OMG It’s Aziz

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a beautiful morning here in Florida as I’m by the pool having my morning coffee. I have my robe on and sitting here relaxing thinking what I’m going to do today. My son, Matt asks me mom I’m going to the store do you need anything. I tell him no and he leaves. I think while he’s gone I’ll play with myself and then take a shower.

I lay on my bed spread my legs and start to rub my pussy. I put two fingers inside me and I com so fast. I take a shower and now I’m brushing my hair, when I hear Matt say mom look whose here. I put in my robe and it’s none other then Aziz. I look at Matt and he winks at me and I know I promised to fuck Aziz the next time he came here.

Aziz walks over to me and kisses me on the cheek and says glad to see you again Ms T. I laugh and say yes and it’s great to see you also. Last time here was here he wanted to have sex with me in the worst way. He took off my robe and I was naked in front of him and then he pulled down his shorts to show me his big black cock.

I tell the boys I’m going back upstairs and they say no please stay with us. I know what I promised my son and I know he wanted to see me do it. I’m getting so wet with anticipation of what’s going to happen. The boys jump in the pool and Matt says cmon mom swim with us. I stand up and Aziz gets out the pool and comes over to me and unties my robe as he did last time.

I’m again standing in front of this young man naked. Aziz says Ms T I’ve been dreaming about your big tits and he drops his shorts and his black cock is huge. I tell him and I’ve been dreaming also about your big black cock.. Aziz starts to suck my tits and play with my pussy while I’m standing there in front of him. I look over at Matt and he’s jerking his big cock watching us.

Aziz lays me down on my lounge chair and starts to lick me making his way to my toes. He puts one foot at a time and sucks my toes now I’m dripping wet because I love when a man pays attention to my feet. Then Aziz buries his head between my legs and begins to lick and suck my pussy. I grab his head and say that’s right lick momma’s pussy. He’s also working his fingers in and out of me and I squirt. Aziz is amazed that I squirt and he’s licking up all my juices.

He now climbs between my legs and is rubbing his cock on my soaked pussy. I feel him pushing his cock inside me when I grab his ass and make him slam the rest into me. He says see what you missed the last time Ms T. It’s him yes Aziz yes what I was missing yes your big black cock now fuck me. Aziz pulls his cock out of me just as I was about to cum.

I look at him and say what’s wrong. He says remember the last time I was begging you and you said no. I said yes I remember and he says now it’s your time to beg. Please Aziz Carol needs your cock and says that’s not good enough. He gets off me puts his ass in my face and tells me to run him. I look at him spreading his cheeks and I begin to lick his asshole.

How degrading is this but I’ll do anything for Aziz to keep fucking me. I stick my tongue in his ass and with my hand I’m jerking his cock. Aziz is telling me that’s right Carol you’ll do as I say if you want me to fuck you. I tell him yes Aziz anything you want. That’s the first time anyone of Matt’s friends called me Carol. He says Carol you did a great job now lay down and I’ll give you what you need.

Yes Aziz fuck me as I spread my legs and open up my pussy for his monster cock. He slams me and while he’s fucking me he says I have a surprise for you. In curious and I ask him what the surprise is. I look up and Tamir is here and he puts his big black cock in my mouth. OMG Tamir also. Aziz says Carol you like your surprise. I take Tamir’s cock out of my mouth and I answer yes Aziz love my surprise.

Aziz lays on my chair and makes me ride his cock. What’s Tamir up to In thinking? I feel Tamir’s hard against my ass. I tell Tamir you want y ass take it. I’m about to be DP’d by two young black cocks. I feel the head of Tamir’s cock enter my ass. Oh yes fuck me boys fuck me good as Tamir slams my ass with his cock. I look over at Matt and he’s cumming all over a towel. Matt comes over and asks mom does it feel good. I tell him yes Matt it feels great.

Aziz cums deep in my pussy and Tamir cums in my ass. I cum so hard feeling Tamir’s cum in my as that all three of us are exhausted. Aziz and Tamir take turns fucking me but now it’s supper time and they ask if they can stay for dinner. Matt looks at me and I can see in his face he wants me to say ok, which I do.

All four of us ate dinner naked and we’re now sitting around the table talking. I get up grab Aziz and Tamir’s cocks and I’m walking up the stairs. Aziz says Carol what are you doing and I answer I want dessert. Tamir says Carol I would love to stay but I have to leave. He kisses me and thanks me for everything as I get to my bedroom holding Aziz’s cock. We lay on the bed and I put Aziz’s cock in my mouth making him hard as a rock.

I squeeze my big tots together and tell him to fuck my tits. I didn’t know Matt followed us and I feel his cock enter me and I say that’s right son fuck your mommy. Aziz cums all over my tits and tells me to clean his cock which I do. Aziz says Carol I didn’t know you let Matt fuck you. I tell him yes I love when my son fucks me. Matt is so excited he pulls out of my pussy and cums all over my face.

Aziz is now hard and he puts his cock inside me. Matt gets up and leaves me alone with Aziz. He asks me Carol has anyone ever fucked you as good as me and I tell him no not even close. He started to pump me harder I guess that answer excited him, but it was the truth nobody has fucked me better. I cum and Aziz fills me up with his cum and he collapses on the bed.

I get up and grab him and tell him let’s take a shower. We climb in the shower and he’s lathering up my whole body using his fingers and his tongue on me. I’m horny again and he’s hard so I bend over and put his cock inside me. Oh he’s fucking me doggy, my favorite. Aziz slaps my ass and says Carol your going to be my bitch. I tell him yes Aziz I’m your bitch. He keeps slapping my ass and calling me his bitch. Yes Aziz yes I scream as he cums deep inside me.

We get out the shower and I look in the mirror and I have hand prints all over my ass. He looks at me and says Carol do you want me to leave. I say yes, in the morning. We fuck many more times that the next morning my pussy is on fire. Aziz leaves and I’m laying in bed and Matt comes in my room. He asks me mom did you enjoy yourself and I answer very much.

Matt’s cock is hard and I tell him I’m too sore to fuck you, but I’ll suck your ccck. Matt puts his cock in my mouth and I’m sucking him. I take his cockpit of my mouth and I say thank you for letting me keep my promise and he cums all over me.

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