Olivia and Ethan On Vacation

by Carra (CA)

“Oh! Sorry mom!” Ethan said. He had just walked into his mom’s hotel room that morning to see her standing there naked.

“That’s okay,” she laughed with something of modest grin.

“I … I didn’t mean to intrude,” he apologized.

“We’re on vacation,” she excused with a careless nonchalance. “So you saw your mom naked. It’s kind of nice t be relaxed about things like that.”

“Oh. Yeah …” Ethan said, not expecting his mom to be so uninhibited.

The two of them had traveled down to Mexico together on a week’s vacation just to get away. They had arrived at the small Oceanside hotel where they had made their reservations late the day before, and it was nice getting away. That morning they were looking forward to getting out and doing things.

Ethan was twenty-four and single. His mom was forty-six and had been divorced from his day for three years. The two of them had always had a good mother and son relationship and spent time together, so the idea of their taking a vacation together had been a perfectly logical one.

Ethan had never seen his mom naked before. She was on the taller side, and had sort of short dark blonde hair, wore glasses, and was pretty. Her figure, as he saw, was full and curvy and she had large full breasts with broad deep pink nipples. She also had a fair amount of darker pubic hair that she obviously didn’t shave.

Olivia laughed.” Like I said …we’re on vacation.” Somewhat teasingly she added, “You could always be naked, too.”

Ethan was not expecting her to say that. “You mean … like just take off my clothes?”

Olivia laughed again. “That’s what naked means.”

“Um … yeah,” Ethan agreed.

Carelessly she said, “We can be naked together. No one will see us.”

“No. I suppose not.”

She grinned in a thoroughly amused fashion. ”You don’t have to be shy. I know that you’re a boy.”

Ethan considered his mom’s invitation and started to get undressed. Having come from his room next door, he was only wearing a shirt and shorts and was barefoot. Once he had discarded his clothes, putting them on a convenient chair, he was suddenly naked with his mom. She gave his bareness a pleased smile.

“It’s nice for a mother to be naked with her son,” she confided with a look of delight. Innocently she added, “I mean, mothers and son do actually do things like that together, even if it’s something that nobody talks about.”

“Yeah,” Ethan said, feeling just a bit self-conscious.

He was aware that mothers and sons did have interpersonal relationship that were of a more private nature. Even that such things were becoming far more common. It was just that up till then his own relationship with his mom had never included doing anything so personal as being naked together. Something which his mom apparently had no problem with, which surprised him. To him she had always just sort of been the average sort of mom and had not considered that she might feel like doing something like this with him.

“Mmm,” she murmured and stepped forward so they could slip into each other’s arms.

They embraced, with their smooth bare skin coming together and touching enticingly. Ethan could feel the fullness of his mom’s bare breasts press against him. In a helpless response he was starting to get an erection.

Feeling her son’s healthy development Olivia murmured again. “That feels good,” she said and moved her hips a little bit to run against his stiffness.

Ethan was a little unprepared for just how exciting it was to be having an erection with his mom. His penis was enormously hard.

Being quite direct about the matter she disclosed in a low voice, “You don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. I’ve been fixed.”

“Oh,” Ethan said, not really knowing.

She led him over to the bed and kissed him again and she laid down. Ethan joined her, climbing on top of his mom as they slipped back into each other’s arms, with him between her legs. They held each other and Ethan felt his maleness pushing at her hairy folds. They kissed some more, allowing each time to be just a little fuller.

Ethan discretely slipped a hand down to guide his boner into place and he pushed it into her vagina. She was wet and he slipped in fully and easily.

“Ohhhh … that feels nice,” she breathed, closing her eyes.

Ethan was amazed to find himself actually doing this with his own mom. To have his erection in her vagina, the same vagina which had brought him into the world.

“Ohhh … it’s nice to fuck on vacation,” she said, unafraid to use the F word with him.

“It feels good fucking you, mom,” Ethan said, moving his large hard penis in and out of her soft, wet vagina.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him in a tender and meaningful way. “It’s so special to be doing this with my own son. Oh … Oh … it just feels wonderful,” she told him, moving her hips up to meet his.

“Oh, mom …it feels wonderful being in you.”

For the next two minutes they lay there together nakedly copulating, each savoring the incredible sense of intimacy. It felt so satisfying to be engaging in the reproductive act together as mother and son.

Without shame Olivia felt her clitoris responding pleasurably and increasingly so.

“Ummmmm …” she murmured as her son’s stiff penis filled her vagina purposefully.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhhh … yeah …” Ethan breathed. It just felt so different being in his mom’s vagina. So exciting and so fulfilling. There was a sense of pride in letting her feel just how big and stiff his penis could be with her. He plunged his male organ into her wet female depths again and again.

“Ohhhhh … Ohhhhhhh …” Olivia moaned, tensing with the orgasm she knew was coming. “Ohhh …Ohhhh … Honey ….”

Ethan felt his mom struggling naked beneath him with a rising passion.

Then she climaxed. She choked and did a serious of small gasps as her clitoris supplied her with the needed culmination. “AHHHH …AHHHH … AHHHH … AHHHHHH.”

Ethan was amazed. It was so exciting fucking his mom while she climaxed.

Her naked body lurched beneath him in small spasms and her breasts heaved upward with their fully erect nipples thrusting out. For a very long moment it was like electricity was shooting through her body and it was like she was floating on a cloud.

“Ohhhhhhhh …” she moaned deeply.

Ethan found that he could no longer hold back and his penis ejaculated.

The semen shot through the length of his erection, exploding out in throbbing pulses.

“Uhhhhh … Uhhhhh … Uhhhhh …” he groaned as he gave his mom his sperm. It was like he was repaying her for giving birth to him, supplying her with his liquid male biological substance, and giving it to her in her vagina.

Ethan could scarcely believe that he was doing that it his own mom’s vagina.

They both breathed a sigh of relief and continued to lay there for a long moment in each other’s arms. It was such a satisfying moment.

Finally Ethan disengaged his no longer stiff penis from his mom and laid beside her on the bed.

When they had recovered sufficiently they looked at one another with a pleased satisfaction.

“This will be a vacation that I won’t forget,” she said.

“Me, either,” said Ethan.

“You know …” Olivia said. “We ay just have to continue this when we get home.”

“I’d like that, mom,” Ethan said, and he really did like that thought.

My son and I first made love when we were on vacation together just like this. We fucked I don’t know how many times, and we continued to do so after we go back home. Now for the last four years my son and I have thoroughly enjoyed mother and son intimacy and neither of us can ever think of stopping.
I wanted to share this story for the readers to enjoy. I hope that they are having a good time, too.

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