Nudist Resort Fun

by Carol (Florida)

I’ll never forget this day as it was a very hot July day in Jersey. I was sitting by the pool and Jimmy come home and says Carol get dressed, I’m taking you somewhere special. I go take a shower and throw a sundress on naked underneath. We get in the car and we drive about an hour.

There is this big Victorian house in the middle of the woods. We park get out the car and go inside. I still don’t know where we are when a tall European man comes out from behind the curtain. He says hi I’m Jack and welcome to my club. I tell him I’m Carol and this is Jimmy.

He shakes our hands and Jack looks straight at my 34dds bouncing bra less up and down. He tells us it’s fifty dollars for the day and we have to get naked. Jimmy takes his clothes off and I pull my sundress over my head.

Jack’s cock pokes out his robe and he says Carol you have an unbelievable body. I squeeze my big tits together and say thank you Jack. We go inside and it’s pretty crowded with people of all shapes, ages and sizes. We get two lounge chairs and set them up by the pool.

Jimmy is putting lotion on himself and I say what about me. I’m laying on my stomach and Jimmy is putting oil on me. When he’s finished I roll over and now he’s doing my front. Jimmy is putting lotion on my tits, squeezing them and playing with my big tan nipples.

It feels so nice to be naked and the sun on my body. Now Jimmy is putting lotion on my legs, just missing my pussy. Now he’s playing with my pussy opening and closing it and he slides two fingers inside me. I let out a small moan and when I open my eyes there are two older men watching us.

I tell Jimmy we have an audience and he looks at the men and asks, do you like what you see. They answer yes, she’s gorgeous. I tell them thank you and we lay down looking to soak up some sun. Jimmy says did that turn you on and I said a little. We jump in the pool and our two new friends are staying close to us.

I tell Jimmy I feel a little uncomfortable with these old men lurking around us. He laughs and says don’t worry nothing is going to happen. I feel better now that Jimmy told me this. We swim for a little while and Jimmy says cmon Carol let’s go look around.

We get out the pool and Jimmy grabs my hand and we go into this building. Inside it was a huge sauna. We’re sitting there talking and our friends followed us here. I tell Jimmy please don’t let these men do anything to me.

He again laughs and says don’t worry relax. Ok I feel better so I put my head in Jimmy’s lap. Jimmy has a very big cock and he grabs it and puts it in my mouth. Oh no Jimmy what are you doing. I start to suck his cock and Jimmy is now rock hard.

I look over at the two older men and they’re getting closer to us. I’m sucking Jimmy’s cock looking straight at them and now Jimmy has two fingers inside me. I’m so fucking wet and horny I want Jimmy to fuck me. I grab his cock and slowly lower myself on to it and begin to ride him.

Oh yes Jimmy fuck me give me your big cock. I look over and the two men are jerking off watching us fuck. Jimmy is sucking on my big tits and I cum all over his cock. Jimmy now gets on top of me and slams his cock inside me. I scream yes Jimmy fuck me, give me your cum.

Jimmy looks over at the two men and asks them my wife can fuck can’t she. They both nod yes and continue to jerk off. Jimmy now wants to fuck me doggy my favorite position. He gets behind me and is rubbing his cock against my pussy and I look at him and say don’t tease me and he slams his cock into me and I feel his big balls slapping my ass.

I put my head down in my towel enjoying Jimmy’s cock. I feel him pull out of me and another cock is inside me. I lift my head up and it’s one of the older men. I say to Jimmy what the fuck is this, when the other men puts his cock in my mouth. Jimmy says cmon Carol enjoy yourself, so that’s what I did. I told the man fucking me give me your cock fuck me.

I took the cock in my mouth and looked at the man and said cum in my mouth , give me your load of cum and he did. I swallowed every drop and he left his friend fucking me. I got on top of the man and slammed my pussy down in his cock and I could feel his cum inside me. I came also and lifted myself off the man as he kissed me and left.

I looked at Jimmy and said are you happy now and he said yes. We took a shower together so I could wash the cum out of me. The two men were gone and we didn’t even know their names. Now we go to the hot tub and Jimmy climbs in and I’m sitting on the ledge.

I hear a voice are you guys enjoying yourself. I look up and it’s Jack and his cock is almost touching my face. We answer yes and Jack says you guys should go check out the lake it’s so beautiful. Jack leaves and I climb in the tub with Jimmy.

We’re in the tub for a couple of minutes and Jimmy says let’s go down to the lake. He grabs my hand and a blanket and off we went. We get to the lake and Jimmy spreads the blanket. He’s sitting down and his cock looks huge. I get on all fours and put his cock in my mouth.

I grab his cock and look at Jimmy and say is this what you want. Jimmy smiles and says yes Carol suck my cock, which I do. I feel Jimmy’s hands opening my ass cheeks and then I feel a cock enter me. I turn and it’s Jack fucking me. Oh yes Jack fuck me and he slams his cock inside me.

Jack rolls me over and is now on his toes giving every inch of his cock. I love it as he slams down on me and I throw my hips up to meet his cock. Jimmy cums all over my tits, I cum and Jack cums deep inside me.

Jimmy grabs my hand and brings me to the lake so I can wash all the cum off and out of me. Jack kisses me and leaves. I look at Jimmy and ask him if he’s happy and he says yes very happy. We go back to our blanket and lay together in each other’s arms. It’s closing time and Jimmy and I grab our things and are leaving.

We run into Jack and he asks do we want to stay for dinner. Jimmy says no maybe another time and I say ok. Jimmy looks at me with this surprised look on his face. I’ve never had dinner naked with another man but it was very enjoyable. Jack then asks would you like to spend the night.

Jimmy again declines but I say yes Jack. We go up the stairs and Jack says ok guys this is your room. I tell Jimmy to go inside as I grab Jack’s rock hard cock and say lead the way Jack. What a night as Jack fucked me most of the night.

It’s morning I take a shower knock on Jimmy’s door and he opens the door and I tell him I’m ready to leave. We’re leaving Jack kisses me goodbye shakes Jimmy’s hand and says I hope you guys come back, I turn and say yes we will. If you’re ever in Jersey, go to the Rock Losge and tell Jack Carol said hello.

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