Older - Younger

by Anonymous

“Ah, it feels so good to be sitting here naked having a boner with you,” Dave said and he smiled.

“It feels good to be having one with you, too” Chris admitted, feeling only too aware of his stiff penis sticking s boldly up like it was, as he saw Dave’s being no less so.

He was lean and smooth and twenty-two and not entirely sure if he was really Gay or not. Just a year ago he had discovered that he had a sort of affinity for other guys, that he enjoyed the maleness of being with another guy. His experiences, though, were limited and he was still unsure and trying to decide if that really made him gay or not.

Dave was fifty-eight and divorced. He was quite straightforward about his having found that he enjoyed male companionship just because it was less complicated and that he also enjoyed the maleness of it.

The two of them had met a month ago in the coffee bar where Chris worked, and a friendship had easily developed between the two of them. And when Chris had gone over to his house, it had been easy for the two of them to be open about the idea of there being something more personal between them. It was so inviting and nice, and they were out f their clothes and naked having an erection together.

They had kissed and made out, stroking and fondling each other’s stiff penis. Chris had only done that once before, but he found himself giving Dave a blow job and thrilled to be mouthing the older man’s large erection and receiving a mouthful of semen as his reward. Then Dave had sucked him off, too. It had all been so spontaneous and fun.

Then the next time they had gotten together, Chris had happily let Dave fuck his butt. He had been fucked several times before, but by much small penises, and he had found it a stretch to accommodate Dave. But Dave had been gentle and loving, leisurely taking his time to savor having his hard manhood in his young butt. Chris had been a little sore afterwards, but he had loved it, and now, after letting Dave fuck him probably a dozen times, he accommodated Dave’s larger penis with no problem.

Right then they were sitting naked together on the sofa, and the fact that they were doing that so openly in the living room, felt wonderful and exciting to Chris. He liked having that sort of freedom, as well as the freedom to enjoy being naked with another guy, to be unembarrassed about the stiff erection he achieved.

They kissed, their mouths wetly and fully coming together.

Then pulling apart, Dave smiled. He took a small plastic bottle of lubrication and slicked his stiff manhood with it. Then he got Chris to lay back and proceeded to slide his thick organ into his accommodating butt hole.

“Uh … I love having my dick in you,” Dave moaned softly.

“I love having your dick in my butt,” Chris said back, the insertion almost being painful, but not quite. He found that he could tolerate Dave’s sizeable male organ and savor its presence in his anal sheath, filling his boy’s vagina fully.

Dave started to fuck him slowly, taking his time to be quite gentle but through in using his erection to love Chris, as one male could to another. Again and again his organ slipped smoothly back and forth, each time with a derived pleasure that he found so unique to fucking another male.

Chris lay there, experiencing the joy that this gave to him. Was he Gay? Right then he knew that he was.

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