One Door Closes, Another Door...

by Nick (England)

Zak heard his dad getting up out of bed, it was 0600, he heard him in the bathroom, pissing and yawning, then showering, shaving before getting dressed and going downstairs to brew coffee. At 0645 he heard the front door open and close as dad left for work, the car got started and pulled away on the 38 mile drive to dad’s plant.

This was the regular routine and the house resumed its early morning silence. Zak snuggled under his duvet his hand reaching for his cock which soon attained its morning wood status, long, thick and leaky. Zak fought the temptation to strangle the Turkey as mental images of gasping girls swerving on his man meat stuffed inside their receptive holes, vagina, arsehole or mouth, to receive a warm surge of thick spunk.

He gave in and furiously wanked himself off to a crashing orgasm, spilling his seed copiously on the sheet beneath, leaving him gasping and jerking in the aftershock. Suddenly he heard his mum calling his name, asking if he was awake, he replied he was and she softly call for him to come and give her their usual morning cuddle. It was something they both did since he was much younger, all quite innocently.

Quietly, Zak went into mum’s bedroom, the heavy window drapes made in very dim, he slid easily under the thick duvet and molded himself against his mum nicely rounded form, soft and comfortable. He breathed in her 'bed smell' which always made him relax and feel safe, he put out his arm to reach between her heavy breasts and rest on her shoulder, his leg he insinuated between his mums, so soft and smooth, his thigh snuggled against his mums round bum.

They both wore thin cotton sleep shorts and mum wore a short matching cotton top which was now tucked above her breasts. The warmth in the bed became much warmer. Zaks mum seemed to go back to sleep but he became slightly aroused and daringly he let his hand slide from mums shoulder and onto her breast, he felt the nipple stiffen distinctly until it was hard but mum made no sound.

Emboldened, Zak gently molded the incredible soft mound, delighting in the feel of it despite it being his mums. She shifted slightly but otherwise made no sign of her son feeling her tit, in fact she seemed totally relaxed. Zak's dick was now fully blood engorged and throbbing and he pushed himself harder against him mum, his swollen dick trying to burrow between her arse cheeks.

Now beyond control, Zak lets his hand move slowly along mum soft smooth hot body until it came to rest on her crotch, still encased in her cotton shorts. The heat there was intense and his dick reacted and raged. Then for only the second time that morning, mum spoke....

"Zak, are you being naughty with me, do you think you should touch mum there darling".

She said this with the soft slurring voice. Zak never moved his hand...

"I...I just wanted er....feel you there, mum....sorry"

He moved his hand away, resting nested on her thigh. She rolled on her back, sighing, her hot hand expertly finding his swollen cock pushing his sleep shorts into a tent. Zak gasped, this was something he never expected, but helplessly his cock made its own response and jerked strongly.

"God you've certainly developed into a big boy now son, sixteen and raring to go, are you wanting to give your mum the honor of setting you on your way"

"Mum, I er, I, God mum what are you doing......"

Zaks mum had freed his huge erection and had wriggled down under the duvet, whereupon she took as much as she could into her mouth of her offspring many phallus, gobbling it hungrily and humming her delight.

"Ohhhhhhh FUCk....fuck...fuck mum...mum"

There was no answer, instead mum threw back the duvet, struggled out of her sweaty night attire and without warning twisted and straddled her sons face and gently mashed her gaping pussy on Zaks face, cutting off any speech while she continued and bent to again engulf her sons cock in her slavering mouth.

The whole thing dissolved, Zak was so shocked and overcome, he orgasmned and for the second time that momentous morning his cock delivered it surging torrent of warm spunk, which his mum automatically gulped and swallowed, keeping her sons turgid truncheon in her mouth until it wilted to a harmless hanging appendage.

"Zak, would you like to spend the day here in bed with me?"

"Oh MUM, mum yes, I'd love that."

"Two of us, Mum and Son, naked together, unashamed, kissing, licking, sucking, fucking, Ooooo how deliciously forbidden and sinful, but then again so incestuously, disgustingly enjoyable. Recover soon darling I want you thrusting deep inside and fucking me vigorously."

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