Ohh Daddy!

by Anonymous

My own daddy found me masturbating in my panties and pantyhose. Mother bought them for me but i just felt so sexy and pretty in them.

Mother also bought me my first pair of high heels but warned me about wearing them. Mother said only good girls are respected.

My skirts and dresses are short yes. but i have nice legs and all the girls wear them. My high heels are so very pretty and the heels make my legs look longer too.

Besides, i get a lot more compliments and attention when i look more attractive. Daddy says i have to be a lady and not be to provocative. Around the house though i love to wear my pretty lingerie.

Daddy buys me really nice expensive things i wouldn't otherwise be able to have. daddy sometimes tucks me in or tells me a bedtime story like when i was little.

I love my daddy and i know he loves me. he says i should save myself for someone special. daddy's so very special to me. My panties wet, daddy i know you can smell my sweet young pussy.

He caresses me usually when i'm wearing my nylons. Daddy likes me to wear my nylons. My pantyhose get all wet sometimes when daddy gives me my caresses.

"Daddy, i love you"! He tells me he loves me too.

I caught daddy sniffing my panties one time. i asked him why daddy? He was all excited and i told daddy it's so sexy he likes my panties!

"Daddy, why don't you put on my pretty panties?" he looked funny at me and i said:" "daddy, go ahead- my pantyhose too"! Daddy’s penis got hard as i helped daddy put on my nylons and panties.

"Daddy, oh my, your thing is all hard"! i rubbed daddy's cock and he got very very excited.

"Baby, this will be our little secret"!

"Yes, daddy" my mouth found daddy's and our tongue's touched. My special daddy i told him. soon, daddy's cock was in my mouth.

Daddy was breathing rapidly as i told him i wanted for him to be my first. Daddy squirmed as i rubbed him through the nylons and panties.

"Oh daddy, i love the way you look in my nylons"! Daddy was being very sweet to me. i told daddy to wear the pretty nylons again next time. Daddy now always wears nylons when he comes to my room.

I also wear my pantyhose too. we like to embrace and get all comfy cozy together. Daddy’s penis leaks precum on the nylons and i make sure when daddy's ready he comes good and hard in my pantyhose.

Lately i have shaved daddy's legs and painted his toenails. Now daddy looks even prettier. Mother likes the idea and approves. Daddy takes me shopping at victoria's secret.

I just ask daddy what he wants and he gives me his American Express card. We can't wait to get home and try on our pretty things. Daddy has recently expressed interest in pretty high heels too.

Daddy says it's not fair that only women get to wear pretty sexy things. Daddy’s not a sissy but he definitely has a thing for sexy lingerie and shoes.

It seems to get daddy's cock all hard and I like me to play with him. I can keep daddy's cock hard all day when he is in the pretty nylons and high heels!

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