Oh My Jamaica

by Carol (Florida)

We like to travel but hubby and I both love Jamaica. We’ve been there many times and always had a great time. Jimmy comes home from work and says Carol pack some clothes we’re going to Jamaica. I always pack light since we will be naked most of the time. Jimmy rented a small villa in Ocho Rios.

We get there and the villa is absolutely gorgeous. It has a small pool inside and I love it. We have our own private beach so we can do whatever we want. We’ve had some great sex here and I don’t think this trip is going to be any different. We both get naked and go outside to the beach.

The water looks so inviting so we jump in. I brush up against Jimmy’s cock and he’s rock hard. I jump in his arms wrap my legs around him and guide his big cock to my pussy. I’m riding him in the water and it feels so good. We fuck for about a half an hour and we both cum.

It’s about eight in the evening and the sun is going down. Jimmy says let’s shower and go into town and have dinner. We have a staff on call here but I say ok let me get dressed. I put on a yellow sundress which highlights my tan body, call a cab and off we went. We ask the driver where the best restaurant is and he takes us to this small place that has live reggae music.

We walk in and all the men’s eyes are checking out my big tits. The waiter seats us and the music starts. This big bald black man walks over and asks me would you like to dance. I say no not right now maybe later and Jimmy says it’s ok go ahead and dance. Ok I say to myself one dance won’t hurt. He’s a big powerful man and he pulls me close to him.

He moving up and down so the material of my dress is rubbing against my nipples, making them very hard. He introduces himself In Cliff and you. I tell him I’m Carol and my husband is Jimmy. He says nice to meet you and he keeps rubbing up against me. The music stops I tell Cliff thank you for the dance and go back to Jimmy and our table. Cliff says enjoy yourself tonight Carol. I say I will you also.

Jimmy says did you enjoy your dance and I tell him it was on. We order our food and eat dinner. Jimmy and I hit the dance floor and we start to dance. A local Rasta taps Jimmy on his shoulder and asks mind if I cut in. He was a small skinny man with long braids. Jimmy says sure go ahead and dance with Carol.

He tells me his name is Stan. He pulls me close but this time he’s between my legs and I can feel his huge cock. OMG I’m thinking to myself and we dance. The song is over and again I thank Stan for the dance but he wants to dance with me again. He grabs me again and we start to dance for a second time. He’s getting a little bolder now by grabbing my ass and squeezing it.

I move his hands away and Stan says cmon Carol loosen up have some fun. He held my hand and with his other hand he was rubbing my tits. OMG between his huge cock and him rubbing my tits I was getting horny. The song is over I walk away and tell Jimmy I want to leave. Jimmy asks me why you look like you were having fun. I tell him I was but now it’s time to leave.

We get up to leave and Stan comes over and says please Carol could I have one more dance. Jimmy says I don’t mind and Stan grabs my hand and we’re back on the dance floor. Again he pulls me close but this time his hand goes under my dress feeling my naked pussy. Stan whispers in my ear Carol you’re awfully wet. I tell him you did this to me. He takes his hand away and he says cmon let’s go to my place.

I say Stan are you crazy Jimmy is my husband. He says no worries he can watch me fuck you with my big black cock. I tell him no thank you and we leave the restaurant. Jimmy asks me what happened and I told him Stan wanted to fuck me. Jimmy says really he really said that and I told him yes. Jimmy’s cock go rock hard and he fucked me in the back of the taxi. I came so quick thinking of Stan’s cock.

We get back to the villa and we take a shower and go to sleep. The next morning Jimmy says let’s order room service for breakfast. He makes me call and place the order and now the two of us are naked talking about what happened last night. Jimmy asks me Carol you were so wet last night was Stan turning you on and I answered yes it was his huge cock rubbing up against me.

There’s a knock on the door and I like Carol to answer in her red satin short robe. I open the door and it’s none other than Stan. He walks in with the tray and he’s checking out me out and my robe is loosely tied and he can see my tits. I close my robe and Stan says no need to do that. Jimmy comes over gives him a tip and Stan asks is there anything else you need. Jimmy walks into the bathroom and Stan pulls out his monster cock.

He says Carol you need this and I ask him to leave. We get ready to hit the beach, but Jimmy says he wants to relax a little so I go by myself. I’m naked laying on a blanket when I hear hi Carol. I sit up and it’s Stan. He asks where’s Jimmy and I tell him he’s resting. Stan says how can he rest with a beautiful wife like me. I tell him thank you and I lay back down.

