New Pleasures

by Carla (CA)

Chloe was smiling happily as she lay there naked on the bed, feeling her son’s stiff penis in her vagina.

“It’s so much fun doing this with my own son,” she said, delighted, and still feeling surprised by the fact that she was.

“It’s fun doing it with my mom,” Carl said back, smiling just as happily.

It was fun and exciting for a mother and son to be able to engage in intercourse together, to be that nakedly free with one another. The natural bond between a mother and son actually made this such a genuine thing to enjoy together. Mother and son sex had been going on since time immemorial of course and was certainly nothing new. Although now, with more mothers being divorced and with reliable birth control allowing for a woman to exercise sexual freedom, this was definitely becoming far more common.

Of course, there were those who saw this as being wrong and somehow immoral. Although beyond perhaps biological reasons for a mother and son not to be genetically combining in the reproductive sense, the objections were hardly persuasive. Not when it came to using the pleasurable and satisfying aspects of the reproductive act to expressive love and closeness and intimacy. For a mother and son this could be a very completing experience and one worth having.

Perhaps the most surprising thing of all was that it had only been two months since Chloe had separated from his father. That, and the fact that there had never even been anything of sexual nature between her and Carl. Nothing even suggestive. He was nineteen now, and for them they had just shared the usual mother and son relationship.

Somehow, though, without his father being there, the enjoyment of the two of them being closer had been quite inviting, and very quickly had led to the teasing idea of being sexually expressive of their feelings.

With no difficulty at all, Chloe and Carl had found themselves having intercourse.

It really had been nothing more than a simple matter of them being naked together, and him putting his penis in her vagina. A perfectly natural act. Although the significance of doing this as mother and son was not lost on them by any means. While sex could often be viewed as nothing more than compulsion, for them it was far more deliberate and ultimately more intimate.

That morning they both realized this as her vagina accommodated his erect penis, and they both felt elated over their being so nakedly physical with one another. Neither had ever experienced anything so essential emotionally nor sexually. It was wonderful and felt like a celebration.

Chloe still felt a twinge of modesty over her being so nakedly revealing of herself sexually with her son, although at the same time that was very exciting to do. Carl felt the same way, of course, letting his mom see his large stiff penis and his naked sexual urge. Again, it was far more personal than anything that either had ever experienced before, and yet that was so desirable.

It was so mutually satisfying for his sex organ to be in hers.

“Oh, Carl …” she said mindfully, “I should be embarrassed to be fucking like this with my son.”

“I like fucking you, mom,” Carl said, feeling prideful that he was.

“I like fucking you, too,” she said.

Carl began to move his erection more purposefully in and out of his mom’s vagina, which was slick and wet and aroused, making his insertions uninterrupted. Chloe helplessly felt her clitoris becoming demandingly erect.

“Ohhh …” she breathed.

“Yeah … yeah …” Carl breathed back.

For the next two full minutes they shared the pleasure of fucking together.

Again, and again Carl’s erect penis went into his mom’s soft, wet vaginal sheath, going permissively deep into her female essence in a way that was soul baring for all women, and as it was for Chloe as she lay there willingly and wantingly allowing her son’s maleness to be in her.

It was not just the sex, but the fact that he was doing this with his own mom which made his erection so outstanding in its stiff development.

“Ohhhhhhh …” Chole moaned. “Oh, Carl! You’e going to make me have an orgasm!”

As Chloe had discovered, I was so easy to have an orgasm with her son. To not have one was almost unthinkable now. There was no waiting, no wanting, no wishing and wondering if it might happen. It just did. Wildly and uncontrollably it just did.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Chloe practically screamed when it happened.

Her whole naked body was having an orgasm and climaxing in a wonderful way which she had never experienced before. It was like she was flying through the air, a naked female being swept along on the most fantastic currents of pleasure.

Oh, it was so wonderful!

For Carl it was so incredibly satisfying to be using his penis to give his own mom this kind of pleasure.

He looked down and watched her climaxing. Her eyes squeezed shut, her head turning from side to side, her face flush, her naked body beneath his experiencing this womanly sexual release. It was so exciting.

In a way that was just as helpless for him, suddenly he was ejaculating.

He felt the male liquid surging up through his rigid organ, shooting out in repeated pulses that were so gratifying in giving his mom his sperm in a wet overabundance, filling her vagina with its reproductive substance.

“Uh …Uh … Uh …Uh …” Carl grunted with the intense spasms of his own release, overwhelmed that he was actually getting to do this in his own mom.

The moment had a timeless quality as they were both lost to the shared pleasure of it.

Finally, they were both able to open their eyes and they smiled at one another over their success, over their celebrating their being mother and son as intimately as nature allowed. It was wonderful.

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