OMG Stan

by Carol (Florida)

Hi we’re Carol and Rocky and what I’m about to tell you is a True Story. We love to go to Jamaica for vacation. We’ve been there many times and always have had good times. We arrive and go to our resort. The first thing Rocky always does to me is throw me on the bed and fuck my brains out.

Rocky has a big ten inch cock and he gives me all of it. We fuck for awhile but now it’s time to shower and go to the nude beach. I love being naked so we lay down a blanket and lay down to work on our tans. A small boat pulls up and there’s a tall thin black man asking if anyone wants to go to this private island where anything goes. I look at Rocky and he says cmon let’s go.

We and two other couples get on Stan’s boat. We pull up to the island and the two other couples get off the boat and leave. Stan stays with us as we walk onto the island. It’s absolutely gorgeous here. All three of us are on the beach and Stan says I guess I should get naked also. He has his back turned to us and when he turns around his cock is enormous, the biggest I’ve ever seen.

I can’t help myself and ask Stan is that real. He grabs it and say oh yes very real. Rocky has a big cock but is small in comparison to Stan’s. Stan goes back to the boat and comes back with a blanket. He lays it down and says cmon Carol and Rocky join me as he lays down. Ok we lay down with me in the middle.

Stan asks Carol did you guys bring lotion. I say no Stan and he says well I have some would you like to use it. I say ok and he hands me the lotion. I look and Stan’s cock is semi hard and I know it’s because of me laying naked next to him. Stan asks me Carol would you like for me to put the lotion on you. I look at Rocky and he says it’s ok with me. I hand Stan the lotion and say ok.

Stan has big hands as he’s putting lotion on my neck and shoulders. He’s now putting lotion on my chest. I close my eyes and feel his hands rubbing my hard nipples. Then he is working his hands on my stomach and now my legs. Stan is now between my spread legs and going up and down on them. He touches my pussy and puts lotion on it.

I look over at Rocky and he’s smiling ear to ear and says Carol just let Stan do what he wants. Stan hearing that puts the head of his big black cock inside me. He has it halfway in and he says Carol do you think you can take all of me and I tell him will soon find out. I again look over at Rocky and he has his phone out videotaping us.

I look at Stan and say give me all of your big cock and Stan slams the rest inside me. OMG I’m in heaven as Stan’s cock is so deep inside me. I wrap my legs around him and I’m playing with his ass. I try to stick a finger in Stan’s ass and he jumps up, pulling his cock out of me.

I say what’s wrong Stan and he sits on my face and says now lick my ass since you wanted to stick your finger in it. I’m shocked but I start to rim his ass. Rocky is so turned on he starts to fuck me. I think to myself can I handle these two big cocks. Stan climbs off my face and his cock is gigantic. He taps Rocky on the shoulder and says my I cut in.

Rocky pulls out of me and Stan replaces him. I tell Stan yes fuck me Stan. OMG I’m cumming all over Stan’s black cock. We’re fucking for awhile and Stan says Carol I’m going to cum and I feel his big load full my pussy. Stan picks me and carries me to the water to wash his cum out of me.

We go back to the blanket and Stan grabs his cock and puts it in my mouth. I’ve always loved to suck cock and I’m good at it. Stan is again hard and he climbs on top of me and begins to fuck me. We’re fucking and the other two couples come back. The ladies are watching Stan fuck me and they say when do we get a turn. I’m getting sore so I say right now.

Needless to say Stan fucks the two of them and one of their husbands wants to fuck me. I tell him I’m sore so not today. He says well your husband is fucking my wife. I look and Rocky is slamming his cock into this gorgeous brunette. I tell him look In sorry but I can’t. He says we’ll look you’ve got another hole. I say my ass and he answers yes.

I love anal so I roll over and Stan’s cum is all over my ass as he sinks his cock into my ass. Oh yes fuck my ass and he’s pounding it good. We both cum and I’m laying there when I feel two hands lift my ass up. I feel a huge head forcing it’s way into my ass. I look and it’s Stan and he says if you can let this man have your ass, I want it also and he pushes his cock inside me.

OMG Stan is stretching my ass. I hope he cums quick because it’s starting to hurt. He cum in my ass and I so done. We all wash off in the ocean and we get back on Stan’s boat. We get back to the resort and everyone leaves. Stan says well it looks like it’s just you and me.

I look over and Rocky is talking to two hot women, so I grab Stan’s hand and say let’s go back to my suite. We fucked most of the week I was so sore I could barely walk. I’ve had some big cocks in my life, but Stan was special.

We’re getting ready to go home and Rocky says did you enjoy yourself and I answer more then you’ll ever know. I wish Stan lived close to me as we’d be fucking for life. I hope if we go back I see Stan again. You guess I can say I fell in love with his big black cock.

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