New Rider In The Saddle

by Bryn (Cheshire, UK)

The two friends lay limp and relaxed in the crumpled bed, they were hot and slick with perspiration and barely recovering from their frantic breathless fuck.

“I wish you had a big thick cock, Thel, a nice hard throbbing boner to stuff me with and dump loads rich pearly spunk in me, GOD! I miss that so much since Eddy died."

“Sorry Sylv. love, all I can offer is my clit and my tongue plus of course Captain Digit, and at least I can fist you as a substitute for a cock stretching you, you insatiable slut.......lick me out again sweetie, I’m juicing up."

Happily Sylvia slithered down the bed and swooped down onto Thelma's splayed runny pussy and bent to her enjoyable task. Afterwards they dozed for a few hours before stirring themselves to take a shower and present themselves to their families as two 'mum best friends'.

A few days later the two women got together in a coffee bar in town and their conversation soon turned to sex with Thelma bemoaning her lack of manhood plugging her ever leaky hole and inundating her cervix with spunk. Then to her surprise and shock, Sylvia made her friend an offer she knew Thelma would not refuse....

“Well, you might like to try my lad, he's a good looking feller"

“WHAT!! You mean your Liam, bloody hell, you mean you’re recommending I entice your son over and into my bed...are you fucking serious Sylv??"

"Why not I don’t object to pimping him out to my best friend......and her empty cock socket."

“GOD! d'you know what Sylv.. I'll accept you offer....your Liam, has he got, I mean is he, well, is your son well hung Sylv. what’s his dodger like, you must have seen it often enough"?

“Yes, size queen, my Liam has got a real donkey dick, he'll be enough for you, you randy slut."

"oooooohhh!! Stop it, I'm wetting myself here, m'knickers are gonna be soaked, God I'm gonna get dicked at last, a nice young man with a big dick and hopefully loaded with spunk, God, Ohh GOD, get him to drop in asap Thel, you are truly a real friend darling, I'm you bed slave whenever you want me".

“Dirty bitch, Thel. I'll tell him to slip in when he can honey. You know what?"

“No, what?"

“I’m getting that itch in a very demanding place, so I recommend going to your house and upstairs to your nice big bed right way."

Together the two friends left the cafe.

It took but 24 hours before Thelma responded to her doorbell chiming...........

“Oh! Liam, hello love, step in, come through to the lounge."

“Mum says your toilet is overfilling and dripping outside, sounds like the block needs adjusting."

“Oh!, can you fix it, go up stairs and check it out Liam."

In the bathroom Liam did the adjustment needed and had a quick look at Thelmas dirty laundry, noting her heavily stained and strongly smelling undies, which started his cock twitching.

Back downstairs, Thelma had brought a couple of cold beers from the fridge and they sat sipping them.

“You must get brassed off alone in this big house Thelma, is there no one in your life now except my Mum"

“No! no one Liam, and that suits me just fine2

“Oh! how’s that work?"

“Well it means I can take my pleasures wherever and with whomever I like and o one can stop me"

“Sounds good to me, Thelma"

“Yeah! fr'instance I could say to you, I'd love to snog you, you're fit, I fancy the arse off you......."

“Bloody hell, that’s an invitation hard to refuse, I'd probably say fantastic!, help yourself."

In an instant, Thelma was on the young man pushing him on the sofa, straddling him an planting her soft hot open lips on his gaping mouth, cutting off any protest. Thelma, in a state of hyper arousal, devoured Liam, her tongue searching his mouth seeking his and this kiss supercharged the two of them, only Thelma managing to drag herself and Liam off the couch and totter to the foot of the stairs.

Pausing, she unhooked her skirt and shimmied out of it, leaving it in a heap on the floor, two steps up and off came her tight ribbed top. Now, another three steps up and clad in just her Bra and brief tight Knickers, Thelma turned to look down at Liam.

"Get your kit off Liam darling, I have a man’s job for you to do and it can best be done naked, so......."

Thelma watched hot eyed as her prey struggled out of his clothes and drew in a long hissing breath as his manhood swung into view from the prison of his briefs, he was erect, naked, bloated with hot blood, foreskin half peeled back and his wet pale bluey purple knob weeping a long skein of silvery pre-cum.

It leapt at its freedom, nine inches of thick iron hard blood engorged beating man cock, waving as if seeking a target.

Thelma gaped bug eyed, her cunt becoming hot and moist. She held up a hand and wagged a finger at Liam....

“C’mon sweet stuff, I've got an itch that needs scratching." and saying so she rolled her knickers down exposing her shaven cunt and the cheekily protruding pussy wings guarding her Gate of Heavenly Delight. Then she unsnapped her Bra, unleashing her generously padded tits with big thick browny pink nipples, Liam leaped up the stairs and nearly raped Thelma right there on the landing floor.

“No! In my room, Liam, in here on my bed."

“Jeez! I’m wanna fuck till your legs are bandy, you are one very horny lady."

"Hmmm and You my darling are one extremely gifted young bull with that big Dangle Burger hanging out of the bottom of your belly. C'mom me 'and some, mount up warm the saddle."

Thelma threw herself on the bed, legs spread obscenely wide, pussy shiny wet and open. She massaged her tits, pinching and tweaking her nipples......

“FUCK! Liam, I'm gagging for it, it’s been an age since a man was in this bedroom, let alone a naked one with Minge Masher like your my sweet."

“Brace yourself Thelma, 'cos here it comes......."

Thelma screamed as Liam assaulted her cock starved body, thrusting himself into her and fucking her without any thought for how she felt. But Thelma soon responded and the pair went at it like alley cats, heaving, humping, grinding, clawing and mauling each other’s bodies until the first of several orgasms tore through Thelma, causing her to void her bladder, her hot piss squirting forcefully as her body convulsed spasmodically.

"Oh God, oh God, oh GOD!! stay in me, oh fuck stay inside, don’t pull out Liam, ohhhhhhh GOD, I feel FLOODED, FUCK!! How much did you cum, ooooooohh! It feels so nice after soooo long, a big hard dick pouring spunk into me. I wanna keep it inside me, darling, just to savour the moment, aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

“The way youre clamping you pussy around it I aren't try to pull out Thel, itmight snap off"

The two contestants laughed and the laughter made Liams softening cock waggle in its soft hot gooey prison until Thelmas laughter forced the limp penile invader to flop out, followed by a rivulet of glutinous spunk that ran from one hole into the crevice of Thelmas arse to coat her crinkly anus.

“How do you feel Thel, was that OK for you?"

"Are you kidding? It’s been so long since I've been properly shagged and spunked up I thought my Flue might just heal up. Liam darling it was tremendous, I love that terrible weapon of yours, it really bored deep into me. Do you recover well? I hope so 'cos I'm gonna want it again.....and again......and maybe again, if you have nothing else planned for the rest of the day?"

"I think we should go to your house right away, I'm getting that itch in that very demanding place"

Together they left the cafe.

End of Part 1

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