No One Would Ever Guess

by Rochell (MN)

No, I am not one of those wonton divorced moms. I am not man-hungry. I don't dress like a hooker.

I am just one of those normal, reasonably attractive divorced moms in her mid-forties with a twenty-four year old son that I have a good mother-son relationship with. I have a good job, dress in an ordinary fashion, and I am really just quite ordinary.

No one would ever guess that my son and I have been having the most wonderful sexual relationship for the last two years. That with him we were often naked together around the house, that we fuck frequently and love every moment of it, and that several times now we have even gone on vacation down to Mexico, and once to California to stay in a single room together as husband and wife.

No, no one would ever guess. They would never guess that I liked performing oral sex on my son, and that on occasion he even has had anal intercourse with me. Something which I find very personal and intimate and thrilling. No, no one would ever guess.

I was thinking this the other day as I laid there naked beneath him on the bed, feeling his hard penis going in and out of my wet vagina, and moving my hips with his as we fucked.

All I could think of was how wonderful and special and how exciting it was to be doing this with my own son. How much I enjoyed having his penis in me and how much I would enjoy it when he put his sperm into me. Oh, God yes, I was thinking this!

It is so wonderful when my son tells me just how much he likes doing this with his mom. I think that he has fallen just a little bit in love with me. In fact, I know that he has. I certainly have fallen just a little bit in love with him.

When we have gone on vacation and we act like husband and wife, this is such an easy and enjoyable role for us to play. And yes, we have been talking, and quite serious the last few months, about our just moving away and living openly some place together and husband and wife.

And why not? We’re both very pleased and happy with our relationship. I believe that we have pretty much made up our minds to do this.

No, no one would ever guess.

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