pants. I am 7 ½” and almost 2” thick and thought maybe she was concerned with my size. At the same time, she would not let me touch her breasts other than to rub my hands over them and her bra. I had no idea what her breasts or nipples looked like.

Gigi did not want me to pick her up for our first New Year’s Eve party and had her girlfriend drive her. Tim and I were waiting for the ‘girls’ at the party when they both showed up together. I quickly understood why Gig did not want me to pick her up as we would not have made it to the party. She was wearing a skin tight satin dress that showed off her large breasts and prominent nipples. The dress was so tight that you could see the outline of her belly button with no bra or panty lines.

We left the party around 11 and brought in the New Year at my place. Gigi’s hands were all over the bulge in my pants on the drive and as soon as we entered my apartment, Gigi asked me to unzipper her dress. She then took a couple of steps back from me, turned around and let the dress drop to the floor. Gorgeous! 36C with very large nipples (half the size of my thumbs), flat stomach with a shaved mound.

In a daze I quickly removed my clothes and stood there with my cock pointing straight at her. As we kissed and embraced, I lifted and carried her to the bedroom and laydown with her on top. She sat up, moved back, took my cock in her hand and slid down its shaft in what seemed like one move. One moment we were kissing, the next she was fully impaled on my cock. I need not have worried about my size as she took it all several times that night.

The next morning, I woke to her licking and sucking my cock and when hard, she sat on it again and rocked herself to a couple of orgasms. Twice more in the shower before breakfast.

We were married before our first year was up and had 2 children.

We bought our first toy after the second child. It was not much of a toy. About 6 ½” long and 1 ½” thick with a base that was just over 2” thick. It had a bent wire inside it with a crank sticking out of the base. You could bend the toy and turn the crank so the toy wobbled around inside.

One night I was working the toy back and forth and turning the crank when the whole thing slipped inside her. Gigi had an instant orgasm and expelled the toy. I was so hard I jumped on top and shoved my cock into her sloppy hole and shot a quick load myself.

The next night, after the kids were in bed, we talked about the experience. Gigi said she enjoyed being filled with the 2” thick part. She also told me that back in the Philippines, she and her boyfriend had gone to a couple of sex shows where she had seen women use large toys and cucumbers and the idea really turned her on. She also told me her former boyfriend was about 6” long and 2” thick and was glad to have found my cock.

That night I pulled the wire out of the toy and used the 2” thick base first. Gig was so wet and her lips so swollen, that it did not take much before it popped inside her. Being only 6” long, there was not much to hold on to, and it quickly slipped out of sight.

FUCK ME Gigi shouted. I slowly slipped my cock into her alongside the toy and with only a couple of inches of me inside she had a huge orgasm that had her bucking up and down and another couple of inches of me were inside. I could feel the 2” part of the toy with the head of my cock when she wrapped her legs around me and pulled the rest of me inside her.

He eyes rolled back into her head as she thrashed about cumming who knows how many times. At the point where my cock was buried past the toy, she had something almost 4” thick inside her. I fucked her for about 10 minutes, sliding my cock back and forth over that 2” thick part until I shot my load. The toy slid out a little later and changed our lives. A size queen was born.

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