Oh, Daddy!!!

by BeBe

“Oh!” Cheryl laughed as her father saw her standing naked in the bathroom.

“Oh, my!” he said and smiled back, not expecting to see this.

She had come to spend the weekend with him at his new house which was out in the country. Even after her parents had divorced five years ago, she and her father had remained close.

“I should have closed the door better,” she said, realizing that she had left it open a little. Not that she was embarrassed. It was fun letting her father see her naked.
Seeing that she was not upset he grinned at her curvy physique. “Well, I’m certainly not complaining,” he remarked.

She gave him a playful smirk. “Now that you’ve seen everything, I don’t suppose it matters if the door is open or closed. May be I should just walk around the house naked.”

Her father laughed. “Oh? Is that an invitation?’

The both laughed.

“Well, it could be if you want it to. I certainly don’t mind,” she said with a careless lack of inhibition.

“You’d better not tempt me,” he warned.

“And why not? Are you afraid that you might behave to fuck your daughter?” she teased further.

This time he smirked.

“All right.” He reached out and took her hand. “Come with me.”

He led her from the bathroom and into his bedroom where he undressed, presenting daughter with his now thoroughly rigid and sizable boner.

“Oh, daddy!” Cheryl exclaimed at the sight of her father’s sexually ready manhood.

He gently pushed her down onto the soft sheets of the still unmade bed and she allowed herself to be. Then he as on top of her and Cheryl felt his stiffness enter her vagina.

“Uh!” she grunted, his male dimensions stretching her tight accommodation of him.

He began to fuck her.

“How does that feel sweetheart? How does it feel to have your dad’s cock in your pussy?” He teased her.

“Uh ,,, daddy … I love it!”

She held her legs up and on either side of his hips thrilled by the thought that her father was actually fucking her. That she was laying there feeling his sexual stiffness penetrating her. This excited her and she wanted more.

She loved the way that her father had so forcefully taken charge.

Again and again he drove his hard penis into his daughter, loving how it felt to be in her sweet vagina. He love seeing her nakedly struggling with her sexual desire beneath him.

Cheryl began gasping as she climaxed. She arched her back off of the bed. Her hands gripped his arms and she thought that she was going to die.


He smiled and then ejaculated in her, letting his sperm gush into her.

“Yeah … yeah …” he panted as his male organ fulfilled its purpose.

When he finished fucking her they were both left gasping for breath.

“Oh, daddy … that was so wonderful,” she sighed.

“So you like being fucked by your father, huh?” he teased.

“Silly!” she teased back. “Girls always dream of being fucked by their father!”

He looked genuinely surprised. “Too bad I didn’t know that earlier. But I think that I can make up for that while you’re here.”

“Oh, daddy! I hope so!”

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