On The Table: Part 2

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

I was floored at what Mum, Jo, said because the last client I had treated, Sarah, knew Jo very well and I had sent her home very happy indeed and with a sticky wet gift in her knickers, and if Jo was alluding to it in any way then I was not sure if I could proceed.

"I'm going to lay here and let you do what you do, especially what you did with Sarah, who I believe you know very well, OK?!"

"But Mum, errr! Jo I mean, this is different, you ARE my mother after all and I mean, well I mean with your friend it was.......different"

"Different! Why, how, whets so different, we are both women aren't we? and anyway Sarah and I we share.......each other that is we share each others, mmmm! Bodies if you know what I mean"

Talk about cats out of the bag! my Mum admitting to having a lesbian relationship which I don’t suppose Dad knew about, was dynamite. Jo must have been reading my mind because she said quietly but very firmly....

"As long as you praise client confidentiality then nothing we do in this Studio, leaves this Studio, and must never be mentioned in any context publicly or privately in the home situation at all. So! you may continue, Masseur."

All attempts at modesty vanished along with her protective towel and there she was stark naked, a lovely voluptuous early middle aged woman with curves to give a corpse en erection, or as it now seemed, to make another woman wet with desire. Jo lay on her back and I murmured my compliments on her newly bared pussy to which she whispered that she hoped I liked it and would treat it well.

Starting at her feet I made her draw in a hissing breath as I began by sucking her toes, it never fails to start the little thrill shocks. Then with oily hands I massaged her lower legs and again complimented her on the shapeliness.

When I got to her beautiful soft white Man Crushing Thighs and probed hem with oily fingers, she was all of a quiver and was only taking short irregular breaths. I deliberately avoided going near Jo's cunt, it was far too soon for that, instead a stroked her soft plain belly and delicately fingered her deep bell button which made her moan and squirm a little.

Jo's big tits were a delight, the area size 38c with thick brown nipples set in browner aureoles and thrusting boldly and erect. She groaned that her tits ached and felt heavy and that her nipples were stingy so I stroked and squeezed then pinched the big cheeky buds and she lay there, eyes screwed tight shut and gritting her teeth through parted lips.

When I sucked each brown cherry hard in turn I though Jo was going bad shit, she grabbed my head and mashed my face into her softness I sucked each tit as deep into my mouth as I could, pressing he nipples had against the roof of my mouth with my tongue.

Taking a chance next, I planted an open mouthed kiss on Jo's mouth, her snaking tongue told me that was acceptable so we glued our mouths together like limpets on rocks and while doing so I swept a hand down over her rippling belly to gently cup her baby smooth mound and sink my middle finger inside her deep mysterious slit. Jo never even flinched at this, instead she let herself relax totally, basically leaving her body open to me to investigate and enjoy to my heart’s content, as I had done with Jo's friend Sarah.

I got bolder and kneaded her big soft bum cheeks squeezing ad spreading them to expose her dark anus an beneath it the lips of her pussy....they were wet. I took the plunge and let my fingers slip along her hot cleft, brushing on hr arsehole till I was touching her splay lipped pussy.

The flesh of Mums, Jo's cunt lips was very dark, tending to almost black and splayed as they were I saw the wet pinkness of her inner chamber. My fingers took over and I found myself lightly fingering her and letting a finger delve a bit into her soft heat, she moaned softly..........

"Sarah told me you took off your white uniform and lay naked on her and massed her with, your body, so..........."

"Is that what you want Jo?"

"Yes, I want everything Sarah got, everything"

Well, I duly undressed and became as naked as her and she noticed something about me she didn't know...

"Oh!...Oh my goodness, You shave too, my boy, and very nice too I must say. It makes your erm! appendage look much bigger than I remember, Lovely so beautiful...and rising to the occasion I see......"

Indeed I was so helplessly aroused now that my cock was becoming engorged with blood, thickening, lengthening, rising higher, foreskin rolling back and the eye weeping long skeins of pre cum.

"I'm waiting, Massuer, you really must get on."

I smeared the two of us with oil before spreading myself on Jo's body, flattening her big tits and feeling how hard her nipples had become. Under me she spread her legs and cradled me between her soft rounded Man Killer thighs, so warm slippery and delicious.

We moved together, the oil making us both slither effortlessly, my iron hard cock knocking at the entrance to Jo's, Mums, hot splayed cunt. Next thing she bent her knees and I deliberately slipped my cock into her body, all the way, to the root, seven and a half inches of her sons hot hard throbbing cock buried inside her receptive wet hot hole.

There was no need to even fuck, our immediate Orgasm was mutual and raged through us both and I was hosing my mother’s womb with a stream of spunky seed, the only difference was, I had fucked, bred and seeded her friend Sarah's arsehole, flooding her quaking colon instead of her womb.

We lay Quiet and breathless as our insane passion subsided and then I rolled off Jo and helped her sit on the side of the table. She was flushed buy not upset, then she said,

"Darling would you pass me my knickers please and my bra."

I did so and watched as she pulled on her lacy white knickers and gathered her beautiful tits with those thick nipples into the lacy cups. She dressed quickly and I asked her if she did not want to shower before leaving....

"Oh no dear, not at all, I’m taking you home with me.......in liquid form....inside me...providing I don’t leak it all into my gusset, now I really must go, put me down for another visit next Sunday..early...a full day I think, will a cheque be alright?"

And with that my Mother left, with me inside her.

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