One Night Stand Turns Into A Tradition

by Anonymous

I wouldn’t normally share tinder hookups, but this one hookup changed my life.

A few months ago, I matched with this guy on tinder. He was a super attractive guy, and I really wanted to fuck him.

About 20 minutes after we match, he started to message me, and immediately I got excited, maybe I would be able to fuck him! He told me he works in my town every other Thursday, so he stays in a small apartment every other weekend.

He told me he would be leaving on Sunday, and today was Friday, so I was a little worried he would be leaving before we were able to hookup. After a few minutes of casual talking, then snapping, he invited me over to “hang out”. I got excited and immediately started to get ready.

About 30 minutes later, I let him know I am getting ready to leave, and he asked me if it were cool if we smoke first. I normally wouldn’t smoke with someone I just met, but deep down, I know high sex is just better, so we did. We both got stupid high in his truck and started to make out. We made out for a few minutes and then decided to move into his room.

As soon as we made it into his room, we started ripping each other’s clothes off. He had a hard on in just a few seconds, and right when I noticed, my pussy started to drip.

We were making out hard on his bed, and he started to kiss down my body, to my quivering pussy. Slowly, he starts kissing my thighs, teasing me until I was begging him to eat me out. He slowly lick around my clit, moving his tongue over the center. The tease he was playing was driving me crazy, but the orgasm building in me was getting more and more intense.

He looked up and could tell just that, so he slowly started to kiss up towards my tits while he stuck his dick in my pussy. The anticipation for this moment almost made me cum right away, but I wanted to build up as much as I could.

He sucked on my tits while slowly moving his dick in and out of my dripping pussy. Every time he would push in, he would push in a little bit harder than before. After a minute or so, he was practically slamming his dick in me, but I loved it. I even started to push his ass in harder with my arms and legs.He stopped while his dick was in me, and I felt my cum dripping out of my own pussy, and told tell he could, too.

He looks me in the eyes and says “get ready baby girl, I’m about to fuck the shit out of you” and immediately started slamming his dick in me as fast as he could. As this point, I’m screaming out his name, while scratching his back. I begin to shake as I begin to orgasm. I scream and started squirting everywhere, and he stops to cum in my mouth. I gratefully take every drop of cum in my mouth while still shaking from my orgasm.

When we both finish, he lays besides me, while we catch our breathe. After a few seconds, I look in between my legs to find a puddle of mine and his cum. I smile as I kiss him passionately out of joy. He stops and says “I’ve never seen anyone cum that much, I’m glad you enjoyed,” he joked. I laugh and sit back up to put on my shirt. “You can stay the night here,” he says, with a smile on his face.

Okay, I think I might just have to” I giggle, “where’s your bathroom?”

He shows me where the bathroom is, and I can barely walk. The intense orgasm mixed with still being stupid high got to me.

I walked in and pee, and noticed just how much I came. I clean myself up and walk back in his room. He had changed the sheets and put his sweats on, and was waiting for me in bed. I cuddle up next to him and we quickly fall asleep.

The next morning, he went two rows of the same type of sex before I has to leave.

When I got home, my legs felt like jello and my pussy was still dripping from three intense orgasms. I pass out on my couch, and wake up a few hours later to a text from him:

“I had too much fun. I’ll be back in a few weeks for more ;)”

Since then, we have done the same thing every other Friday.

The last three times, we fucked in his truck before even moving into his room. Last week, after fucking in his truck” we decided to tried standing 69. We both last about 5 minutes before we came, because of how rough we are with each other.

I can’t wait until next Friday, this time we are fucking at my place, where I have all kinds of toys for us to use :)

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