Nursing My Son

by Anwar (Riyadh, SA)

My name is Mary, I am 42 yrs old, married with one son and one daughter, we live in a big apartment, my husband john works in a well known company in the oil field as marketing director.

I love my small family and do my best to see them happy, my sex life is very rich, me and john are open mind persons, I raised my son and daughter to live and enjoy their life any way they like, we used to move in our place without any clothes on, no need to hide our bodies.

One afternoon my son came to my room, he was holding his big cock with his hand, he said "mom I have noticed few red spots around my cock, I think I should see a doctor, I looked at his cock and replied "yes I can see it , I will call the doctor to fix an appointment."

Next day I took my son to the clinic, a young girl was waiting for us, she took us to a waiting room, she told us that the doctor will see us in few minutes, she asked my son to take off his clothes, the doctor came in and introduced himself "my name is Dr. Robert, this is my nurse Nancy."

I said, "nice to meet you Dr. Robert, my name is Mary, and this is my son Albert, I talked to your nurse over the phone about my son problem."

Dr. came closer to my son and started to check my son cock, after few seconds he said "nothing serious, your son cock has infection, it needs to be massaged," he asked the nurse to bring massage lotion, then he said, "the nurse will show you how to massage your son cock at home," I replied, "no need to show me, I know how to do it."

The dr. said, "you have to show me how you will massage the cock to make sure that it is done properly," the nurse put lotion on my son cock and started to rub it gently with her hands, then she looked at me saying "now it is your turn."

The dr. asked me to be more relaxed and to remove my dress, he thinks that it will help in making my son more excited, so I took off my dress and remained in my panties and bra.

I was on my knees rubbing my son cock with my two hands, I started to run my tongue up and down the cock, then I put it in my mouth, I started to suck, I raised my head to look at the dr. I saw him shoving his cock so deep in his nurse mouth, when he saw me he smiled saying "you are doing great job, keep on sucking."

My son unloaded his cum in my mouth, the nurse came beside us and started to kiss me and swallow the cum from my mouth, then she cleaned my son cock with her lips.

The dr. said to me "you need to do the massage twice a day for few days then all these spots will disappear, make sure to come to the clinic next week, I want to see the results."

I thanked the dr. and his nurse, then I left the clinic.

When we arrived our place I called my daughter and told her about her brother problem and asked her to remind me every day to do the massage, she said, "I am ready to help you mom in this massage if you allow me."

I replied, "that will be great, watch me while I massage your brother cock and you do the same, you do it in the daytime, I will do it in the evening."

One of my friends came to visit me, she was two years younger than me, I have known her for more than 15 yrs, our relations were more than friends, from our first meeting I noticed that she wants more than friendship, she used to visit me twice a week, every time she comes she talks about sex and relation between two or three girls.

So I decided to have sex with her, I never had sex with girls, but with this friend I began to enjoy it, in her last visit and while we were on the floor kissing each other, I looked at my watch, it was time for the massage, I told her that I must go to my son room, she insisted to come with me.

My son was waiting for me totally naked on his bed, we entered the room, my friend was excited when she saw my son cock, I had to tell her about the massage, so we both gave my son the cock massage, he unloaded his cum in our mouths, then my friend wanted to be fucked by my son, I told her that it is not possible at this time.

When we left my son room, I heard my husband voice, he came back from his work, my friend wanted to leave but I asked her to have dinner with us, we went to the kitchen to prepare the dinner, my husband went to change his clothes.

In the kitchen my friend started to kiss me and play with my tits, I asked her to stop, but she continued, she removed my dress and started to eat my pussy, we did not hear my husband steps to the kitchen, he was in and saw my friend eating my pussy, he smiled saying "can I join you in eating this hot pussy?"

Both my husband and my friend were eating my pussy so eagerly, they were also kissing each other, few minutes later my friend and myself were giving my husband a nice sucking, then he asked us to be on our fours opening our asshole with our hands, he started to move his cock between our holes, shoving and pulling until he unloaded huge cum.

After we finished we took our meal then my friend left our place.

Few days later, I asked my son to be ready to go with me to the clinic to see the dr. I called the nurse to have an appointment, she said we can come now the dr. will see us.

Nurse took us to the waiting room, the dr. came and started to touch my son cock, he looked at me saying "no more red spots, I think your massage gave good results, young man you must thank your mom for what she did to your cock."

I said, "it is you whom we should thank, your treatment was the key, I am ready to do anything to show my appreciation, I mean anything." dr. replied, "what I want I cannot say it in front of your son." I said, "My son is open minded person, feel free to ask anything."

The nurse came closer to the dr. seat and unzipped his pant, she said to me "the dr. wants you to suck his cock in the same way you were sucking your son cock."

I knelt and took the huge cock into my mouth, it was very thick and huge, in few seconds I had it all in my mouth, he started to shove and pull for few minutes, then I felt his cum filling my mouth, the nurse was also sucking my son cock.

The dr. undressed me and took off his clothes, he asked me to stretch my body on the sofa, he ate my pussy and turned me on my belly, he mounted my back and shoved his cock into my asshole, it was great feeling to have such huge cock filling my ass cheeks, my son came and shoved his cock in my mouth, the nurse was licking my son asshole.

My son came in my mouth and the dr in my asshole, when both pulled out their cocks the nurse took both cocks in her mouth trying to make them hard again, the dr asked me if it is ok to fuck my son, he likes young men, I told him that we are late maybe he can do it another time, so we kissed each other and gave the nurse my home number then we left the clinic.

We arrived late, when we came in I saw my daughter room light on, door was half closed, I opened the door then I saw my husband on top of my daughter with his cock going so deep in her asshole, I closed the door and took my son to my bedroom to sleep.

In the bed my son asked me "what the dr. wanted from me, I told him that he wanted to fuck your asshole, my son liked the idea of being fucked by older man, so we agreed to invite the dr and his nurse to have dinner with us next week.

I told my husband about inviting the dr and his nurse, he agreed, so we arranged to invite them next monday, dr informed me that Monday is ok with him.

When they arrived I took them to guest room where my husband was waiting for them, we all sat and started to chat about many subjects, my husband thanked them for helping our son, after a while I asked my husband to take the nurse to show her our place, then I said to the dr. "I will call my son to sit with you, enjoy your time."

I went to my son room and told him that that the dr arrived, he is waiting for him, then I wanted to join my husband and the nurse, they were in the kitchen having drinks, I said, "it is warm here, I think we should move to our bedroom."

Three of us sat on the bed, I started to remove my clothes, the nurse did the same so my husband, we were totally naked, the nurse looked at my husband cock saying "your man had huge cock.”

I told her that she can do anything she likes with it, kiss it suck it, put it in her two holes, my husband wanted me to sit on his face so that he can eat my pussy and the nurse to sit on his cock, few minutes later we changed our positions, I sat on his cock and she sat on his face.

We spent more than two hours in our threesome fun, I was sure that the dr was enjoying my son asshole, the nurse was so happy, she was screaming and shouting loudly from enjoyment.

The dr and his nurse stayed until the morning, we had breakfast then they left our place.

After that night the dr and his nurse became very closed friends to us.

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