I’m putting lotion on me when I feel Stan’s hands rubbing my big tits. I sit up and ask him what he’s doing. Stan is now naked and his huge cock is rock hard. OMG I think to myself I don’t want him fucking me. I don’t know what came over me but I laid back down as Stan’s hands roamed all over my body. He starts to rub my pussy sticking two fingers inside me and now he’s pumping his two fingers in and out of me.

Oh it feels so good now he gets in between my legs lifts them high in the air and is rubbing my pussy with his cock. I feel the head of his cock inside me and then he pushes the rest in. OMG it’s so big and he now is slamming my pussy. Stan asks me Carol have you ever had a black cock before I tell him no and say fuck me Stan. He’s hitting places no man has ever hit and I cum so hard.

He tell me ride me Carol which I do and he’s slamming my pussy from the bottom. He’s sucking my big tits as I cum again. Stan says all you white women come here so us black men can use you. Yes Stan use me. Now he wants to fuck me soggy so he’s behind me again rubbing my pussy with his huge cock. He puts it in nice and slows then slams it in me again making me moan.

Stan cums inside me and he says let’s go in the ocean and clean up. He grabs my hand and we go and wash off. He tells me to put something on he wants to take me somewhere. I put a wrap around towel around me and off we go. We’re about a quarter of a mile away from the villa and we come to this little shack on the beach. He opens the door and there is an old man sitting at the table. Stan says Carol I want you to meet my father. Rhe old man stands up and says hi Carol I’m Van. I say nice to meet you Van and he pulls my towel off and he’s standing there naked with even a bigger cock then Stan’s .

What did I get myself into as Stan leaves leaving me alone with his father. Van says Carol play with my cock and see how big it gets. I reach down and grab his cock and begin to jerk it. I was getting so wet and horny knowing Van was going to fuck me. Van picks me up lays me in his bed spreads my legs and puts his cock inside me very gently. I grab his ass and slam my pussy into his huge cock. Van says Carol you’ve got such a big pussy, I laugh and say fuck me Van.

OMG I cum almost immediately all over his big black cock. Van says be my white slut and I answer I’ll do whatever you want just don’t stop fucking me. Van is even deeper inside me then Stan and he says I s daddy hurting you. I tell him no daddy fuck me. I can’t believe this old black man has me calling him daddy. He tells me daddy wants you to ride his cock Carol.

He lays on the bed I grab his cock and put it inside me and tell him yes daddy fuck me hard. I can’t get enough of his cock as I’m going up and down on it. We both cum and daddy moans giving me a deep kiss and he says daddy loved fucking you. I tell him I loved your huge cock daddy. I went to get up and was a little wobbly knowing I had to wash daddy’s cum out of my pussy.

Daddy helped me down to the ocean and while I was washing his cum out of me he was hard again. He grabbed my face and said Carol suck daddy’s cock so I opened my mouth and took the head inside. I was sucking daddy’s cock for a little while when he came down my throat. I swallowed every drop and daddy said you’re daddy’s good slut. I was walking away and I turned around and said I’ll be daddy’s slut anytime, just ask.

When I got back to the villa Jimmy said I have to go into town so order out and I’ll eat there. I say I’m he kisses me goodbye and off he goes in a cab. I order and put my robe on not knowing who the room service man is going to be. There is a knock on the door and I’m so wet as I open the door it’s none other than daddy and he’s completely naked. I drop my robe and tell him fuck me daddy.

Van looks at me as I spread a big towel on the floor and says that’s what I intend to do my white slut Carol. I lay on the floor waiting for his huge cock to enter me, when I see Stan standing there with his big cock in his hands. Daddy puts his cock inside me and Stan puts his cock inside my mouth. Yes daddy fuck me I scream.

Daddy is fucking me hard and deep when I look over and there’s Jimmy standing there naked with his big cock in his hands. He looks at me and says Carol you need two black cocks and I answer yes Jimmy I love daddy’s huge cock fucking me. Daddy looks at Jimmy and says I want Carol to stay at my house so daddy can give her what she needs.

Jimmy looks at me in disbelief and says what do you want to do. I look at Jimmy and tell him if you love me you’ll let me stay with daddy. Jimmy says I’m go ahead and Stan cums all over my tits. I kiss Jimmy grab daddy’s hand and off we went back to daddy’s shack. I know I’m going to be fucked all week. Oh how I love Jamaica.

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