On The Table

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I had studied Aromatherapy and obtained a Qualification Certificate to practice and so I set up my studio and had some flyers printed and shoved through many letter boxes.

I had a slow beginning but by and by I had a few regulars including two or three sports women who came to me for muscular relief and on more than one occasion a degree of gentle digital stimulation of the clitoral nerve endings resulting in some muscular retensing of thighs and gluteal maximus.

A guy came to see me, my first male client who followed all my requests and seemed very comfortable with another male making free with his naked body. He was a well put together young chap who obviously enjoyed body waxing thus leaving him devoid of all bodily hair in toto.

He was a pleasure to massage, his body was mainly firm and lightly muscled yet in some places his skin was quite femininely soft namely the insides of his thighs, his buttocks and small of his back, his reactions to being touched in those areas must have triggered some sense of he erotic in him and he got the most impressive erection which I was more then happy to help relieve him of his over burden of warm sperm which he released copiously and extremely powerfully.

My mum became impressed with my success and no doubt some of her friends whom I had worked on told her I was good so that she decided to give it a try and I gave her a very satisfying treatment which she enjoyed very much and never commented on the fact that I was able to touch her naked body in her most intimate places without any embarrassment whatsoever.

She came to the studio several times after one of her friends visits, which friend I had the pleasure of helping to an extremely happy ending to her session by finger fucking and licking both her hairless pussy and tightly clenched dark anus.

Whether this friend of Mum mentioned this to her in passing I never found out, but, when some weeks later my Mum made an appointment I had no idea what she had or what to take place between Mum and her friend.

Mum was the last client of the day, and she had even paid me as other customers did, which put me in a quandary because I always followed my clients instructions or requests. However, when she arrived Jo, as she demanded I called her, acted as though we were unknown to each other which made it easier for me to sketcher to disrobe and lay face down on the table and rest her face in the padded aperture.

Naked my Mum was still physically an attractive woman although she was now carrying a bit more padding but I thought it only made her more desirable. Previously Jo had sported a very hairy mound that effectively concealed her feminine parts from view, but now what greeted me was Jo completely depilated with no sight at all of her previously luxuriant bush of rich brown hair. I got a severe twitch in my shorts when I saw just how pronounced her mound was and how her outer lips were split by her plump inner lips protruding cheekily, and dare I say, glistening.

I asked Jo to lay and just relax, I played soft mood music on the tape deck and it some Joss sticks to help infuse some ambiance into the atmosphere of the small room. I got to work by smearing her shoulders and back liberally with the scented oil and began slowly massaging her.

Jo's skin was very fair, very soft, very smooth and silky, not a blemish in fact and I murmured my praise softly to her. My fingers probe her stiffened shoulders and felt the knots of fibroid tension under her shoulder blades which softened as I released manipulating them with my fingertips.

Gradually I worked my way along Jo's back until I was massaging the lower part of her body, just above the swell of her magnificent round bum cheeks, covered by a modesty towel. I hinted that i must removed he towel if she had no objection, I got no reply so I just flipped it away to leave her fully naked.

Jo, as my Mum, looked very vulnerable and to my eyes extremely available to an otherwise unprincipled masseur, but I had to act properly and so I told her straight out that the next part of the procedure may seem a bit intimate invasive and possibly outrageous, given our relationship. Jo said she didn't know what I was talking about and to just carry on and that she was enjoying the treatment.

Things were to change dramatically............

End of Part 1

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