Oh Jack

by Carol (Florida)

Rocky and I had to travel north and we visited an old friend of ours, Jack. He owns a nudist resort that we frequented and he was the first man Rocky shared me with. When we pulled up to the old Victorian house, my pussy was dripping wet. We get out the car, get naked and go look for Jack.

The last time we were here, Rocky and I went down to the lake and Rocky laid a blanket down. I was a little nervous but Rocky laid down, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the blanket. Rocky’s cock was rock hard so I started to suck it and the next thing I knew , Jack stuck his cock inside of me.

Rocky shared me that day and many more times with Jack after that. We’re looking for him when all of a sudden I hear his familiar voice say, Carol is that you. I squeeze my big tits and answer yes it is Jack. He came over and kissed me and his European cock got rock hard. I grab it and put it in my mouth sucking hard on it.

I lay down on a lounge chair, spread my pussy and say Jack is this what you want. There were other couples there but I didn’t care, I had an itch that needed to be scratched. Jack wasted no time and sank all of his cock inside me. Rocky’s cock is a lot bigger then Jacks, but I love to fuck Jack.

Rocky is also rock hard and I see this very beautiful woman named Tina grab his cock and start to suck it. I know I have a great body, but Tina had huge tits with big brown nipples, just the way Rocky likes them. Rocky puts his lounge chair right next to mine and Tina starts to ride Rocky’s cock.

I have to admit, I got a little jealous, but Jack was fucking me the way I love it, hard and deep. Jack gets me on all fours and this man comes over and sticks his cock in my mouth. I say to him, who are you and he says Tina’s husband, John. He says if Rocky is fucking Tina then I have to fuck you.

Jack cums inside me and pulls his cock out of me and now John is fucking me. I look at Rocky and he says are you having fun and I tell him yes. John says cmon Carol let’s go down by the lake. I didn’t want to leave Rocky by the pool, but I said ok John and down to the lake we go.

Our blanket is still there and John lays me down and puts his cock inside me. I scream yes John fuck me and I cum all over his cock. John cums inside me grabs my hand and we go into the lake to wash off. He says Carol I really enjoy fucking you but let’s have some fun.

I ask him what do you mean and John blindfolds me. What are you planning on doing and John says you’ll see. I feel him tying my hands up and spreading my legs, tying them to two trees. I feel a cock enter my pussy and I moan yes fuck me. I’m being fucked and I don’t know who it is.

I feel the man cum inside me and then another cock enters me. Wow I e never been gang banged but I guess this is what’s happening to me. I feel more cocks and cum and John takes the blindfold off and to my surprise Rocky and Jack are going to DP me.

I sit on Rocky’s cock and I feel Jack’s cock entering my ass. OMG it feels so good having two cocks inside me. I look up and there’s this old man and he puts his cock in my mouth. He says Carol I’m Mel and I would really like to fuck you. Jack cums in my ass and Mel get behind me and puts his cock in my ass.

I turn and say yes Mel fuck my ass fuck it good. Mel to his credit is slamming my ass with his cock and I cum hard as he cums in my ass. Ok now it’s getting late and I’ve been fucked all day and both my pussy and ass are a little sore.

Jack asks do you guys want to spend the night and I said on and Rocky went to his room and Jack grabbed my hand and said, Carol you stay with me. I said yes Jack and we fucked most of the night and when morning came, I got up took a shower and went to Rocky’s room.

I opened the door and he was fucking Tina ,when I feel someone push me over and stick their cock in me. I turned and it was John. OMG a yes John fuck me. We stayed the weekend Rocky and Tina fucking all weekend and Jack and John fucking my brains out. I’m glad we stopped here to see Jack and this became just another great sex experience.


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