New Life For Ruth: Part 8

by ambergreen (UK)

“Come in my dear let us have a good look at that delicious body” the men parted to allow her to approach her master, their eyes drooling over her slutty body, only minutes before she’d been looking at herself in a full length mirror in the outfit of a slut….she had thought long and hard knowing that if she left she would have to face the music of disgrace and humiliation. If she stayed….if she stayed the pleasure.

Now she was head bowed approaching sir, she new the others were ogling her bottom, only that thin piece of string disappearing between the valley of her cheek could give her any protection.

She stood before him “please I didn’t know they’d be others” he took her hardening nipples between his fingers squeezing so hard she gasped “we decided on the phone did we not that you are my whore, and if your my whore your my friends whore too...understand whore” he lifted her chin “UNDERSTAND”….”yes sir” she heard herself whisper, feeling better that sir was in charge.

And he was in charge leading Ruth to the end of the conference table, taking great pleasure watching her tiny skirt rise and fall as she walked giving her audience a great view of her pert ass. Ruth was compliant doing as sir directed, soon she was arms and legs stretch fully leaning on the table, she felt pleasure run through her body knowing four men were behind her admiring firm ass cheeks and heavy tits that now hung loose nipples so hard it hurt.

She could hear their heavy excited breath, and knew they would be hard for her…..god was she now such a slut she thought.

Robert stood alongside her “you are a very naughty girl dressing like this in front of men other than your husband what would he say if he could see his whore wife perform” all the time he was stroking her ass cheeks, it felt so good Ruth thought “we know what happens to naughty girls don’t we Ruth girls who behave like sluts” she knew the answer did he expect her to say the words, it went quite….she simply blurted it out “they get spanked sir I need to be spanked, please spank my ass sir”

All four men were smiling has Roberts hand came down...smack smack smack time and again her cheeks waddled with each stroke, and her big hanging tits bounced up and down nipples throbbing. Each man took his turn Ruth’s ass slowly started to turn a deep red, tears ran from her eyes but all the time she thrust her ass back towards the hands flaying down on her.

When Mike the fat man took his turn he had in his hand what looked like a table tennis bat it had very prominent rubber spikes and as he struck an evil pattern appeared across her ass cheek he hit her harder than the others his sadistic streak so high.

It was only ten minutes but the moans coming from Ruth’s mouth shocked her, she thought she had even asked for more, no begged for more. In the end her legs were wobbling she had trouble standing, the men lifted her body lying her on the table.

All the way through she had heard the men talking, fucking great tits, look at the ass almost purple harder give her it harder, what a dirty bitch. She felt Roberts fingers at her pussy lips pulling aside the string lodged up there…….didn’t I tell you she was the best yet looked how wet she is the bitch has it running down her legs she’ll do anything now…..why did Ruth enjoy and take pleasure from her masters words, so lost was she in her subservient role of a whore.

The men moved away, all the time watching Ruth’s body eyes closed tits rising and falling as she sucked in air, her finger flicked at her nipple drawing another moan her body covered in a thin sheen of sweat arched wildly with lust.

When they returned to the table each man was naked, hard cocks relieved from there trousered restraints. Robert stroked a 15” black dildo across Ruth’s lips “we’d like you to put on a show for us Ruth I know you’ll be a good girl” he placed the dildo between her fingers, she could feel the weight so heavy.

“Suck it whore suck it in” her bottom still stinging and the polished table was making it sting even more, this once loyal married women started to force that massive black dildo down her willing throat thinking she had never ever used a dildo before and wondering why, and from the corner of her eye she could see four men stroking massive hard-ons.

Inch by inch it edged down her throat it was so big not just long, so fat like the marrows she had cooked with her mother. They egged her on calling her filthy names, gasping breath the atmosphere electric, nine inches spittle and bile foaming from her mouth made her gagged.

She felt the fingers lips teeth, they were devouring her, pussy lips stretched, clit and nipples squeezed and pulled, another two inches disappeared…...fingers probing into her anal she thought I don’t do that disgusting…...that’s when she came yet again.

Ruth lost consciousness briefly and when she was coherent again she found the dildo had been moved, once more master was instructing her “put it in your married cunt you filthy slut” no hesitation from Ruth three inches slid in easily.

Robert pushed home his advantage “more” six inches more then three more, when more than twelve inches were embedded in her eager cunt he smiled down “fuck yourself with it, fuck your sweet married cunt good and hard” she obeyed instantly grabbing the dildo with two hands ramming that rubber monster into her willing body time and again loving it screaming in ecstasy.

Her mouth was hanging open and empty, but not empty for long, the fat Mike had lumbered onto the table and fed his hairy ball sack into her mouth “suck on them pebbles sweetheart give my balls a good shining” he said laughing, his cock lay across her face…..god it was heavier than the fat she thought it would block out the sun. Has she took in those sweaty disgusting fat heavy balls and started to chomp on them her mind went back to her own pleasure.

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