New Life For Ruth: Part 7

by ambergreen (UK)

While Ruth was sorting things out in the changing room, she heard the women talking, “must like her to spend this much money on her mind you he’s always been a tit man, we should know” Jane laughed.

“Well we didn’t do bad did we he saved this shop from going under, while he fucked you on the cutting table, and my parlour would be non-existent if I hadn’t worked in the refuge department, oh!! and I loved a good gang-bang” Ruth was a bit shocked by what she heard but somehow not surprised by this revelation, Ruth took her time wanting to hear more.

Mary agreed that she indeed realised that Ruth was her replacement, but was resigned to the fact, she laughed telling Jane that since her hubby Ron had found out about Robert, she’d had more cock than she could handle, Ron loved watching her get fucked and for the last two months she had entertained half the men in his local pub.

Just last week she spent half the night on a mattress in the bar while they fucked her every witch way leaving her covered inside and out with spunk . Both women were in hysterics when Ruth appeared with bags full of clothes.

Before they left Jane went to a cupboard and pulled out several plastic envelopes, each one contained a one size fits all outfits nurse, schoolgirl, secretary etc. they were obviously going to be very tight outfits and very revealing. Giving a knowing smile Jane told Ruth she must keep these outfits at work to always be prepared.

Back in the car, Mary smiled over at Ruth “now to my beauty parlour for a first class makeover you will be easy such a great bone structure”

Ruth was amazed at the transformation during the next four hours. First her hair made slightly lighter with blond streaks, and cut to a very stylish page boy style. A pedicure and manicure followed, clean and efficient leaving Ruth with finally polished bright pink nails.

Then Mary took her into a private cubicle “panties of please sweetheart that pussy hair is not required” Ruth blushed a bright crimson “please I can’t Donald” Mary smiled “orders are orders panties off and kneel on the seat” Ruth reluctantly did as ordered climbing into the stirrup seat stretching her buttocks exposing her rounded open bottom to the older women, “this will hurt a little” Mary very quickly and efficiently first shaved and then used a laser machine to remove all hair particles.

Ruth did find it a little painful but more humiliating, she was then told to turn face up, her legs spread by the same stirrups, but Mary this time strapped her tight she felt the air between her legs knowing her cunt lips were wide open and a little wet.

Mary started the same procedure has she’d completed on her butt, her hands stretched Ruth’s pussy lips this way and that using her fingers expertly, it was soon finished and Ruth’s pussy lips were hair free and smooth, but for a thin landing strip, her bullet like button had popped out of its hood Mary smiled as her fingers made contact with Ruth’s hardening clit.

“I think you’ll enjoy your Thursday evening Mary commented” looking at her big clit and damp lips, has she showed Ruth the results of her work. Ruth could see a naked shiny swollen pussy, with just a thin triangle of black hair. Ruth quickly dressed and saying her good byes, rushed home to beat Donald indoors.

The next two days were not easy, trying to behave normally in front of her husband while hiding both her complete new style including her freshly shaven pussy. Donald on the other hand had noticed quite a lot, commenting only how nice he thought her hair was. He suspected something may be going on but decided to keep his powder dry for the time being.

Thursday morning quickly turned to afternoon and the offices were clearing of staff, Ruth once more read the email she had received at lunch time. She must go to the bathroom on the sixth floor and don the clothing that would be left there for her, before entering the conference room on the same floor.

It was just five thirty she opened the conference room door, she couldn’t believe she was doing this again, but new in her deepest mind she was looking forward to whatever happened.

Shock spread across her face as she entered the room she was faced by four grinning men, three she new Robert her sexual assailant, Jacob Rees the head of council, Colin Ground from district who she only new by sight the fourth older short fat man was a complete stranger.

Here she stood a skirt so short it didn’t cover her arse cheeks, a tiny sheer triangle of material was the only thing obscuring her cunt lips from show and that so sheer her outline stood out so clear. The bra supporting her heavy tits was like a piece of string, barely supporting her, her nipples hard and firm were on full show, and has she walked her long stocking clad legs tottered on the shockingly high platform heeled shoes she wore.

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