Obsession of Aunt

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Obsession of Aunt

As a very young man, I’ve had an obsession of my Mom’s younger sister, nearly all my life, to me my Aunt Wanda was one of the most beautiful creature to ever grace this world. She always bossed me around like she was my older sister and as a middle child with an older brother with ADA and a brother younger than I by three years and another younger brother, newly born. Mom had to look after the oldest and youngest, leaving me to look after my brother, I was in charge of holding onto.

My father doted on his oldest and youngest sons, I disappointed my father the day I came into the world and I don’t know to this day rather he ever forgave me for not being the daughter he and my mother wanted. Causing my parents to try two more times, before giving up on the daughter they both wanted. My father’s parents doted on the oldest and other middle child under me, named after my grandfather, spoiling both to no end.

My parents so convinced they would have the girl child, they so desperately wanted, they had not a boy’s name picked out. The doctor delivering me of his office was a big fan of Baseball and wanted to make a game, impatient to get on the road to his game. He picked names from the names my mom and dad were throwing out, my doctor choose my name. I swear my father could watch my older do something wrong and punish me for the crime, he often punished me more severely than my older brother.

My mother dominated by my father, my Aunt Wanda was the first one I can ever remember, who saved me from my father’s wrath. Therefore when my Aunt Wanda fussed at me like an older sister or gave me a smile I became obsessed with her. Watched her every move when I got the chance, beautiful and kind I thought she to be. By the time I was 9 or 10 I began to hear how boy crazy my aunt, this was something I didn’t quite understand of the time.

My Aunt Wanda graduated high school, the first of our family. I may add. Moved to another state of my fourteenth year, saddening me. My mother said she wanted to see more of the world than our small Arkansas community. By the next summer my father’s company he worked transferred us to Texas, the move upset me for I had a girlfriend, my first who liked me back.

My older brother ran away to another state and got married, my dad beat me severely with a two inch leather belt for not telling what my brother was up too. I didn’t know anything about what my brother planned but I knew my father was beating me, for letting it happen. When he was about to beat my Mom with the same belt, I stood up to him and told him that would be the last time he would ever beat me for something my older brother did and if he touched my Mom, I would fight him with every ounce of strength I had. He was just as guilt as I, he was the one who let my brother have his car, to run away in. Do we get to beat you, I screamed!

Hated the new school and I was in so many fights, I’d never known of the politics I found in the new school, of my old school. Became very depressed but my saving grace came from another aunt, my father’s younger brother’s wife. Home my uncle came from the war in Korea marrying her as she was pregnant when he returned, a strange relationship they had I was to come to learn and never understood.

My aunt and uncle came to visit, as my dad liked to party and drink, I had to give up my bed. When anyone came I had to give up my bed and sleep with my younger brother of a twin bed. In the middle of the night I heard cussing and shouting, I burst into my room finding my uncle had broken the nightstand and was using the table leg to beat his wife. My uncle said, “You don’t understand, she likes it,” my aunt nodded, yes. He was right about that, I didn’t understand it or why anyone would like to get beaten.

Of bed I laid thinking of that, couldn’t get back to sleep and after an hour or so I felt someone come into the room, shaking me though I wasn’t asleep. My uncle’s wife whispered to me to come with her, up I got and followed her to the bathroom across the hall. Switching the light on I saw she was completely naked, completely surprised I was, and she gestured to keep quite.

“I wanted to thank you for being my Knight in Shining Armor,” my aunt kissed me with her naked tits pressed against me, large tits and hairy pussy my cock was hard in an instant. I’d never seen a real live naked woman, learned later she always slept in the nude, I’d not known anyone to ever do that.

“No one has ever done anything like that for me before,” my aunt pulled down my PJ’s bottoms kneeling down to suck and love my cock. I didn’t know what to do or say, no one had ever done that to me before. Not long did she stay down loving my hard cock.

“I’d stay doing that more but we’d better not take too long,” smiling my aunt slid up on the bathroom counter opening her legs and pulling me to her. With her hand she starting my cock in her hairy pussy, I needed the help, dumbfounded as I was. Lost my cherry in the bathroom and not long I was cumming inside her pussy as she kissed me, pulling my t-shirt up to feel her tits, against my bare chest. A godsend I considered my uncle’s wife, we didn’t get to fuck often but when we did.

“Your cock tastes and feels so much better than his,” my aunt whispered and it felt so good I kept fucking her, my hard cock hadn’t gone soft.

“Your cock is so much bigger than his, you can have his pussy anytime you want,” my aunt whispered locking her ankles around me and helping fuck her until I came a second time. Every chance we got after that my aunt and I fucked, sometimes it was a quickie another times we would suck, she taught me eating pussy I loved doing. She taught me so much about having sex.

My uncle’s wife would always whisper things to me, “You have the biggest and best cock of all,” “I love fucking you,” “You cum and can keep fucking, two or three times without taking your cock out of me. No one else has ever done that for me,” I didn’t know my first time when she was thanking me, I wasn’t suppose too and it felt so good, I kept fucking. Later, much later I found out her father use too beat his daughters making them have sex with him. Her mother liked having sex with her sons, two at a time fucking her pussy and mouth.

Often I have thought back over those days, wondering if that had something to do with the way my uncle’s wife had sex with her husband. Never did my aunt and I have a cross word with between us, she did turn me down a few times saying, “There are times when a woman just can’t have sex,” and once she and I fucked on the floor beside the bed, her husband lay sleeping whispering to my ear the entire time. “I love you fucking me, and knowing he could wake up and catch us at any time. I wish he could see your cock and know he could never touch my pussy in the places, you fuck me.”

Strange has their relationship was, they stayed married until death did them part, raising three children. Though my father didn’t beat me ever again, he and I didn’t get along and soon as I was old enough I wanted to join the Navy but he wouldn’t sign for me or allow my mother to sign for me, until I caught him fucking with my mother’s aunt, only a year older than she.

My uncle’s wife and I still fucked when we could, home on leave, I had pussy. After I was out of the Navy and married, we fucked. I had a sorry marriage and found out years later my wife wanted to be beaten into submission, something I could never do, she could raise a hand to me but I could never hit her. It just wasn’t in me and I don’t understand anyone today, enjoying getting hurt or knowing accept pain, from another. I did have incest with a first cousin once, when we were between marriages, she came on to me and a wonderful weekend we had. It began with her having a little too much to drink and said, “I’ve heard all my life, you have a huge cock,” well as they say, one thing lead to another.

She whispered to me, “Your cock could become addictive and how would we ever explain that,” kissed me passionately and we never had sex again. At family gatherings I’d see her with a twinkle of her eye or wink, a kiss hello a little more passionate if no one was to see. Married again my cousin enjoyed reliving our one weekend of the past, whispering to me if she got the chance, “I love your cock.”

Marrying again, I loved my wife and have stayed true to her but one day going through old photos. Who doesn’t enjoy looking back on the past and I came across a Photo of my Aunt Wanda, posing in a see through negligee. I recognized the couch she lay posing. My old obsession of her was back, once long ago when she baby sat us, she put us down for a nape and laid down wearing a pair of cutoff blue jeans.

The outline of her pussy I could see right in front of my face and I got my first hard on not from having to pee. At the time I didn’t even know my cock could get hard for any other reason, years after and learning to masturbate, who was on my mind. Regret to this day, I was never brave enough to live out my fantasies or tell her how I cared for her.

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