Nudist Club – Friends with Benefits

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

Susan and I had been members of the St. Louis Area Nudist Club for a few month when another couple asked us to come to a party at their South Saint Louis house. What a house, over 8,000 square foot, with an indoor pool and 10 different bedrooms! Richard and Pat quickly shared that besides enjoying nudism, they both enjoyed swinging!

Susan shared that we had play strip poker back in the Army days, and did actually swap partners and enjoyed our first swing at age 21. Richard commented that many begin swinging through a simple game of strip poker and that we weren’t alone. Pat shared that they had seen an ad in the Riverfront Times and simply contacted another area couple and ended up meeting for a dinner on the town!

Of course after dinner they were invited back to their home where the ins and outs of their swing club were shared. Richard shared that for them, it began with the exchanging of partners and having sex in separate bedrooms. They found that very exciting because it allowed them both the share with each other LATER what had transpired!

Three months later, we attended a swapping party at their house and what a crowd there was! Over 20 couple including a few singles thrown in for more excitement. We followed the path we had been told about and each picked a different person and then picked a bedroom to use. After a couple of hours Susan and I met up at their pool area and began talking.

I was totally surprised when Susan told me she had been selected by 10 different men so far this evening! I asked her if she was alright and she shared that besides feeling a little sore, she had really enjoyed how big the cocks were of many of these men tonight! She then gave me a kiss and told me not to feel embarrassed because of my tiny penis; that I knew she loved me with all her heart!

Susan asked me how I had done and sadly I told her just like our first swapping time back in the Army, I couldn’t get and erection so the two different women and chose me, had to lick their pussies and assholes! Like Susan they were very kind in spite of my tiny penis and spent a lot of time having me share about my dealing with my tiny penis and what actually I enjoyed during sex. I told Susan I had shared that what felt the best for me, besides getting to eat your pussy and asshole, was when you used your strap on dong to fuck my asshole. Both women fingered my asshole for me and watched as I achieved my 3” erection!

Susan told me she was proud of my ability to share my feelings in spite of my ability to sexually perform for these women. Later, I found out that Susan had caught up with Pat and asked her if it was going to be a problem with me not being about to perform, let alone not being able to provide any sexual satisfaction. Susan shared that a few weeks later Pat had called her to ask if I had ever been with another man for sex. She told Pat that to her knowledge the answer was no, but I totally got off when she fucked me with her strap on dong!

At the following month’s swinger’s party, Susan and I were ready to split up, for me knowing that she was in high demand. Primarily because almost everyone at these parties were 15-20 years older than us! Susan told me to pick Pat and she would help me understand more about my involvement now.

Once in our bedroom Pat began rubbing my tiny penis as she told me that although my erection was too small to really please any of the attending women, she suggested that there were a few of the men that might enjoy, especially both of the black members say, getting some on the down low! Pat went on to explain the down low was what they called it when they were fucking another man, in secret.

I soon understood that Pat had setup a small table that I was go lay across in their most “remote” bedroom. This room was actually setup to be an in-laws quarters setting off of the rear of their house with its own private entrance. Pat told me that I would be doing all the women a favor, not just because they could spend their party time fuck regular and large cocks, but also because several of the members had previously shared that they felt their husband wanted to experience bi-sex but had never yet been able to try it!

Pat shared that one of their bathrooms had a door that accessed this special bedroom hidden behind a fake closet door. She shared that the word was shared through these women that I would be ready and waiting for them to corn hole my waiting asshole and no one would ever know what they had gone off to do! Pat told these women that even I wouldn’t know who was fucking me because I would be blindfolded and would be tied to the table so I couldn’t get up until she had come to release me.

Pat assured me that this was the sex I was made for, being a boi pussy, enjoying the fullness and depth of taking a real cock up my asshole, and finally feeling their cum flooding my bowels! She finally kissed me, with tongue, and told me to tell her if I would embrace this new experience.

