Our First Meeting

by Yani (Bahrain)

Jess and I met online via gay exchange site. We had been teasing each other for a while already. Jess is about 10 years younger than me.

We met at his place, and immediately clicked on a number of levels. We seemed to fit as a couple, in ways almost scary because it all seemed so fast. We both stripped quite quickly, and enjoyed initially exploring each other's bodies. He was clearly in more control than me, and scared me a bit with his aggressiveness, which surprisingly drew me into him even more, even as he bit my nipples and my lips a bit harder than I thought I could deal with.

And then there was his filthy mind, which drew more out of me than anyone ever had before. He said my body was exactly what he was looking for. How could that not make me hornier? Within a handful of minutes, I was wishing he could cum in me every day. He threw out that I should probably take more loads than just his each day, and threw out a target of two loads a day. Almost everything he said turned me on more and more, as I went down on his big dick, and as he started exploring my tight hole.

The sluttier the path he led me down, the further I wanted to go. He kissed me, biting my lower lip again, and said he wanted to piss on my body before he fucked me. I couldn't stop myself from saying yes, and there I was taking shower by his piss, which he made sure to piss on my face, as he continued fingering my hole.

He was a bit surprised at how tight I was, as he slowly mounted me. His thick dick head entered my ass, and I tried to get him to go slow, but that just turned him on even more as he thrust in. I was always somehow able to take big dicks all the way in, although I hadn't been a bottom long enough to be used to getting drilled.

He continued being a coach, and told me to thrust into him, so I did. He took it easily, and told me that's where I needed to be. I couldn't help but obey, as he hopped up, took a big black dildo out of his dresser, and told me to work it into me while I continued sucking him. It was huge, but of course I obeyed, and he was excited as he watched me fuck myself with his dildo while I sucked on his wet dick, stopping every once in a while to try to make sure he would eventually shoot his load into my hole.

Throughout, Jess kept talking about what he would love to do with and to me. The thought of getting four guys to cum in me every day really seemed to get him going. He mentioned a bathhouse we had both been to, and said how easy it would be to meet me there and get me loaded up for at least that day. It was close to my flat, and not that far from him, so it sounded almost frighteningly doable.

Everything he said tempted me to go further and further. I couldn't believe he had already pissed in me, and of course he brought that up again and again as he kept tweaking my nipples, and kept biting my neck, my ass, and my lips. He laughed as he noticed I was almost crying, and bragged about what a slut he was going to make me, as he prompted me to push the dildo even deeper into my hole. "We will definitely fill that hole shortly."

I loved sucking him, and I couldn't wait for him to breed me. I was almost able to swallow him all the way. Every time I tried, he waited until I had proven to him that I couldn't do it, he smiled and slammed it the rest of the way in, almost making me gag every single time as he called me his bitch. As the whole thing progressed, he made sure to get me to promise to come back at 7 the next morning, which of course I agreed to do. He talked about how much he loved working out, which he clearly did on a regular basis, and threw out the idea of making sure I would spend at least an hour a day letting him use me.

At that point there was nothing I wouldn't tell him, and nothing I wouldn't say yes to. I was so anxious to get his load in me. He figured out what other kinds of guys I had met, how far I had gone, how often I was horny, and everything around all of those. He said we were going to focus only on black men, for the time being, although he was also tempted to make me be a bitch to Arab men, and he promised to do whatever he could to make sure they used me like he wanted them to. It was clear he wanted to run the whole show, and as scared as I was even more excited at that prospect.

And with that he shoved the dildo deeper in me, then pulled it out, put it in my mouth, and mounted me again, ready to deliver his first load, as he made me promise to do everything I could to get two more loads in me before I came back the next morning.

Then he unloaded. Slow, deep thrusts. His thick dick pulsing along with his balls as he bred me, fucking my mouth with the dildo at the same time. Almost as soon as he was done, he pulled out, making me lose my breath, flipped around to drive into my mouth, and reinserted the dildo into my hole, "in order to shove my cum in as deep as possible, so you'll still be leaking when you come back tomorrow."

I surrendered, licking his dick off until he shot a second load in my mouth, even as he tweaked my nipples hard enough that my eyes watered, and even as he drove the dildo in so deep I thought he might rip me.

Throughout, he kept priming me for the next twenty-four hours. "Promise me you'll do your best to get these guys phone numbers, at a minimum. And do your best to end with knowing when they're going to use you again. Make sure they have your number. And you know at some point we're going to have at least some of them over here so I can make sure they use you as hard as you should be used. Oh, and don't count this as more than one, no matter how many times I shot."

I was spent. I came without touching myself as I swallowed his second load. Then he had me lick off the dildo. Then he almost kicked me out, telling me we both needed to get to sleep.

"You fucking slut. Don't even dream of being even a minute late tomorrow."

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