Older Friends Share!

by Eddie (Evansville, IN)

Hi, my name is Dave and this is a story about my friend and I. As we ride motorcycles together some of the guys decided to go on vacation together. I didn’t get to go because of work.

So anyway they went to Florida and said they had a great time. But when they returned my friend called and they had left his bike in Georgia. Said they couldn’t get it running, so he ask if I could take my trailer and go with him to get it.

So I told my wife and we left the next morning. I said we needed to take an extra battery with us because it sounded like the problem. Anyway we get there and it’s late but after installing the battery the bike ran just fine.

So as I said it’s getting late and we got a room in a hotel. With double bed. He said he needed a shower and so did I. So I took my shower first and was reading some short stories on my iPad about guys sucking each other off.

When he came out of the shower he called his wife and had a short conversation with her. After that he ask what I was reading and I told him. He didn’t say anything. The next morning I showered and was dressed and he took his shower and dressed.

We left for breakfast and when we returned he ask me if I was serious about the stories of guys sucking each other? I said I’d been thinking about it but never done anything like that! He said take your clothes off ! I did and he started removing his.

Then he got on the bed with me reached down and took a hold of my dick. Gold his hand felt so good wrapped around my dick as I got so hard. Oh! And I'm not big just 5” of uncut hard dick!

He said he’d never done this before and pulled back my skin and licked the head of my dick. I thought I’d blow my load then. I didn’t and he kept sucking I looked down and seen his dick and I thought I’ve got to try this.

Told him to turn around we got in 69 and as we sucked each other I thought man I was I’d done this along time ago. We both came in each other’s mouths and swallowed it. We got dressed and left.

On the way home we talked and how we enjoyed it and he rubbed my dick as I was driving and we said it was our secret. That night I was thinking about it as I fucked my wife and wondered if we would still have a good relationship?

So the next day I go over to his house and he’s in the garage working on the bike I ask him if we were okay? He said yes we’re great and we just needed to be careful. As I agreed with him.

We still meet at times and suck each other off...and I’ve wanted him to fuck my ass.....but that’s another story for a different time. This is my first time writing so forgive the mistakes. But would like to know if you like it.

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