Our Doctor

by Carol (Florida)

Hi when we moved to Florida, we needed to look for a new physician. My hubby, Rocky told me to look because he was very busy so I did what I was told. I needed a checkup and I went online and made an appointment with a doctor Filani. I make the appointment for ten the next morning.

I tell Rocky and he says I hope he’s a good doctor and I say me too. The next morning comes I shower and start to get dressed. I put on a white buttoned down top and white shorts, naked underneath. I get in my car and drive to his office. I go inside sit down fill out all the insurance forms and wait.

The nurse says ok Carol come with me. I walk into one of the examiner rooms and sit in a chair. Dr Filani comes him and he’s a short balding overweight Italians man with an accent and says I’m Dr Filani as he puts out his hand to shake mine. I say glad to meet you I’m Carol.

He wouldn’t let go off my hand and was staring at my big tits bouncing up and down. He hands me one of those paper robes and says get naked and put this on and I’ll be back. Ok I take off my clothes and put this robe on.

He comes back tell me to lay down which I do and he proceeds to open my robe. He asks me Carol do you have any pain anywhere, not looking at me but my naked body. He says ok let’s start with a breast exam and he grabs one of my tits and starts the exam.

He says you’re a very beautiful woman and you have such a great body. I say thank you doctor as he grabs my other tit. Now he’s playing with my big brown tan nipples and I ask him doctor what are you doing. He says close your eyes and relax.

Ok I close my eyes and now I feel his mouth licking and sucking my nipples. I say ok doctor that’s enough and he says Carol lay back down we’re not finished yet. I say to him I’m done as I go to get up and get dressed he says please lay back down.

I don’t know what to do but I lay back down and Dr Filani proceeds with the exam. He says ok I’m going to check you down below so put your feet in these stirrups and relax. I do and I feel his fingers open up my pussy. He puts one finger inside then two but instead of looking inside he’s finger fucking me.

Mmmmmmmm it felt so good and he says Carol do you like what I’m doing. I answer yes and please don’t stop. He’s fucking me with his fingers and I tell him I’m Cummings I he fucks me faster with his fingers. I cum and he stops and my eyes are closed so I’m not watching what he’s doing.

I feel his cock rubbing against my lips so I open my mouth and let his cock inside. I can’t believe I’m sucking my doctor’s cock and it’s huge. I feel his fingers go back inside me and I ask him doctor are you going to fuck me. He says yes Carol do you want me to and I tell him yes.

He pulls me so I’m at the edge of the table and he’s rubbing my pussy with his cock. I look at him and say doctor don’t tease me fuck me. He slams his huge cock into me and I moan in his ear yes doctor fuck me. I can’t believe this is happening but I did nothing to stop it so I’m going to enjoy it.

I cum all over his big cock and he rolls me over and is going to fuck me doggy, my favorite. He slams his cock inside and I scream yes fuck me. I cum again and he cums deep inside me. He puts his cock in my mouth and he sucking his cum out of my pussy.

We both wash up and he says I want to see you again in two weeks and I say ok doctor and I leave my pussy well fucked. Rocky comes home and asks well how did your doctor’s appointment go and I answered very good, excellent. I can’t wait for my next visit.

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