OMG Breed Me

by Carol (Florida)

I can’t believe it’s been a week already. I found this beach that is very private. It’s about a ten-minute drive from my house. Last Wednesday was just a sex filled day. I pulled my SUV zip to the beach, laid my blanket down and the next thing I knew I was having sex with a very young black man. I let him do whatever he wanted to me. He made me cum so much and it was all about making me pregnant to have his baby. That made me so horny for his young black cock.

Well I told him I would be back next week for some more black cock. I’m in the shower with my twelve-inch black toy because I really need to cum. I lay in the shower and push this huge toy all the way in my pussy. OMG a oh yes Rodney fuck me give me your black baby. I cum almost instantly and now it’s time to put on a thong and go meet him. Ok I pull up to the beach, get out my SUV and go lay my blanket down. Then out of nowhere there’s Rodney naked holding his huge black cock.

OMG I can’t wait for him to fuck me. Rodney asks Carol did you miss me. I tell him yes and that’s all I thought about was his big black cock and my black baby. Rodney says so you want my cum for our baby. Oh yes I want you to fill my pussy with your black cum. Rodney walks over towards me and he undoes my top. He immediately starts to suck my big tits telling me how much he loves them. I’m soaked and Rodney pulls my thong off and puts two fingers inside me.

Rodney says Jesus Carol you’re soaked. I lay in the blanket and spread my legs and tell Rodney fuck me make me pregnant with your baby. Rodney climbs between my legs and puts the head of his cock inside me. I scream yes Rodney fuck me I need your black cock. Rodney is really fucking be deep now. He says I told you I’m going to fuck you until you have my black baby. Oh yes give it to me, I want your black cum inside me. Rodney is sucking on my big tits and I tell him save some for the baby.

OMG he cums so much inside me. Rodney asks are you married. I tell him yes. He aka where’s your husband. I tell Rodney away on business. Rodney’s cock is still hard so get on top of him and put his monster inside of me. Rodney says that’s it Carol. Rodney says are you ready for your black baby as he explodes deep inside me. I cum also. Rodney ask me Carol what does your husband look like. I tell Rodney he’s a big muscular Italian guy with a huge cock.

Rodney then asks well if he has a huge cock why are you here. I tell Rodney that my husband isn’t home much and I get lonely. Rodney says you won’t be lonely anymore. I ask him what do you mean. He says you’ve got me. I laugh and tell him yes I do. He climbs on top of me and slams his cock into me. Rodney says I really want to make you pregnant now. I tell oh yes please do. We all afternoon but now it’s time to leave.

I give Rodney a big kiss and he says do you really have to go, I want to fuck you some more. Then he asks how about if I come with you. I look at him and say to my house. Rodney says yes and I can fuck you in your bedroom. I tell him I don’t know. Rodney grabs his cock and says Carol I want to give you a baby. Rodney rubs my pussy and say you do want my baby don’t you. I tell him yes I really do, then take me with you. Oh ok let’s go I want you to fuck me all night long.

Rodney laughs and says that’s my white slut. We leave and pull into our driveway. Our house is big and we’re very secluded. Rodney says holy shit Carol this is where you live. I answer yes it is. We get out of my SUV and Rodney says I want to fuck you in your bedroom where your husband fucks you. I open the door and Rodney takes my thong and top off. He’s playing with my tits biting them gently. I grab his hand and say let’s go upstairs.

We get to our bedroom and Rodney says I may never want to leave. I lay in the bed spread my pussy and say is this what you came here for. I want you to fuck be for days and give me all of your cum and get me pregnant. I want your baby now give me your cock. He slams his huge black cock into me and he’s fucking me hard and deep, very deep. He says here’s cums a baby and he cums inside of me. Rodney looks at me and says Carol that load should give you twins.

I grab his cock and suck the rest of his cum out of it. Mmmmmmm this young man has me crazy for his cock. He’s ready to fuck me again so I roll over and tell him I want it doggy. Rodney tried to put it in my ass and I tell him oh no I need all your cum in my pussy. I feel his young black balls slapping against my ass. Oh I cum and Rodney fills me again with his cum. We fucked from Wednesday until Sunday night. I drove him home and he says when we get to my house pull up the street.

I pull up the street and it’s very dark. I have a sundress on and I’m naked underneath it. Rodney tells me to stop he gets out my SUV, opens my door and says I want to fuck you one more time. He pulls me to the edge of my seat and pushes his cock inside me. Carol I want to fuck you now. Oh yes Rodney fuck me I want your baby give it to me. Rodney says I want you pregnant. OMG yes give it to me. I cum and Rodney cums deep inside me.

I clean his cock and Rodney says to me Carol do you think you’re pregnant. I tell him I don’t know but with all of his cum inside me I should be. Rodney kisses me goodbye and he says are we on for next week. I tell him I don’t know my husband will be home. Rodney says but I thought you wanted my baby. I said to him I do. I hand him my cell number and I tell him to call me and if I’m free I’ll meet him. Rodney sort of gets angry and says so that’s it.

I tell him I’m married and I love my husband. Rodney says sure you love him, what about me. I tell him I like you and I love your cock, but I can’t leave my husband. Rodney says so if you get pregnant with my baby how do you explain that to your husband. I laugh and tell him get me pregnant first then I’ll worry about that.

Ok Rodney kisses me again and his cock is rock hard. I’m still sitting sideways so he skips it inside me pounding my pussy. I can’t cum anymore but he again fills me up with his cum. Rodney grand my face kissses me and says I sure hope that’s a baby. I say me too. I drive away with two loads of Rodney’s cum inside me. I hope it’s a little black baby.

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