So into this special bedroom I went, stripped and lay across this table. It was just my length allowing me to be bent at my waist leaving my legs hanging off but not quite touching the ground! At the other end, my head was positioned at the very end allowing, as Pat shared, for me to accept their cocks in my mouth providing a discrete blow job as a second option!

It took about an hour but a person finally came into the bedroom and without saying a word, walked up and pushed his cock again my mouth! I started sucking him when I heard him actually speak telling me to just let it stay in my mouth a few minutes. Even in my state of excitement, I knew Richard’s voice and he had given himself away!

He was leaking pre-cum in loads and finally started to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. It didn’t take him long before I heard him begin moaning and I felt his hot load of cum flooding my mouth! Richard quickly stopped pumping letting his cock just lay on my tongue. He began pulling his cock from my mouth when I heard him call out to another person.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked.

“I wanted to see you finally get to experience the bi-sex you have fantasized about!” Pat replied!

So here was not only my first breeder but his wife also with me lying there cum still dripping from my mouth and my tiny erection pressing again the table! I heard Pat tell Richard to go ahead and come around and fuck me. He told her he wasn’t sure he was ready for that so I heard Richard leave the bedroom and Pat bend down and ask me if I was having a good time.

I told her that blowjob felt great and was so glad to know it was Richard using me. I shared that I was still a little afraid of someone just coming in and fucking my asshole! Pat told me not to worry that seven different women had approached her sharing that they had told their husbands I would be in this secluded bedroom if they wanted to experience gay, she meant sex with another man, of course in secret!

Over the next few hours, it turned out to be actually 6 hours; man after man came into the bedroom, pushed their cocks into my asshole and fucked me quite hard! While many of these cocks felt about the same size, two of them for sure were at least a foot long. Those must have belonged to the black members getting their down low adventure for the evening!

Yes my asshole was pretty sore, but the actual feeling I felt when their cocks pushed into my asshole and the fullness and pressure I felt during my ass fucking, was almost undescribed! Yes Susan had fucked me with her strap on dong several times before tonight, but it sure didn’t feel as impressive as a real cock, no way!

Just before Pat and Susan came in to release me from the fuck table, two of the party women came into to visit me; the first pushed her asshole up against my mouth and told me to lick her clean. Her asshole was covered and leaking fresh cum which I took care of.

I was even greeted with a nice solid fart as a parting gift! The second woman pushed her pussy against my mouth and I started licking the hot cum running onto my tongue! I could also taste her piss she was leaking out for me to suck in. Water Sports was new to me but her piss actually tasted sweet.

Susan began talking to me as I felt Pat untying me. Both women helped me stand up and began laughing as loads of cum was dripping and running down both of my legs. Pat suggested I head into the shower and clean up. Susan told me to take my time and enjoy the warm water.

As I came out of the shower Pat was on her back and I saw Susan fucking her with a different strap on, one that was much bigger than hers and black as night! I sat down on a chair and watched Susan moaning as she fucked Pat and Pat telling Susan how much she loved her and telling her to fuck her harder and harder!

After staying behind with Richard and Pat talking about this party and learning more about my sissy boi experience. Pat shared that he had heard back from 3 women who shared that their husbands thoroughly enjoyed getting to fuck their first man ass, and each of them wanted to do this at each of the future parties! Richard told us that both Marquis and Tyrone said I had been a decent fuck and had asked if some of their friends could attend future parties only to have access to my white ass!

By 2am Susan and I headed home. On the drive Susan asked me if I really enjoyed myself tonight. I told her that as my first gay experience it was pretty nice. Susan asked me why I was calling it gay and I told her that since I was the only one getting my asshole fucked, I thought it was like an Fraternity Hazing where I had read about new pledges were forced to let full members fuck them as they wanted without any control!

As we climbed into bed Susan told me she loved me and hoped I would enjoy all future parties. I knew she would especially with Marquis and Tyrone!

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