Not So Gay

by Dex (CA)

Jarred was naked and face down on the bed, with his butt in the air, feeling the other guy’s boner fucking him. It was so exciting to be feeling himself being penetrated like this by David’s stiff male organ.

This was the fourth time that they had done this together and Jarred was becoming afraid that it meant he was gay because enjoyed it so much. If a guy enjoyed being fucked by another guy, then that had to mean that he was gay. He really didn’t feel attracted to other boys, he liked girls, and David had talked him into doing this just for fun and he had gone along with it. Jarred, though, had been surprised by how much he had enjoyed and liked being fucked by another guy. It was exciting and so pleasingly male.

“Oh … Oh … Oh, yeah …” David breathed as he continued to stroke his erect organ back and forth through Jarred’s tight butt hole. “It feels great being in you.”

“Yeah …” Jarred breath in response.

It felt wonderful to feel David’s boner doing this to him. It was exciting to use his butt hole in this way.

For the next full minute Jarred savored just how good it felt being fucked as a boy by another boy. And at the same time fearing his discovery that he must be gay to like it so much.

“I’m going to cum in you!” David announced.

David let his boner ejaculate deep inside of Jarred, his semen coming out in satisfying surges, one after the other.

Jarred was enthralled to feel David doing this in him, to actually be receiving his sperm. He had to be gay to want to feel another boy ejaculating in him, to have another boy’s sperm in him.

The excitement of feeling David doing this made him ejaculate as his boner pulses out his own semen onto the bed in a thick, wet discharge.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” Jarred panted with his release.

Oh, god! To just be ejaculating spontaneously like that because he was being fucked in the butt by another had to mean that he was gay.

A moment later David withdrew his penis, slipping it from Jarred’s butt. He laid nakedly beside him and smiled.

“That felt so good!” David said.

“Yeah …” Jarred agreed, and this made him feel even more disheartened. “I … I guess that I’m gay,” he said.

David looked at him, not understanding. “What do you mean?”

“Well …” Jarred said helplessly. “I like it when you fuck me. That means that I’m gay.”

David looked at his friend with an amused grin. “Gay? That doesn’t mean that you’re gay! We’re just two friends .Lots of friends fuck. It doesn’t mean that you’re gay.”

“It … it doesn’t?” Jarred questioned, unsure.

“No,” David confirmed.

“But if you like having your butt fucked …”

David gave a shrug of his bare shoulders. “Lots of guys like having their butt fucked. It’s fun and it feels good. That doesn’t make them gay.” Careless he threw in, “I like having my butt fucked.:”

Jarred was surprised. “You do?”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t mind if you fucked my butt. It would feel good.” He said this in a quite unembarrassed and straightforward fashion.

Jarred grinned. He had never felt so relieved in his life.

“As soon as get another boner, why don’t you stick it in me?” David teased and wrinkled his nose. “I’d like that.”

“Oh … okay,” Jarred responded. He had just made an amazing discovery. Guys could fuck without being gay. He had never been happier.

I wanted to write this because it is very much a true story. I think that all too often many guys think that they are gay when they really are not. They just have that idea pushed on them and nothing could farther from the truth. So let's stand up for some straight guy equal rights. Call it bisexual, but don't call it gay. I prefer to call it just being friends.

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