Our First Anal

by Czodias (Australia)

We both are in passed middle aged, live alone, children being living on their own elsewhere. Sex has been monotonous and/or in lower libido. We watch movies on TV and sometime watch porn too for a change in most evenings. And both always think of how to spice up our sex life. This has been going on for quite sometime. One night we were watching porn – a 3-some one – fmm, that had anal sex too. Suddenly she asked me how exciting the thought of me fucking her in the ass!!

That was indeed a breakthrough in our sexuality. That night, first we had a good round of oral, my mouth gliding over her pussy, her juices and my saliva making for a slippery fun time as I teased and sucked at her clit and pussy lips. I put a dab of lube on my index finger and probed it around her little brownish asshole, teasing it before trying to push the tip of my cock in. I also liberally coated my cock with lube. Pushed a pillow underneath her bum to raise a bit to have better access to my cock.

I positioned myself with my hard throbbing cock at the entrance of her anus, pushed it in slowly, the knob did glided in but she gasped a bit and clasped it with her muscles. I asked her to relax and then she moaned in response, saying “yes, that it is ok, move it back and forth slowly”. This time I could not enter beyond pushing my circumcised knob of my cock only and I came. But she came while I was fingering her pussy at about the same time. I told her that I wanted to put a dildo in her ass hole so that she could feel the length and width of it.

She lighted-up at the idea. We disengaged and I put some lube on a vibrator of her choice and told her to get on her knees on the bed. She complied, but also put her ass cheek up on the mattress and held her amazing ass up in the air, what a sight. I licked her little asshole and pussy for a couple minutes, she moaned and told me how good it felt, then I slowly pushed in the 7” vibrator in to her hole. She gasped when I pushed it in further, it held itself in place. The entire time my cock was raging hard, and my mind was swimming about getting to fuck her ass well tonight.

Well, it didn’t work out, we really did give it a valiant effort, but it was just too painful for her. We tried three or four times, each ending in failure, and me not even getting the half of my dick into her tight butt before she exclaimed that it burned and pleading for me to stop. The next morning we had great sex again but didn’t try anal.

In the following couple of days we have been having more frequent ass-efforts. We communicated more openly, she talked dirtier to me. On a next weekend night I have managed to tie her up, spanked her ass red while fucking her, and (surprisingly) had one of our best ever experiences while I held her against the wall and fucked her like our lives depended on it. It was very, very hot this weekend. We spent sometime to swim in the evening.

We both were pretty horny, and spent time fondling each other. Every now and then she would pull my hard cock out and sit on it, pumping up and down furiously for a moment before stopping. She turned to me and told me, “I really want you to fuck me in my ass, I can’t stop thinking about it.” We went on watch some related porn vids, looking for tips aimed at anal sex. That was really helpful.

That night she was in bedroom in see-through nightgown on but no panties, at her age she does know how to excite me. She also had the toy and the lube in her hands, we are gonna try this again. We watched the anal porn for sometime lying on the bed and thought that trying it missionary should be better than doggy, that I should try two fingers and the dildo well-lubed first to ease her anus… She was looking so slutty, and really seemed interested.

I started with licking her sweet little pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit and teasing it. She asked me to put a finger inside of her, and I obliged. She rocked back and forth, grinding against my hand and mouth. “Put another finger in me” and I did, both my middle finger and index finger now plunging steadily into her pussy, she was so wet it’s running down to her asshole and coating my fingers. “Try three fingers” she advised me, and I complied, her pussy swallowed up another finger and she is moaning and responding to it.

I put a pillow underneath her buttock in order to raise her anus and to have a better access to the anus. I took a toy and drop a bit of lube onto it, but her asshole was already wet from her cunt juices. The toy slided in pretty easy, and she liked it. “It is making me feel so full” she said. My dick was hard enough to hammer nails, and I knelt between her wide-open thighs sucking on her nips and moving the little pink toy in and out of her ass.

I told her we were going to try it missionary first, in her ass. She seemed excited, and I put a generous amount of lube on my cock. She lifted her hips and I took out the dildo out slowly from her anus, it left a bit of gaping opening there. I took the tip of my cock and position it just against her asshole, put my index and middle finger into her ass, she squirmed a bit at first, but then bucks her hips a bit, making my fingers go in and out.

This was was the time I thought I should push the head of my cock against her ass opening, and this time it went in with little effort. Holy fuck, my dick was inside her warm tight ass. It was all I could do not to unleash cum into her asshole right then. I calmed myself by laying myself there and she said she couldn’t believe we were doing it. She said it ached a bit, but that it also felt so good she couldn’t explain it. I fucked her slowly and carefully in the ass while she rubbed her pussy.

Then we turned over and tried spooning, this was even easier and she wanted me to fuck her harder and faster in the ass, she pushed back against me and said she was cumming soon. When she did, I could feel her ass pulsating, clenching around my cock while it moved in and out of her ass. She then told me to lay on my back, she straddled me and put my dick into her ass again, she rode up and down on my dick as I massaged her big breasts and pinched and pulled at her nipples.

I was amazed to feel her tight asshole received my cock so well, and I could feel her warm pussy press against the entire length of my cock. “Do you want to cum in my ass?” she asked me. I shot a violent load deep into her anus, and she moaned, kept on moaning till my cock went soft slowly. When we finished we got up and cleaned off. The experience lingered in my mind next day – OMG! last night I fucked my wife’s ass, it was really awesome and showed us to a newer side of sexuality!!

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