Oh No Not Jay Again

by Carol (Florida)

Rocky is away on business and Val asks me if I want to come to her house for a barbecue. The last time I was there, this old man Jay couldn’t keep his hands off me and when he walked me home, which by the way I refused he tried to have sex with me.

Val says Carol wear a bikini because we’ll probably go in the pool. I said ok and then I asked, Jay isn’t going to be there. I told Val what happened and she said no I don’t think so. Ok so I put on my red thong, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and I leave. I get to Val’s house and the music is loud and it’s Val and Steve and two other couples.

Thank god there is no Jay. Val gives me a kiss and a glass of wine and we start to chat. Val is really hot, tall dark skin Latin woman. I think Rocky has the hots for and and she has them for him. Steve is a nice guy but not my type. Val says c'mon Carol take your clothes off and jump in the pool with me. I take my tee shirt and shorts off and I jump in.

Val has this big bottle of wine in her hand and she pours it down my throat. I wonder if Val is trying to get me drunk so maybe Steve can have sex with me. I think my imagination is playing tricks on me. We get pretty drunk and I’m having a blast with Val. All of a sudden, I hear this familiar voice say hi everyone let’s get the party started. I look over and it’s Jay. I grab Val and say what’s he doing here.

She said Jay works with Steve and Steve must’ve invited him. Jay looks right at me and says thank god there’s my girl Carol. I say to him I’m not your girl. Jay jumps in the pool and swims towards me. I’m like paralyzed and I can’t move. I know I should get out the pool but I can’t. Jay goes to grab me and I push his hands away and I get out the pool. I grab a towel and wrap it around me.

Jay says Carol why hide the gorgeous body you have. Jay is making me so uncomfortable and I know I should leave, but I stay there. Jay grabs for the towel and he pulls it off me. He’s looking at me licking his lips. I turn to look for Val but everyone is gone, so I’m alone with Jay. He says you know I really wanted you the last time I saw you. I tell him Jay but I do t feel the same about you.

Jay laughs and says why not. I tell him I’m married and I really love my husband and I don’t want to be with you. Jay says then why are you here and I tell him because Val said you weren’t coming. Jay says Surprise Surprise. I answer not a good surprise. I’m trying to keep my distance and the wine I drank isn’t helping. I backup and fall on a lounge chair and Jay is right there.

He puts his hands behind my back and unhooks my top and my tits are exposed to him. I want to get up but I’m like frozen on this chair. Jay grabs my tits and says Carol you’ve got magnificent tits and big nipples and he puts on in his mouth. I’m still trying to push him away but I’m starting to realize it’s no use. Jay takes my bottoms of and immediately puts his fingers inside me.

I say no Jay please and he says Carol you’re so wet. He is now finger fucking me and I’m laying on the lounge chair as Jay now puts his head between my legs. Jay says I’m going to fuck you Carol and you’ll enjoy my big old cock. I can’t let this happen but I’m going to cum. I say yes Jay make me cum and he does just that. I cum all over his fingers and his face.

He gets up pulls his shorts down and says ok Carol it’s my turn and pulls my head to his cock. He does have a big cock and it has a huge head on it. I open my mouth and take his cock, all of it. He says my god Carol you can seep throat me. I say yes Jay I can do a lot of other things well also. Jay watches me take all of his cock in my mouth and says Carol I’m going to cum.

I swallow all of Jay’s cum. He’s really got me horny so I lay back, spread my legs and say is this what you want. Jay gives me that old man cock of yours and fill my pussy with your cum. Jay’s cock is rock hard and he slams his cock into me. Yes Jay fuck me I scream. I open my eyes and Val is standing there with this surprised look on her face. Val says Carol what are you doing.

I look at Val and say I’m letting Jay fuck me. Val says I see that. Val gets undressed and so does Steve and they start to fuck right next to us. Steve walks up to Jay and says Val wants you. Oh no Steve is going to fuck me. Steve takes Jay’s place and starts to fuck me. Steve says Carol ever since the first day I met you I wanted to fuck you. OMG yes Steve fucks me.

Steve has a nice sized cock and he sinks it all the way up to his balls. I wrap my legs around him and he starts to fuck me hard. Yes Steve fuck me lie I’ve never been fucked. Jay gets off Val and says ok Steve Carolina mine. Steve got up and Jay put his cock back inside me. Oh yes Jay fuck me. Jay is fucking me and says why didn’t you let me fuck you last time.

I said you didn’t play your cards right that’s why. You were to pushy and then the wine hit me and I said Lucky took care of his mommy. Jay said Carol you didn’t as he fucked me even harder. I said yes I did Jay you made me so horny that he knocked me on the ground and mounted me. Jay was really slamming my pussy now and he said I want to watch you and Lucky.

I laughed and said fuck me Jay. He says Carol I’m going to walk you home right. I said yes Jay whatever you want now fuck me. I came twice and Jay shoots a big load inside me. Jay grabs my hand, Val and Steve disappear and he says put the towel around you I'm going to walk you home. Jay says c'mon Carol let’s go.

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