Older Woman

by Anonymous

When I was 18, I was jacking off every day. I was horny as hell but could only fantasize about getting laid.

The neighbor woman up the street started making passes at me especially when she was drinking. She said I was the handsomest kid in town and she wanted to make me feel good. The more she drank, the more aggressive she got with me.

She finally came out with it and said she wanted to suck my penis and taste my semen. She was driving me crazy with her constant innuendos and remarks about how much I'd love to cum in her mouth.

I finally gave in even though I thought she was mentally impaired with the booze. I went over and she gave me a cold beer. I drank it quickly while she got on her knees between my legs. She leaned forward and planted her lips on the bulge between my legs.

My heart was POUNDING! I was so fucking excited I couldn't stand it. What would it be like to feel her mouth on my erection? Would she really suck it out of me? What will happen when I cum? Is she going to eat my oozing semen and sperm?

I stood up and she took off my belt and dropped my jeans. She pulled down my underwear and my penis jumped up in her face. Her hands were shaking and her eyes were glazed over. She had been dreaming about this moment for probably 10 years. She wanted young cock and she wanted to eat my cum.

Her head bobbed up and down on my erection. The feeling was indescribable. Each trip up and down made me feel like I was King of the World and especially KING of HER! She would do anything I told her to do.

She was loving every thrust up into her throat and every suction pulled withdrawal. My orgasm built and I was scared to death to cum in her mouth but I wanted to see what it would be like. I wanted to feed her my warm semen and I wanted to watch her swallow it (I was hoping).

I did ejaculate 5 big spurts she held it in her mouth and smiled up at me. I couldn’t believe I had cum THAT much but her mouth did look full. She got my attention and began swallowing.

She closed her lips and pushed the sticky goo down her throat. She opened her mouth again and all I saw were sticky, stringy threads of cum from the roof of her mouth to her tongue. IT WAS SO FUCKING EROTIC.

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