Nudist Mom

by Trish (WI)

“Oh! You caught me!” Jana laughed.

She had not been expecting to see her son that morning, obviously, standing there head-to-toe nude like she was on the patio.

“Mom!” Greg said, not believing his eyes. “You’re outside naked?”

“Well, the backyard is perfectly private, I was just working on getting rid of my tan lines,” she said.

The amused smile that he saw on his mom’s face told him that she wasn’t at all embarrassed. In the two years since she had been divorced from his father, he had noticed how she was no longer the meek subservient wife and mother he was used to be. Although he did like the change and thought that it was good, even if he was not expecting to see his mom naked like this.

She laughed. “You could always take off your clothes, and join me.”

“You mean … be naked, too?”

“Well,” she responded quite nonchalantly, “lots of moms don’t mind being naked with their sons. Not that it’s something they want known.” Quite confidently she added, “I certainly don’t mind being naked with you.”

“Oh,” Greg said, surprised by his mom’s liberal-minded attitude. “I … I guess I could.”

“It’d be nice,” she said encouragingly.

Greg got undressed. Almost right away, however, he felt himself getting a boner just as he feared he would. He felt self-conscious to have that happen, although at the same time it was exciting having a boner in front of his own mom.

His mom was hardly shocked. “Oh, my! That’s a nice one,” she said. She wrinkled her nose. “Do you want to take care of that with me? I’m in the mood.”

“Uh … ok,” Greg replied.

He watched as his mom spread a towel down on the patio stones and then laid on top of it. He joined her and without wasting a moment, his boner was pushing it her vagina.

“Oh, yes! That feels so good!” she said, her hands holding his hips as she laid there accommodating her son’s stiff male organ.

Greg could hardly believe that he was actually fucking his mom. Even if this was not something that he had ever thought about in the ways that some boys did, it was still appealing and thrilling to have his penis in his mom’s vagina.

This was exciting him incredibly.

“Oh, geez …” he said breathlessly. “I’m going to cum. Should I … should I cum in you?”

“Oh yes, please!” his mom said, fully expecting his sexual excitement to culminate in his ejaculating in her.

“Oh!’ Greg gasped as he helplessly felt his erection shooting his sperm inside of his mother, doing so nakedly and without constraint. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”

“Oh, yes, honey! Do it in me!”

“I am …” he panted, as his pulsing penis gave his mom his semen.

“Ohhhh … Ohhhh …” she murmured, holding him tightly. “That feels so good to feel you doing that I me.” Jana always found it so enticing to have a man’s penis ejaculate in her and to have her vagina filed with sperm.

When he finished, Greg looked just a little self-conscious over his lack of endurance and control. But doing this with his own mom, he just couldn’t help it. “But you didn’t get to cum,” he said apologetically.

“Oh, don’t worry about me. “ She gave him a teasing grin. “I’ll bet that you’ll have another boner in five minutes, and then you can make me cum.”

“Okay,” Greg said and he smiled. He was looking forward to giving his mom an orgasm and seeing that, as well as getting to fuck her some more and ejaculate in her again.

“And don’t worry,” she added. “I’m on the pill.”

Greg was glad that his mom was.

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