Oh, So, Soooo Good!

by Barry

Kenny was embarrassed by just how big and stiff his erection was. Its length arcing rigidly up from between his legs, with the head completely swollen to the point of being shiny smooth and a purple-tinged shade of deep crimson. He was sure that Danny would think that he was Gay, having a boner like that with another guy.

Although, as he saw, Danny was having a boner that was every bit as huge as his own.

The two of them had hiked up to the woodsy area together. It was summer and the weather was warm, and with no one around, it had sounded like fun to take their clothes off and be naked. And it was, only that after a few minutes they had both started to get an erection. Something which their nakedness did not allow them to hide.

“Oh, man …” Mike said, trying not to blush and rolling his eyes.

“Tell me about it!’ Danny laughed.

They looked at one another with an appreciative male-rapport that felt rewarding to experience.

“It’s nice to be able to let your male-feelings show with a friend,” Danny remarked, “without having to feel all embarrassed about it.”

“Yeah …” Mike agreed, finding that it was, although this was something he not at all accustomed to doing. He could see, though, that Danny apparently had no qualms about this and was enjoying the moment. If anything, he looked quite pleased to be showing off the outlandish erection that he had. Its smooth length curved upwards in a naked display that was just as bold as his own. Mike did blush just a little. “I’m just not used to letting it show like this with another guy.’

Danny laughed. “Well, I like seeing it. And I like showing you mine.”

Mike had to laugh, too. “It does feel good,” he admitted a bit sheepishly.

“Man, this is making my dick so stiff!’ Danny remarked.

“Me, too,’ said Mike, although knowing that was obvious. Still, it was exciting to be able to talk about it. “It practically aches!”

“Mine sure does,” Danny said.

Danny stepped forward and they easily slipped into each other’s arms to share a naked embrace. Their smooth bare skin touched and that felt so wonderful, while down below their stiff male organs slid together with a pleasing intimacy.

They looked at each other, closed their eyes, and then they let their lips come together.

It was both interesting and exciting to do this together, to be able to kiss.

They allowed their lips to gently work together while down below they allowed the erections to do the same. It felt so wonderful masculine to Mike and he could tell that it did to Danny, as well.

“Oh, geez …” Mike breathed when they stopped kissing and he felt Danny’s nakedness pressing up against him with an encouraging sexual desire.

“Let’s share our sperm,” Danny said, presenting this as something desirable to do.

Mike just stood there as they continued to let their hugely erect male organs intimately rub and slide against one another. It felt so good and so wonderful to be doing this as friends. To express their feelings in this way.

“Oh, yeah …” Mike breathed, again and again feelings Danny’s hard dick pushing up against his and his pushing back.

He had never even dreamed that it could be like this with another guy. It was so enticingly male and sexual. It made him feel so alive.

“Mmm …” Danny murmured, holding Mike close as he employed his erection against his with an encouraging purposefulness. He murmured some more.

As they stood there in each other’s arms, savoring their sexuality, it was only too easy to let themselves be lost to the moment and to let it go on seemingly forever.

“Ohhh …” Mike breathed. “I’m going to come!”

In the next moment he was ejaculating. He felt his boner tense and jerk as it pulsed.

At the same moment he felt Danny ejaculate, too.

They clutched at one another as their organs throbbed, wetting each other with their discharge.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Danny gasped, feeling the thick liquid surge up through his reproductive organ again and again.

Their erections, now slick with their semen, slid and slipped together as they continued to rub them with overwhelming excitement.

Then it was over. They held each other and caught their breath, each feeling the combined output of their ejaculating wetting their stomachs and now dribbling down their legs.

“Oh …” Danny moaned softly. “I’m so glad that I got to mix my sperm with yours.”

“Yeah. Me, too,’ Mike said. And he was. He had never experienced another so special nor so masculine as sharing and mixing his sperm with a friend.

They kissed and savored their shared wetness and both thought of their sperm cells swimming together. Not in search of a girl’s egg, but of each other.

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