Old Man Conrad Returns

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a gorgeous day here in Florida and I’ve had my coffee and taken a shower. I think I’ll do a little nude sunbathing. I grab my robe, a bottle of water and outside I go. I put some music on and lay on my lounge chair. I’m putting lotion all over the front of me, squeezing my big tits and putting two fingers inside me. I love to masturbate and I cum.

I close my eyes and I’m enjoying the music. I hear a man’s voice say, Carol you’ve got such a great body and nice big tits. I look and it’s Conrad, our old handyman. I grab my robe and just cover myself. I say to Conrad, Rocky didn’t tell me you were going to do some work here. He laughs and says I didn’t come here to work. I tell him look the last time you we’re here was a mistake.

Conrad is taking off his clothes, and says a mistake I want to happen again. I go to get up and Conrad is straddling me with his huge old cock in my face. He says Carol I want you to suck my cock. I tell him no get off me. My tits are covered in lotion and he starts to fuck my big tits. He’s rubbing his cock all over my nipples and he says now open your mouth.

I again say no so he pulls me down on my lounge chair, opens my legs and puts the head of his cock inside me. I don’t want this to happen again, but now his whole cock is inside me. He puts my legs up and he’s deep inside me, fucking me. There’s no stopping now so I say yes Conrad fuck me. He slams his cock hard and says tell me what you want.

I tell him I want you to fuck me and make me cum. Conrad upon hearing what I said pulls his cock out and says I really don’t want to fuck you. OMG aid this man crazy. Any man would trade places with him in a minute. I ask him what’s the matter. He says you wouldn’t suck my cock so I don’t want to fuck you again. I tell him bring your cock over here, I’ll suck it.

He says Carol you gave me the best blow job I’ve ever had. He straddles me again and I grab his cock and start to suck it. Conrad grabs my head and he’s fucking my mouth. He shoots a big load of cum in my mouth, which I swallow every drop. I’m still sucking his cock getting him hard again. Conrad slaps my tits and says Carol now beg for my cock.

I tell him I’m not going to beg, you should beg to fuck me. He laughs and puts his cock inside me. He’s fucking me hard and deep the way I like it. I tell him Conrad I’m going to cum. He again pulls his cock out of me and says now beg. I really need to cum. So I say Conrad I’m begging you to fuck me. He slams my pussy again and I came within seconds.

OMG ayes keep fucking me, don’t stop. I cum again and Conrad grabs my hand and off to my bedroom we go. He throws me in the bed, gets me on all fours and he’s putting his cock in my butt. I love anal especially when a man cums in my ass. I turn to Conrad and say that’s right fuck me in my ass, cum and make me cum. He slaps my ass cheek and says tell me you love my big cock in your ass.

I tell him I love your big cock in my ass, cum for me baby. He cums deep in my ass and I cum so hard I get lightheaded. He pulls his cock out of my ass and tells me now clean my cock. I love tasting my ass and a man’s cum. I suck him dry and we lay on the bed. He says Carol I want you to leave Rocky and move in with me.

I tell him Conrad that’s not going to happen, I love Rocky. He says then why are you fucking me. I tell him I fuck a lot of men. He asks have you’ve been with any recently and I answer yes. I tell him you can see for yourself that I love sex and when Rocky isn’t around, I’ll find a cock to take care of my needs.

I think Conrad thought he was the only one, but now he knows the truth. Conrad climbs on top of me and again slams his huge old cock inside me. I grab his face and tell him that’s it fuck me with your huge dick make me cum again.

We fuck for a while and we both cum together. Conrad asks can I spend the night with you and fuck you some more. I open my pussy and say yes, now get over here and give me your cock. We fucked the whole night and in the morning when he was leaving he fucked me in the shower. I love Conrad’s old cock.

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