Old Man Conrad

by Carol (Florida)
( )

Rocky has this old man handyman named Conrad. I’ve only been in his company a couple of times and every time he’s made me very uncomfortable. I go with my first impression of someone and I really don’t care for him. He was on our boat and all he did was stare at my big tits. I love when men look at me but when they stare, enough is enough. Rocky tells me that Conrad is coming to our home to do some repairs. Ok I tell Rocky and you won’t be here. He says Carol everything will be fine I promise.

Rocky leaves for business and the next morning the doorbell rings. I look and see is Conrad so I tell him the door is open. I here him bringing in his tools and I know I might not be leaving my bedroom today. It’s raining anyway outside so I guess it won’t be a pool day. I start to watch a movie and there’s a knock at my door. I ask Conrad is that you. He says yes Carol I need you to show me where the breaker box is. I said you’ve been here before and he says I don’t remember where it’s at.

Ok now I have to put on my robe and I open the door. Conrad looks straight at my tits and I tell him it’s in the garage. He says Carol please show me. Ok we walk to the garage and I show him the box. Conrad’s arm brushes up against my tits and I ignore it. I go back to my bedroom take my robe off and lay back down to watch my movie. It’s around lunchtime and again another knock on my door. I say to Conrad ok what’s the problem now.

He answers no problem Carol I’m going to the diner for lunch would you like something. Ok here’s a man in his eighties trying to be so nice to me. I tell him no thank you and I here the front door close. Yay the sun is out so I put on my white thong and go to our pool. I’m laying on my lounge chair putting lotion all over my body. Now it’s close to dinner time and Conrad is by the pool with me. He says Carol would you mind if I went for a dip. Before I could ask did he have a bathing suit, he’s naked and in the pool.

He’s swimming around and says Carol why don’t you join me. I tell him no that’s ok enjoy yourself. Conrad says it would be much more enjoyable if you were in the pool. I tell him no I can’t really. I lay back down not caring what Conrad is up to. I feel water touching my body and when I open my eyes Conrad’s old hard cock is staring me in the face. I said to him put your shorts back on. He laughs and says why Carol you don’t like the view. I answer him no I don’t actually.

Conrad is still naked and he jumps back in the pool. I don’t know what I’m goiyto have to do to get him to leave. I say ok I’ll swim with you but after the swim you have to leave. Conrad says ok Carol one swim and I’ll leave. I jump in the pool and Conrad says I’m naked you should be also. I say to him you know I’m married and I just don’t get naked in front of any man. Conrad swims over to me and his cock is actually between my legs. He starts to run my pussy with it and I pull away and swim away.

I’m standing in the pool when I feel his hands undo my top. I turn to him and say what the hell do you think you’re doing. He grabs one of my tits and puts my nipple in his mouth and starts to suck it. He grabs me so I can’t get away and now he’s biting on my nipples hard. Conrad is now rubbing my pussy through my thong and now my anger is turning to me be so horny. He pulls my thong down and pushes my head down to suck his cock. OMG what the hell is happening.

He’s now fucking my mouth and has fingers inside my pussy. He tastes his fingers and says I knew you would taste so good. He picks me up and puts me on the side of the pool. I know I should get up and leave but I’m at the point of no return. Conrad puts his head between my legs and begins to suck my pussy. OMG it feels so good. Now he’s put his fingers in side me and I tell him yes Conrad lick me fuck me. He says Carol I plan to fuck you. He also says I wanted to fuck you the first time I saw you.

We get out of the pool and he lays me on my lounge chair. He’s rubbing the head of his cock against my pussy and I tell him don’t tease me fuck me. He slams his big old cock inside me and says Carol how does that feel. I tell him great but please don’t stop. Conrad is slamming my pussy and I’m cumming all over his cock. Yes Conrad fuck me fuck me.

I cum again and I feel Conrad’s cock shoot a big load inside me. He pulls his cock out of me and puts it in my mouth and says clean it Carol. I clean it and suck him dry. He said to me Carol you really suck a great cock and I tell him I’m Jewish and most Jewish women know how to suck a cock. He puts his cock back in my mouth and he gets hard again. We’re dried off now and he picks me up and carries me to my bedroom. He lays me on the bed and I spread my legs and open my pussy and tell him fuck me again.

Conrad jumps on the bed and slams his old cock once again inside me. I can’t believe this old man can fuck like this. We fuck a couple of more times and I let him even fuck me in my ass. He says Carol all my work is done here. I says to him do you really have to leave. He says no what’s on your mind. I spread my legs and say O need some more of your big hot cock. We fucked most of the night and into the next day. I may have to find some more work for my new found friend Conrad.

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