Older Cousin

by Tom Hendricks (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

I have cousins that live in another state. I haven't seen them in many years now but when we were younger they used to come down to visit every summer. There are two boys and two girls.

They always stayed a couple of weeks and we had a big house out in the country so they stayed with us most of the time and we would all go fishing for a week. It was the summer I was 18. The two boys were 18 and 19 and during that summer I learned what it was like to have sex with other boys.

The three of us spent every day together and were always outside running around and we were down in the woods when the oldest one started asking me questions about sex and didn't waste any time at all taking out his dick stroking it and then his brother had his out and they began to tell me the things they did with each other and their friends and before long they let me watch as the youngest one sucked the oldest ones dick then got me to try it then we all were naked and I got my first lesson on sucking dick and got my tight young ass fucked by both of them and they both came in me more than once that afternoon.

Late that night we were outside and we got up in the hay loft and I was sucking the oldest ones big dick and he held my head and came in my mouth then they both fucked me up the ass a couple of times and I slept with their cum in my ass that night.

We all left to go fishing the next day and during the 5 days we were on the river fishing the three of us had sex several times a day all up and down the river bank and one day while out exploring we came across this old abandon farm house that had been empty for years.

Once we got inside we looked around and ended up in a tiny room in the back of the house and I think I got raped that day. Both of them fucked me and forced me to suck their dicks swallow their cum and even made me lick on their ass and suck their assholes.

I was fucked in the ass with the other one in my mouth and they really worked my ass over good for most of that day and cum was pouring out of my ass and they kept fucking me and made me gag on their dicks and the oldest one enjoyed forcing his dick in to my throat often and seemed to really get off when his nuts were pressed tightly against my chin when he came and their favorite thing was fucking my mouth and ass at the same time.

We did some wild and crazy things and some things were even dirty and very kinky. By the end of the week I was just a fuck toy for them and they used my ass for their pleasure fucking me sticking their fingers up my ass and the oldest one liked to jack off on me while watching his little brother stick things in my ass. Bot of them put their dicks in my mouth at the same time and I swallowed a lot of cum that two weeks and got fucked so many times I became addicted to taking a dick in the ass.

The oldest one was wild and kinky and even tied me up several times in different positions to fuck my ass and get his dick in my throat. I must have liked it because I went off with them every day knowing they were going to rape me and use me again.

We would go fishing at night and once we built a fire and set up a little camp I stayed naked on a sleeping bag all night long for them to use any time they wanted and they were always in my mouth and up my ass at the same time and I had coke bottle shoved in my ass more than once I was jacked off on raped fucked sucked their dicks and used like a slut by both of them and after I got used to it I liked it and the last day of our fishing trip I got my first DP in the ass but got it three different times before we left the next day.

Both their dicks up my ass fucking me and both of them filling my asshole with their cum. It was pretty exciting to be naked between two naked boys with two dicks fucking my ass and all the cum in my ass.

After they left I was always sticking things in my ass jacking off and eating my own cum and still today many years later I still do when I get horny.

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