Nips Playing

by Goamaria (Canada)

My gf stayed over the weekend. We always sleep naked whenever together so that we could spent lots of time in lesbian eroticism and mutual masturbation.

This night we were stroking our boobs and she wanted my tongue to lick her nipples.

I obliged and continued to kiss all around the aerola of her breasts giving her goosebumps for a little while and ran my warm hands over her body.

Her nipples were so engorged and so firmer that she arched her back so that our bodies were pressed close together. She wanted to feel the friction of my boobs against her body too.

I looked at her eyes closely and then giving one slow, long lick across her breast before kissing her nipples. She shivered in pleasure, feeling a tingle deep in her loins. Her thighs clenched against my hips as I gave her nipple full attention, flicking it over and over with my tongue.

With my other hand I squeezed the other nipple, flicking it with my fingers. She felt all warm and tingly between her legs, and all throughout her body.

“Oh my god,” she exclaimed when my teeth grazed her nipple.

She hadn’t been expecting it, definitely took her by surprise but she liked it. I bit it gently, then increasingly hard, but switched to the other nipple before the first one could be too hurt.

I knew to read her body language and the moans she let out to push her limits but not too much and kept on squeezing her boobs tight with my hands.

“You’re amazing,” she uttered.

She was so surprised that nipple play could feel so great. My hips crashed into thighs as they were sort of dry humping while I licked her nipple wildly. It turned her on even more to know that this was making me horny as well.

“Do that again!” she suddenly exclaimed as I flicked her nipple particularly intensely with my tongue.

She arching her back, head tilted, she lost in her own erotic feelings of pleasure.

And when I used my teeth again the mix of pleasure and pain was so amazing that the warmth and tingles she felt between her legs overwhelmed her. Her hips stuck out, rubbing against my crotch.

Using my hands to squeeze her breasts as close together as possible, I licked both her nipples with one long flick of my tongue.

Then I focused on just one again, biting it, harder, harder, and she was about to scream out and tell me to stop - afraid that it would hurt too much. But just before she screamed out, I replaced my teeth with my lips, then my tongue, and I did that twirling thing again that made her go wild.

She felt her pussy getting even more wet, and delicious warmth rushing through her body. She moaned loudly, over and over again, and I never stopped pleasuring both her nipples, one with my fingers and the other with my tongue and teeth. It was too much - the sheer pleasure overwhelmed her senses.

“Holy shit…” she said. “Oh my god…” as if she had no idea what was happening; she’d never even thought it was possible to reach orgasm from this. But she was definitely coming, she was so close, it was insane.

“Don’t stop…” she begged and I too didn’t stop. Just as the heat in her body exploded, and pleasure consumed her in delicious waves raking her entire body with spasms, I bit her nipple so hard that she screamed out.

But it was a scream of both pain and pleasure and it only made her orgasm more intense and perfect.

“Oh my god…” she moaned breathing heavy as I finally released her extremely sensitive, flushed nipple from my teeth.

I held her close as she enjoyed the last lingering tingles and spasms from her orgasm, and she smiled and laughed, incredulous.

We entwined our bodies tight, feeling all satisfied and enjoying the feel our warm breasts pressed together after all that teasing.

“That was… amazing,” she said at length. I kissed her lips, slow and deep.

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