Oh Please No More Daddy

by Carol (Florida)

I told you about my big dick older black neighbor who every time he sees me he pulls out his big cock and I’m like hypnotized to it. I don’t know what the problem is but every time I see his cock I get so wet and horny.

Daddy Clem knows I can’t say no to him. He has stopped me from doing a lot of things just by pulling down his shorts and showing me his magnificent cock. No one has ever made me almost pass out but he did.

It was funny my eyes rolled to the back of my head and he said Carol are you ok. I told him yes just don’t stop fucking me. He knows when Rocky goes away on business as he will ring my bell and when I open the door his black monster cock is swing between his legs.

He knows I can’t resist him because as soon as I see it, daddy grabs my hand and puts it around his cock. Daddy’s cock get huge and he says what are you going to let daddy do to his bad girl. Fuck me daddy, fuck me.

I could care less about foreplay all I want is daddy’s cock deep inside me. Well today is just like any other day. I made a lunch date with my friend Val. I told her I’d be at the restaurant by one. I was leaving and the doorbell rang. I said oh no and I opened the door.

There was daddy and his cock standing there and he said are you going somewhere. I said yes I’m going to meet my girlfriend for lunch. Daddy asks me what are you hungry for. I can never say no to him so I drop to my knees grab his cock with two hands and put the head in my mouth.

Daddy says now you a good white slut Carol and I take his cock out of my mouth and say only for you daddy. I can’t believe what a big cock this little old black man has. He says where should I fuck you today.

I said wait a minute daddy let me call Val and cancel. Daddy and I get on the bed as I call Val. She picks up the phone and daddy puts the head of his cock inside me. OMG I scream and Val asks are you alright. I tell her yes it’s just my daddy fucking me.

Val is stunned and says your daddy. I tell her yes my old black neighbor who has a gigantic cock. Val says to me don’t hang up I want to listen to him fuck you. Daddy puts all of his huge cock inside me and he says Val she has all of my cock inside her.

Val says to me Carol how does it feel. I moan like no other cock I’ve ever had. Val says I’m getting so horny listening to you. I tell her you don’t know how good his cock feels. He feels like he’s in my stomach and I love it. Val says please Carol let me come over.

Daddy says Val my cock is for Carol only. Oh that made me feel so good that he said that and he gave me a real big kiss, slipping his fat tongue inside my mouth. Fuck me daddy fuck me I scream and Val says Carol please talk him into it.

I said I’ll try but I got to go know I’m about to cum. We hang up and I cum all over daddy’s huge black cock. We fucked for about an hour and in all types of positions and I came many times. The doorbell rings and it’s Val with a coat on.

She drops her coat and her magnificent body and her huge tits are for daddy to see. Daddy says Carol would you mind me taking Val next door and giving her some of my big cock.

I said I don’t have a problem with that since I’m all fucked out. Daddy puts his hand on Val’s ass and they walk out the door. I’m sure daddy will be fucking the both of us in the future.

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