Nightly Fun With Grandpa

by Cricket (Phoenix, Az)

As far back in my childhood as I can remember, I had always been looking for an opportunity to rub my pussy and make it tingle. I remember vividly, laying in my bed with my fingers in my panties. By then I already knew to seek out that hard little knob at the top as my slit and rub it in circles until I thought I’d Pee my pants. I never did Pee my pants, but my fingers sure got sticky.

By this time, I was an excellent little masturbator. While at college, I would find privacy in the girls room. As often as possible I would sneak into the bathroom, take down my panties and stretch my legs out while sitting on the toilet and rub my little clit as hard and fast as I could, reaching many orgasms several times a day.

One night after grandma went to bed a little tipsy, I was sitting on the floor in front of the television, doing homework while grandpa watched a show he liked. I had gotten so used to playing with my pussy, I didn’t realize that I was rubbing my clit with the eraser end of my chubby pencil until grandpa’s voice startled me back to reality.

Although he didn’t yell, his voice was stern and serious. “what are you doing with your pencil“ grandpa demanded. Startled into silence, I did not answer him. “Come over here and show me exactly what you were doing“ he said, hooking his finger to me and calling me to him on the couch. My grandfather was a very tall man, very masculine, and was truthfully a bit frightening when he was angry.

I obeyed him immediately. Raising my dress up to my waist, I put the eraser tip against my panties and gently rubbed it over the pink cotton covering my eighteen-year-old pussy. My grandfather watched as the rubber from the pencil move back-and-forth . “Were you rubbing that pencil on the outside of your panties, or on the inside of your panties?“ I knew I could not lie to him… My punishment would be even more severe if I lied.

Quote on the outside, grandpa“ I said. Then my grandpa asked if I often touched myself there and if so was it always on the outside of my panties, or did I also like to touch inside them. He told me that he was sure it must feel very good rubbing myself there, because all girls feel good there when they rub with their fingers. I told him I did like it, and told him that I’d like to put my fingers inside my panties and make them sticky.

I told him I thought my fingers tasted yummy when they got sticky. That’s when I saw a smile on my grandpa’s face that I had never seen before. He lowered his voice to a whisper and asked me to show him how I like to touch inside my panties and I got very excited at sharing the secret with my grandpa. I pulled my panties down in front put my fingers on my little slit and rub the circle over my clit, looking up into my grandfathers eyes For a response.

“You think it tastes good when your fingers get sticky?“ I nodded my head, and returned my hand to my already tingling mound. “I have to rub my she-she for a long time first, but it feels so good and then it gets sticky and I can lick it off my fingers “.

That is when everything turned for the better! My grandpa looked so happy and excited… Like I had figured out some great secret that only wise grown-ups knew. Then he said “if you think your fingers feel good, I have a trick that will make it feel 100 times better! If you can keep it a secret, I promise to make it feel good every night and you and I can have special secret panty time together when grandma goes to bed at night.”

After swearing me to secrecy, and making sure I understood that we must be very very quiet, grandpa pulled me closer to him. As I was standing in front of him, and he was sitting on the couch, we were at the perfect level for some very naughty business. Grandpa slowly pulled my panties down to just above my knees and gently taking each of my little bum cheeks and hand assured me closer to him as he leaned forward.

Before I knew it I could feel his breath on my tummy, and then my little pussy. He placed a soft kiss right at the top of my slit and slowly slid his tongue between my little pussy lips until they touched my soft opening. He added the slightest bit of suction and licked from my cunt to my clit while sucking. I pushed my pelvis forward nearly falling. His fingers grabbed my little ass tightly and slowly pulled my cheeks apart running his fingers between until the tips touched the edge of my little cunny.

When we were finally mouth to pussy, he opened his mouth, placing my sweet little mouth just inside, his tongue rubbing gently over my slick cunt hole and started to massage my entire pussy with his tongue as he sucked and swallowed the sweetest pussy honey he’d ever tasted. My little body quivers, and as I moaned in ecstasy, grandpa gently placed his hand over my mouth, pulled his mouth off my wet slit and shush to me. “You have to be quiet my sweet little kitty“ I did as I was told, staying as silent as possible until the only sound heard was that of sucking and licking… Delicious wet noises coming from between my legs.

Grandpa and I played like this for nearly an hour. Reluctantly, I asked him to stop sucking my pussy because I was becoming too sore. The tickle was starting to hurt just a little. This brought him to his senses and he remembered to check the clock. Thank goodness he did, as my mother was due to arrive shortly! Grandfather agreed that we was time to stop, but wanted to clean me up before I pulled my panties back up.

He did this by taking my leg out of the panties, kneeling down on the floor, and lifting one of my legs over his shoulder. Quote let me give you a puppy bath“ said grandpa. I might have only been eighteen years old, but I was very sexually intelligent for my age. I knew it was coming… And I closed my eyes and smiled, holding on to grandpas shoulders while he licked my pussy from clit to cunt to asshole until there were no more juices to taste.

Grandpa and I played this way every evening after grandma went to bed. I made sure to wear dresses, often removing my panties and hiding them in my backpack before grandma even went to bed. That way if I was especially eager, I could sit next to grandpa on the couch and he could put his fingers in my pussy and get me ready for his tongue.

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