New Life For Ruth: Part 9

by ambergreen (UK)

The dildo was being removed slowly from her sopping cunt, and Jacob Rees was pushing her legs back and wide the mushroom head of his eight inch prick was entering the folds of her gaping swollen cunt, she willingly pushed up to receive him, her face twisted and distorted mouth full of man flesh she new she must look like a common street whore and she loved it.

Has her pussy was slowly filled once more and she felt fingers again stretching her brown hole… could humiliating but she new that’s what master wanted and she wouldn’t disappoint.

She could see him stood back that evil looking smile on his face, directing his charges, in his hand something she had only seen recently on the web films she had watched a small dildo but shaped just for the anus. A butt plug god they were going to stick it in her bottom….she couldn’t let could she stop them.

Just as if they were timing it Mike lifted his balls from her mouth and started to feed her the fattest cock she had ever seen almost as round as it was long, has she started to gag on his cock meat, Jacob Rees rammed his prick fully home and in one move Colin had filled her bumhole full off a greasy rubber anal plug. Ruth tried to scream from her mouth full of cock, her hands went to take it out…..

“You fucking touch that bitch and we’ll fit you with the next size up and rip your arse apart, you’ll soon get used to things in every hole your just our sex toy so enjoy whore” this was Colin all the time laughing down at her.

For the next hour the three men used her ignoring her pain, fucking either her mouth or cunt, spanking her ass with hands or belts whipping biting and squeezing her ample DD tits, using them has levers as they fucked her eager cunt.

Now her ass was never forgotten one would ease the butt plug out re-grease it and ease it back in they’d take turns pulling and pushing in gently getting another hole ready to please her assailants.

Ruth as the pain eased and other excitement took over began to ignore the pain, her fingers squeezed balls her tongue found pee holes, she screamed for more time and again so lost in this filthy humiliating sex she had come to love.

Then she found herself alone with just Robert...her new master…this big domineering old man in one hand his massive cock the other holding a mobile phone he blatantly took pictures of her...she was lay on the carpeted floor, eyes half closed still filled with lust covered in sweat and male cum it dripped down her body still pouring down her thighs from her soppy cunt, her tiny skirt had long since gone stocking were in shreds.

Her body battered and bitten mostly round her tits ass and upper thighs, she remembers someone whipping her cunt before trying to get his fist up there …..”well my whore you seemed to enjoy being my friends sex toy” quietly she nodded up to him “tell me Ruth tell me the best” “Mike licking me down there” he pushed her legs apart taking more shots

“Lick you he ate you!! Devoured you!! and you danced on the end of his tongue such a filthy girl you loved his tongue up there” as he spoke he envisaged his three Irish wolf hounds using their long tongue’s on his latest whore.

“You’ll get a lot more Ruth your such a good little whore wait until we have a real party, but right now we need to do something about this” he was pulling on his massive lump of man flesh.

“Get on your knee’s pull out that greasy butt plug, we are going to see how much of this will fit in your arsehole” Ruth showed true fear in her eyes, she begged him no!! please “now we not going to have any problem Ruth you know you will give me what I want, so to make this easy you are going to help, you will get on your knee’s spread those cheeks as wide as possible, then you will beg me to fuck you up your arse, and I mean beg now fucking move fast”

Ruth slowly moved onto her knee’s tentatively pulling out the butt plug shamed by the plopping noise it made on exit, placing it beside her she stretched her anal passage for the filthy old man behind her, she hated the thought of what was about to happen, but excited by his words knowing he would have his way using her virgin hole.

She whispered “fuck me sir fuck my bottom” “louder beg me properly you dirty little slut” his hand came down hard on her ass, once twice three times...she screamed out what she knew he wanted to hear “stick your cock up my arse master fuck me hard split me in two you perverted bastard shag by arsehole” tears streamed down her face, Robert loved it, loved her humiliation, loved knowing she hated him but loved what he did for her.

His fist was holding his cock just behind it’s fat mushroom head, he started to push at her brown rosebud shitter, he was surprised how easy it gave, the butt plug had worked some magic his cock head burst passed her sphincter. The rest followed easily inch at time until every inch had disappeared. He could hear Ruth gasping has it slowly spread her ass, he thought how good it felt sliding into those loving smooth walls the first man to use this previously forbidden hole.

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