Older Male, Younger Male

by Greg (NM)

Dave took great pleasure letting his boner ejaculate deep inside of the younger male. It felt so good and so satisfying as his male organ delivered its sperm-filled load of semen.

Dave had really wanted to fuck Jason for some time. Only knowing that Jason was not gay, and not sure how he felt about male sex, had made it difficult.

Then that morning when Jason had come over to his place and the two of them had gotten to talking, one thing had led to another, and Dave was surprised to discover that although shy about doing that, Jason was in fact quite interested.

It hadn’t taken them long to get naked, with Dave enjoying presenting the young male with his sizable boner and seeing his. They had embraced and even kissed, and then proceeded to suck on each other’s dick a little.

When Dave felt that Jason was ready, it was just a matter of getting him to turn around on the bed, on his hands and knees, and then to slick his organ with some lubrication before slowly pushing it into Jason’s tight butt hole, watching it sink fully inward with pleasure.

Jason had moaned softly as Dave then began to fuck him.

“It feels so good to have my dick in you,” Dave had said.

“Oh, yeah …” Jason breathed back. “You dick feels so big.”

“All the better to fuck you with,” Dave had laughed.

And for the next several minutes Dave delivered insertion after insertion, with his penis gliding in and out of the young male’s accommodating butt.

Years ago Dave had learned to enjoy male sex, and he had developed an eye for the younger males, finding their slender physiques appealing. It never failed to surprise him just how many guys who were not gay, thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be fucked by another guy. Jason was apparently among them.

Jason had endured feeling the older male’s thick boner sliding through his butt hole and had thrilled over every minute of his being on the receiving end. While he was not gay, he had fucked other guys, but had found that he far preferred to be fucked himself.

He found it so incredibly masculine and thrilling to to have a boner in his butt. Sometimes he enjoyed this so much that he wondered if perhaps he was not gay. Yet, a guy did not have to be gay to enjoy such pleasures, which was so many otherwise perfectly straight guys did.

“Mmm … Mmm …” Dave groaned under his breath as he felt the last thick drops of his male fluid spill exit the hole in the swollen head of his cock, going into Jason anal sheath to add to what he had already ejaculated into him.

While being fucked, Jason had been unable to contain his excitement and he had began ejaculating seconds before Dave had finished in him. His liquid had squirted uncontrollably out, shoot across the bed in long streams and delivering near tormenting pleasure as it did. That was how excited he got when he was being fucked.

Dave withdrew his now longer completely erect penis from Jason butt hole.

He grinning at the younger male who grinned back.

“You know,” Dave confessed, “I never thought that I would get to do this with you.”

“I … I wasn’t sure,” Jason admitted.

“Well, now I’ve had my dick in you … and you have my sperm in you, so in the future you won’t have to be so shy,” Dave told him.

“No.I won’t be,” Jason replied. He smiled and they kissed.

Jason wondered if they might not fuck again, and within ten minutes the boner that he saw Dave having told him that they would. It was so wonderful.

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