Ordinary Women

by Rose (IL)

Oh, God, it was so delicious being naked together like that. I am thirty-eight and Diane is ten years older. I have shortish dark hair and she has short and very styled gray hair. I guess you could say that we are both quite attractive woman. No, nothing extraordinary, but attractive.

The two of us are both divorced. Her for ten years and me for six. Neither of being very interested in become entangled in any sort of serious relationship. Having just been sort of alone and I will admit, a but lonely. Diane had probably felt that way, too. It is difficult to avoid. Although apparently she discovered some joys which had not really occurred to me.

One day we were having coffee together, which we had started doing recently, and she more or less confessed to me how she had started enjoying female companionship. It was just in casual conversation and she was quite casual about this.

She said how it was just easy and nice and uncomplicated. I must admit that she made it sound attractive and I found myself intrigued. Enough, that when she leisurely kissed me on the mouth, I was interested.

Our clothes came off in short order, and our smooth bare skin felt so delicious touching like that. I loved the fullness of her bare breasts as they squeezed up against mine. We were kissing and stroking each other, and before I knew it her mouth was between my legs and she was licking my clit. Oh, God, was she licking my clit, and Oh, God, that felt so good!

She was doing that and slipping her fingers into my now very wet vagina and finger fucking me with another woman’s knowledge of female anatomy and how to please. And did she please!

Then it was my turn, and I licked her swollen clitoris and tasted her female flavor. My tongue went over her womanly appendage again and again, licking its smooth firm shape, and I daringly licked my tongue down over her vaginal opening. I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing this with another woman and finding it so thrilling. And did I find it thrilling!

At this point Dian brought out a dildo and we fucked each other, and I mean we fucked each other thoroughly! It was like having my entire naked body fucked! I had never experienced that before.

I started climaxing and it literally took my breath away.

Diane kept giving the dildo and I kept coming and coming.

Then I gave her the dildo and wantonly worked her thoroughly wet cunt over to give her an orgasm. It was exciting making her cum and watching her undergo her sexual release. She was lying there gripping and holding and fondling her large breasts to keep them from swaying around too loosely and painfully, and I was working the dildo in and out of her female sheath, fucking her.

It was so great!

Then when we finished and it was all over, we kissed affectionately, smiled at one another a bit modestly over our obviously very uninhibited performance, and we sat there nude and had another cup of coffee. That was probably the best cup of coffee that I had ever had.

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