Nothing Better

by Ron (CA)

Ryan was facing Dawane, sitting astride his lap, with his thick erection firmly pushed up into his butt.

“I’m, glad that you could come over so we can fuck,” Dawane said, looking forward to taking care of his boner in the younger male.

“I like it when we fuck,” Ryan said eagerly. His own healthy erection was jabbing boldly and uninhibitedly up from between his legs.

He was nineteen, and really had just discovered his gayness in that last year, and that he felt attracted to other males. More, that he really craved male love and sex.

Although, he was still relatively inexperienced and wanted to explore his new found sexuality. He felt grateful to Dawane, whom he had met just two weeks ago to provide him with the chance.

Dawane was only too happy to. He was quite pleased to have this younger male, thin and smooth, to enjoy sexually. Just as it had been a pleasant surprise for him to discover how easy it had been the first time to fuck Ryan’s butt, getting to take his hard length all the way in him without difficulty.

Ryan began to move up and down with Dawane moving his hips to make his lubricated boner slide in and out of the younger male’s accommodating anal sheath.

Ryan found his butt hole stretching around Dawane’s thick organ, stimulating him unbelievably as it went back and forth through his sensitive opening, each time going deep into him.

“Oh, yeah … I love to fuck my dick in our butt,” Dawane said.

“Your dick feels so good!” Ryan said, squeezing his eyes shut as he savored the pleasure of having his private quarters violated in such a masculine way.

The first time that he had actually been fucked had been at a party. It had been quite unexpected. He had met another friendly boy and the two of them had gone off to start making out.

Then their pants had come down and before he knew it, the other boy was sticking his bone into his butt, practically raping him, really. Ryan had been surprised, but had not minded. He had found his introduction to male sex exciting.

“Oh, yeah … yeah …” Dawane breathed as his manly organ was homosexually caressed by the warm, soft interior of Rayn’s boy vagina. “Yeah … that feels so good.”

They were both breathing hard, panting in their sexual excess.

In a moment more Ryan gasped as his boner started ejaculating, his liquid squirting out in uncontrolled pulses.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” he moaned helplessly.

“Oh, yeah! I love to fuck the sperm out of you!” Dawane said as he saw Ryan ejaculating.

Then suddenly his boner was throbbing inside of Ryan, nakedly delivering his semen and sperm deep into the younger male in satisfying, repeated surges.

“Oooo …. Yeah!” He grunted as he once more successfully fucked Ryan ‘s butt to completion. “Ahhhh …. Ahhhhhh, yeah … that feels so good. Ooo … Oooo … yeah … just squeeze that last bit into you.”

Ryan thoroughly enjoyed Dawane taking his dick all the way inside of him, of being the recipient of his wet male love. His thin, smooth body relaxed and went limp in Dawane’s arms, and he could think of nothing better than this.

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